Groupies EXPOSED – Fame/Gold Digger Prank! (Art Basel Miami)

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Groupies EXPOSED – Fame/Gold Digger Prank (Art Basel Miami) – Groupies – A girl who has an adoration for musicians, follows them at shows and has sex with them. This is a prank and social experiment exposing groupies who do not want anything to do with me, until my fans, who are my accomplices, come in and want to take a picture. These fame diggers now seem interested after they see I am a drummer for a band and am “famous”. Enjoy Risk Takers.

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RiskyRobTV says:

Groupies I tell ya. Please LIKE and SHARE this video and help me expose
these groupies! Let me know if you’d like to see a part 2 and if you’d want
to see a video with the girls that the fame did not phase them.

Prank Files says:

Girls want money and dick! End of story!

juice9100 says:

Hoes getting exposed I love it

Marc Iacobucci says:

Fucking modern cunts. They’re all status obsessed, gold digging,
narcissistic, style obsessed, Starbucks drinking, yoga pant when not
working out wearing lowlifes. Hey women: you need to offer something to
your man besides your pussy. Its not the holy grail. And stop being so
obsessed with how you look and the social status and wealth of people. Hey
guys: stop being so pussy whipped and making your life’s existence over
getting laid and thus you will get screwed over a lot less by bitches. Make
them offer something besides their looks. Good luck brahs!

So Faded says:

“You wanna get a juice” lmfao these bitches

BroPranksTV says:

These hoes ain’t Loyal.

Pål Christian says:

Whats a groupie?

bendlor says:


Social Awkwardness says:

Exposing them groupies son!!! good shit bro!

OLegendStudios says:

This is such a great experiment. It shows how people’s initial feelings
change when other people find them appealing


Tool shirt fuck yes 

givmespace says:

this is why us men sleep with you women and then leave you right after coz
95% of u aint worth shit and we knew that when we approached you from the

fightnight14 says:

Logic: girls don’t know you and you want them to give their number that
easily? The #1 reason is safety. If girls know that stranger is famous that
means he is safe to be with because of his reputation. This experiment is
flawed among the other gold digger pranks and not literally exposing the
real thing. 

Red Rambo says:

I guess you can say those last girls were…….

…….a bit thirsty B)

aj remarez says:

fucking disgusting gold digging bitches what a disgrace women have turned

mindofigor says:

Well when Rob shows up initially, he has no value… he’s just like every
other guy in their eyes… no self-respecting girl will just walk off with
some stranger knowing nothing about him. They’re not gold digging bitches.
You just have to step your non-famous game up.

Gurpreet Gill says:

EXPOSED lmao great video

Cuong Nguyen says:

damn the 2nd girl look fine as fuck…cant see the face but the body look

eddie rosado says:

Great experiment, man! I live in Miami too. These hoes are thirsty for

Smooth Pranks says:

Bahaha YES! Fuck those girls!

Chanel Solomon says:

I mean, I don’t give my number to random guys. I get to know them a little
first. BUT for her to all of a sudden be okay with giving a stranger her
number is what’s fucked up.

korpikoski22 says:

Good boy Rob. This was enjoyable.


Lol awesome. Fucking hoes that’s why you gotta pretend you’re poor if you
wanna snag a girl for the long term

Peter Parker says:

Please make a part two! These videos are priceless and you just earned a
new subscriber :)

victor sotelo says:


NutsoTV says:

Bro I just want to say that this one of the best social experiments that I
have seen. I like how it was perfom and the reactions. I just found your
channel and you got my support on this bro. Good job (:

Axmed Bahjad says:

Social Proof. How women change their minds when they see you that other
women are after you! What a world!

Uknowitbro aka Michael says:

That was great! Keep it up

eripmav-d- Nebur says:

awesome !!!

Six Beers for Breakfast says:

Haha this was great, good job

coolboymake says:

This is just epic dude and i like the effects you used after they got
exposed :D

Artifact panson says:

The girls at the end saying “do I get a juice” like you should pay for
their time and company only after they think ur famous…what a laugh…
Good video & I’ll be looking out for more of them on ur channel..

koilk says:

I’m addicted to these golddigger/ groupie videos…suuubbbeeed!!!!

QBWillieB says:

Wow lol

jay s says:

Girls are gold diggers, average guy will approach them being nice and
looking nice an they’ll ignore him, but once they see that he has money or
he’s famious, they will be all over him, no matter how ugly he is, good
shit bro, exposing them females; they are every where, Smfh

Fancybeats R says:

wow these bitches 

denims maniac says:

your face look like sergey kovalev

Samket Gebre says:

+RiskyRobTV Wow good job! You’re an awesome actor haha. Just curious
though: Does it ever irritate you how quickly they change their minds after
fans walk up to you?

Tore Andre says:

Do you wanna get a juice? -,-

ehp squirrel says:

u deserve more subs!!!

Brandon velasquez says:

This guy is awesome 

Jason F. Myers says:

Fuck them, then expose them.

Geneforson says:

“wanna get some juice?”
“yeah sure, aaah but I dont have anymore room for groupies….”


Deep Meister says:

Please do more of these man, i love when they got real side exposed haHha

jackcracker2011 says:

3:00 directly you invited her to see some lor** around there.. right?? but
she doesn’t know you and through her head going ” why is this guy inviting
me, why does he want us to go with him? you come with us. let me invite
him” and she invited you indirectly…. she said “oh we’re just gonna get a
juice and then we’re gonna walk around”. you over reacted, like you got
pissed.. ” oh how about, oh how about, oh how about i get you phone number?
how does that sound? ohh really… how does that sound??? really bro LOL.
and then you lost interest….lol “how about i walk around and maybe you
can find me” i’ll decide whether to go with you or not. cause if you’re
approaching me, you could approach many girls. haha. but wait this guy has
a fame???? who is this guy? music? lets invite him directly. “do you want
to get a juice? yeah we are going to get a juice” and you still were upset
about it lol. ” i don’t got room for groupies though” lmao… 

laura larry af says:

Acacia is missing here lmfaooo. Better try to expose her next time lol.

Fusionz519 says:

I love seeing gold diggers/groupies getting exposed. Keep up the work rob!

rene herrera says:

When are you all putting the slap video at the beach?

Daniel Dube says:

Can I take a selfie with you..after she didn’t want to give you her number.
lol nice how you told room for groupies. 

IssamSarraj says:

Fucking EPIC!!!

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