Hilarious Monkhouse Prank

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GeorgeASFTHM says:

Do you have the opening titles to this?

Stuart Cullen says:

Bring back our plucky peterphiles 🙂

BlueCrayon77 says:

I think you’ve missed the point.

SASR says:

I can’t believe how many people don’t get satire.

PWee28 says:

That’s just brilliant. Iannucci’s a genius.

Sh0ckmaster says:

Lol, I used to love this when I was a kid. Love David’s face at 0:35 as
well xD

Nickthetoast says:

Ditto that. I’d love to see the DARTS management course sketch with Eric
Bristow guest starring if anyone out there has it…

dfarmbrough says:

This is making fun of weak prank shows of the type that Dom Joly and Dennis
Pennis make Very good!


and the point to this video is?

Robbie Cassidy says:

@Speedwaymad Youre a moron

Barry Ryan says:

I think he was being sarcastic. I may be wrong of course, I’ll find out and
let you know in 4 weeks

Gluemonkey says:

are you dissing them?

trickeyD says:

@PaulinetheGreat5 How can you (and many others here) so completely miss the
point!?!? Here’s a tip: if Iannucci’s involved, you may not want to take
things at face value.

Griffith Harland says:

“It took all of four weeks? What the hell did you do? Your two-legs moved??
Boy that must have been difficult.”

hendabomb says:


saturn1returns says:


comanchio1976 says:

/@swollower That was the point…are you being deliberately stupid? I think
he may have been joking.

talonclaw13 says:

That was stupid! In America we woulda mugged that fool and raped his wife
in front of him. Ultimate prank!

James Holcombe says:

I Loved Bob Monkhouse.

comanchio1976 says:

@swollower Abstract? I think all those yrs of living in Germany have
castrated your sense of humour!;)

Michael Cairney says:

@PaulinetheGreat5 I think you have missed the point.

jedypower says:


smash461986 says:

Armando’s work is the best British comedy out there. Well one of the best.
Let’s not knock of Richard Curtis, Chris Morris, Rowan Atkinson, etc. The
people who don’t get this probably like Two and a Half Men.

wykydsyx says:


Strathcarnage Lackadaisical says:

clearly god ran out of acme irony sensors the day he bodged your brain

Mark Pentler says:

Iannucci is more a comedy writer than a comedian.

Dave1297 says:

Bring back thr Armistice. Remember that footage when It went out. So funny!

Jack Cooper says:

@Speedwaymad Armando’s career is now 20+ years, give him a chance.

Gluemonkey says:

this clip is easily older than trigger happy tv

swollower says:

@comanchio1976 I hope he was But, he was a ham!And yes my humour is very

daconor91 says:

@lz127graf he’s not a jew he’s italian look at his name you fucking idiot

tau000 says:

Brilliant, i just wish there was more Friday night armistice on youtube,
and peoples who complained, it was a joke!!!!! thats what comedians do,
even Bob Monkhouse (who IMHO was very funny, RIP)

Mark O'mahoney says:

oh dear

dfarmbrough says:


gamboge says:

hes a funny fucker whatever it is he does…

nuttybex says:

Dave Schneider looks baffled….hilarious!!!

10jn19 says:

He’s a great writer. ‘The Thick of it’ is great

weavehole says:

@lz127graf Are you religious by any chance?

fodsaks says:


Isleofskye says:

Armando even gives you a clue by starting with “I played some HILARIOUS
pranks”…he is being Self-Depreciating…playing a smug Host he does NOT
really think he is being “hilarious”..he is taking the pi** out of
Hosts(who are up their own arses!) who do GENUINELY think they are being

GOOZEYdotCOdotUK says:

haha david schneider’s face!!

swollower says:

Four weeks to set up and, it was still very very sad!

dfarmbrough says:

yes, it is. I said “of the type”.

riseup20twelve says:

@Blongers1 put him in charge of reality! 🙂

dfarmbrough says:

…and producer

Richie77777 says:

Classic! – So simple, but I laughed out loud..

lz127graf says:

god the whole tv is riddled with jews

roboroto says:

the first link is not very good. the second link is funny. the third link
is the same as the second link.

MuscleHorse0 says:

He’s not Jewish you hateful moron.

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