Hottest Kissing Pranks (GONE SEXUAL) – Social Experiment – Funny Videos 2015

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New original riceman pranks coming soon!

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Riceman says:

New original video coming soon! Stay tuned!

Angel Silva says:

First like first comment

I need a girl #Tru says:

I’m really starting to hate your channel man fix it up and unpload the
prank where you get your tooth knock out

leopardgeckotreevt says:

My name is lee lee le- SHUT THE FUCK UP. Your voice is annoying as fuck.

thesuperboss26 says:

This vid was actually pretty good but nothing new. XD 

LeSdfDu95 says:

Bro, we subscribed for YOUR pranks, not others. Pls upload your pranks
we’ve been subscribing for. 

Ivanatis says:

more of this kissing prank bullshit?

KingJaffeJoe says:

Dislike …fuk u 

Sally May says:

Can you cook me some rice, Riceman? 

yaboy03 says:

Fuck You Riceman’ 


New trend gone wrong or sexual 

SuperVikingsbeast says:


windinhishare says:

I feel like he is trying to make us all unsubscribe from this channel.

Jose Lemus says:

Your shirt is so stupid

nismoman420 says:


Hung Cuong Pham says:

Upload the same shit everyday!!! It’s getting boring man 

Ryan Jach says:

He deserves a lot more subscribers

Teemo4Life says:

Misleading title and thumbnail….

alex Judo says:


Jorge Ramos says:

How did he do the name thing?

InFraZibit says:

What’s the video in the thumbnail

James Wagstaff says:

You’ve got 90k subs simmer down with your second channel and dropping other
people’s videos on here 

cagedbutterfly93 says:

Im starting to hate your channel now..

Bilal Hussain says:

You’re so annoying man. Seriously.

zabuku hoang says:

Well it’s pretty cool but it’s not original, you copied all the stuff you
did on here but I’ll give you it to you for having more balls than half the
guys on earth by talking to those girls

Teemo4Life says:

The dislikes are real

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