Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2015.01.31)

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Josh Gallie says:

0:11 Let It Be| 5:20 Quadruplets and Dady| 9:40 Sunny Days of Youth| 14:27
Dating Secretly| 21:04 True Colors of the Masters| 25:18 I’m the King| 31:33
No Big Difference| 35:06 Crazy Love| 41:23 Owls| 47:01 10 Years Later| 53:58
Comedians’ World| 1:01:29 God Of Hip Hop| 1:08:12 Marry You Minsang Off|
1:13:41 Atomic Pride| 1:19:55 I’m So Sad| 1:24:01 The Family Head| 1:28:45
Chicken High School

kanditran167 says:

The Owls kit is just so cute! Who thought of the outfit is so creative. : )

vinne anggia says:

I think I’m in trouble!!

….. I’ve remembered all comedian’s names (especially the ones in this ep)
and even some of their classes. I can’t help but rewatching the old videos.
I even open my Facebook again only to add comedian’s SNS.

I’m in trouble!

hy bbang says:

I like it when they always brought up about her past relationship haha

BioRaziel says:

Wheres the guy who has all the times for each skit? I depend on him

Livaldi Goin says:

Lee Sanghun and Yang Sunil is the craziest and funniest combo in gagcon…

pilot2509 says:

I must say that lee sang Hun is one of the best comedian around.. 

Jexitopia says:

Aww no Lee Sanggeun in god of hiphop this week? :(

CookiesTriedToEatMe says:

As soon as I saw Lee Sanghun creep out with his oily ass arms 25:35 I spit
out what I had in my mouth from laughing

Pauline Morin says:

Gag Concert in France 😉 lol

Future HyunA says:

Lol the guy from Dating Secretly (Im Jong Hyuk) is sooo funny. He’s not
that attractive but there’s just something about him that makes me want to
see him more. It seems like I’m not the only one because there were so many
screams when he appeared hahaha

Rash Vin says:

Can someone tell me the the original track of the rappers in the God of Hip
Hop especially the first and the second?

Diana KPOP says:

portugal ???? omg i read right? They talked about Portugal.
it’s the first time i see mention the word Portugal in any Korean Program,
it seems they don’t even know that here there are also fans…
well fighting 

Farhana Husin says:

Is jimin have dated the guy in secretly dating before?

Sharley Marley says:

Wow gag concert, you just keep getting better and better, funnier and

Penguin Beauty says:

I’m the King is really funny ! I’m looking forward for the next episodes !
But Owls is weird… I don’t really find it funny except the part where the
human fell off the cliff. It’s kinda uncomfortable :/

Zaineb Al-Faesly says:

OMG! When Im Jonghyeok came out in Dating Secretly the amount of screams!
And some were sooo loud hahaha looks like he has garnered lots of fans sooo
happy for him he is great lol fighting!!!

Shinhwa15 says:

the youth skit is so boring…

[Tuᴛuʀu!~] Mayushii says:

I really love how they keep jokes running on Atomic Pride. :D

Do Vu Hai says:

Guys, what is the song at 1:10:05? I tried using shazam but it couldn’t get
it :(

Sophie Beaumont says:

Awkward when gagmen are better rappers than idols…

angela choi says:

What happened to Lee Suji (I think) and the guy and his guitar??
It was my favourite…

Hyesu SaysHI says:

fucking magicians

Ha-Rin Bae says:

Gagcon without Kim Junho??!??

thelunarbros says:

i’m the king= concubines
owls= ohsong and haneum

i see some similarities

Trang do ngan says:

I’ve just accidentally found out that in Secret Love Affair, the music when
Kim Dae Hui (a.k.a Ain) came out is the OST of drama Nodame Cantabile
(Jpanese version). Is there any relation here? :))

BitterBlue97 says:

So is Gag Concert like over with or is it still/will air?

foo Pinat says:

wow they know that Park seongho is not funny anymore :(

ThugLady says:

THE OWLS ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER. but seongho hanging upside down for
that long makes me so uncomfortable. i know that cant be healthy and it
makes me uneasy

그림자808 says:

Anybody know if and when Shin Bora will come back to Gag Concert?

Abby Diana says:

Whats with the song on Owls?

Jaeron Morales says:

4:53, 4:05, 4:14, 1:03:32, 1:03:42, 1:03:57, 1:07:42, 1:07:48, 1:33:18

crunchy corn says:

omg i feel so bad for that guy acting as a bat…. 

rm says:

Atomic pride really shakes my stomach. The amount of laughter I gave for
that skit is more than the amount of laughter I gave for the other skits 

Ashley Dillon says:

Which the three owls, who’s the owl in the middle? Like what other sketches
has he been in? 

omonski says:

Lee Sanghun never fails me since Kings of rating. He better get one of the
yeonyedaesang in comedy department soon. He deserves one of those.

baek seol says:

omg 10 years later had me squealing just like badump badump ;;__;;

oOonessy82 says:

i don’t know if i should laugh or cry when i watch Marry You Minsang

XxxxxLuvxStarxxxxX says:

What happened to the big world was it cancelled or something? They didn’t
announce a “final episode” I loved that skit. 

Bloodbathian says:

Atomic pride is getting funnier with each new episode

Eik Freya says:

i really dont like Chicken High School anymore, its too rude, and the twins
really enjoy to hurt kim junho. even maybe he’s fine with it or even he’s
the one who conduct that skit, its too rude

bvip alnie says:

brace yourself new skits are coming ;)))
so excited !!!

vynice2 says:

lmao ok park seongho is probably suffering in the owls skit

Exquisite says:

Hehe, Daehee and Junho were so cute in Chicken High School!! :)

Mickey Kim says:

Bok Hyeongyu oppa T^T OhMG!! Missed him Super Much since the ending of The
3 Bestfriends skit~… His just so Damn good lookin for a gagman ♡.♡..

Christopher Kim says:

half the subtitles are incorrectly translated…its boring reading the

Jale Yilmaz says:

I never loved all of the actors as much as in *Dating secretly* they all
are funny and no one is superfluous

LowLight says:

Is that kim naris from wassup n the audience in the Quadruplets skit? Boy
oh boy an somi is very flexible 

Leliarose says:

ohh poor Junho .D oh god I didnt knwo wether to cry or laugh 😀 apparently
so did they:D ahh seriously, chicken Highschool was amazing as always 😀

0oMunchie says:

Too funny, I love the Atomic Pride skit! Lol 5 skits later and he’s still
talking about flying knee. XD

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