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social experiment & pranks gone wrong…Home Robbery Prank – Pranks on People – Best pranks – funny pranks – best pranks 2014 ➨
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Home Robbery Prank – Pranks on People – Best Pranks – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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TheOvalOYED says:

Your stupid… You showed people how to get into the house…

dean winchester says:

I remember when this channel was about glithces…

edwardpoole says:

so you’re telling me he didn’t recognise his voice or his eyes/nose? and he
also had no shoes on, what robber goes into a house with no shoes on?

SoFloPranks says:

Home Robbery Prank – Pranks on People – Best Pranks – Funny Pranks – Best
Pranks 2014

Kwezii says:

Unrealistic but good job

pommy192 says:

that pc is shit

anthony mok says:

Gay like this channel

Chuck Norris says:

This is fake as fuck.
walks into the house and instantly realizes the TV is gone

“The desk top is gone too” isn’t even in the room yet.

And such horrible acting.

danny reyes says:

It was bothering me that he showed where.the.guy left.his key lol he might
actualy get robbed

CallMeNY says:

Yo what town y’all in? Street name? Lmfao 

Kevin Chavez says:

Kevin Chavez

I agree you’re stupid now I am going to prank you

nestolandara says:


Eemony1 says:

Does he rent?, how mutch is it?

Abdelhadi AH says:

Congrats that was the worst prank in history 🙂 -.- 

J.R. C. says:

Why did you show us where he keeps his keys 

izseanz says:

i would have opened all the cabnets fridges and that stuff to make it look
more legit

NutsoTV says:

I have a “Police in the Hood Prank” you guys should check it out’ it’s
worth the click

RehabLegacy says:

Gay ass editing 

TheMultiModzz says:

reply to this comment;D

Blytheboy1997reviews says:

At 306 there is an orb.

christopher goulding says:


Jaiden Nowlin says:


TheDarkside says:

Fake He would of call the cops

Pluvialistic says:

The thumbnail of this video makes you look like Subzero from Mortal Kombat.

mynewname says:

so he didnt recognise the voice, this is bullshit

CrankyNation says:

shit what happen to glitches 

dean winchester says:

Fake reaction 

matteoski1 says:


MN43R Bakadam says:

I like this prank 🙂 

Meco Champion says:

That Was Terrible

Amal Mahamud says:

dude thats dangerous, you should not be showing where he puts his keys

TheMCGamer Channel says:

This basically is robbery

LcsRecordss says:


Meti Cecja says:

Welcome to the under 301 club

Bibi Mohamed says:

Indian people have no brain so stupid he sell out his friend there show
people how to get in the guy house…

Justin Fonrose says:

What happened to the gaming

Oscar Brigden says:


Preet Singh says:

OMG on 2:01 its a photo of sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale

amintje2009 says:

FAKE and toooo bad.

Shpeelpz says:

i would just be pissed because i would have to plug everything in and set
it all up again

Elliot Mc says:

Who leaves keys open in a box clearly visible

Adam Brown says:

Remember when this channel helped you get money and rp and not make u feel
like shooting yourselfs because of these pranks 🙁 I need more subs

Walt Snider says:

nice house

D3aThMiN3R . says:

Is this Mw3?

Raschid Moudatir says:

Y so many dislikes to like ratio

baskerville antoinette says:

He’s a little too comfortable with that knife walking around pointing with

Cover Kid says:

shits fake and heinous

MasterOfMindGames says:

Got his bitch ass

Minecraft4Gurlz says:

lol like a robber would carefully place the pictures down, and gently take
the tv

John Doe says:

Dum, this is the type of prank you get wrong once and you die sucka

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