How to Become FAMOUS Instantly (Celebrity Prank) – VidCon 2014: Public Pranks – Social Experiment

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How to Become FAMOUS Instantly (Celebrity Prank) – VidCon 2014: Social Experiment – Public Pranks…our latest social experiment involves us pretending to be famous at vidcon 2014. “Celebrity pranks” are so funny and how crazy these girls went took it to another level.

Special thanks to these people for helping out in the prank:

Rich Ferguson:
Book of Ken:

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SoFloAntonio says:

For the record I shot this video before Whatever did. I was also in there
video in the background. :)

james fen says:

woman are bunch of whores

Briggs Wilson says:

I saw you on RomanAtWoods vlog!!!

Sebastián Jácome says:

Everyone should experience this at least one time in his/her life.

Social Awkwardness says:

ahhh bro this is great i wish i could of gone to vidcon…..i wouldve
helped u scream like a bitch lol 😛 

demetrius greer says:

i actually did this before, but Philadelphia girls don’t fall for it

talowli says:

That’s cooool man i tried it with some friends solfo 

SlicingAndDicing says:


trumpeter93 says:

I like pranks so i’m subscribed to you. But I don’t like you.

Mike Griffiths says:

I’ll stick to being a Roman Soldier…

Nickuh P says:

I get this all the time when I’m out in public..

MrNerdwin says:

whatever did this first

neon mansion says:

its like there is this big core of 13 year old girls at vidcom. and they
all want to rape justin beiber or somebody famous. somebody that they
don’t know anything about. they just need to run and scream to see this
famous person who they don’t know. who are these girls? why are there so
many in such small promixity at vidcon. who are they social scientists
who have come in to learn the social behavior of these large flocks of
pre-teens. what do they hope to accomplish? what will these bands of
screaming tweens tell us about ourselves??

Sam Jenkins says:

Ha lol

Adam Ada says:

To be honest its ridiculous SOOOO ridiculous

GSD says:

And that’s how to herd sheep.

iVince905 says:

haha you’re a genius!

Amy Taylor says:

i never actually realised how dumb girls sound when they scream, until now.

Arnob Paul says:

Lol id think justin bieber was at vidcon if I didnt know what was going on

Steven Henderson says:

Anaheim for the win!

ZiyaD Bin Fahad says:

Too bad it was a prank. This happen to me all the time.

Spanky says:

Background song?

Hellothere says:

He has to get girls to scream because no one knows him there.

rubendrakkar says:

and that is what celebrities do all the time. . .

Gerbert Fagit says:

fecking sheeple

Norman Simburio says:

That was awesome! I’m laughing like a shit! Bitches really screamed so loud
and you’re like a goddamn Iron Man 6 series leading man! Kudos to the

Ottavio Setti says:


Teren DeBoe says:

You niggas crazy lol that shyt funny

gabiLAterreur says:

Where is the vidcon at?

DBDMotorsports says:

Wow, if I was up the street and heard a bunch of fucking screaming, I’d
book it.

Jake Brindle says:

they sound like a bunch of seagulls dying from diarrhoea lol

Jonathan Adame says:

Did aleast one girl a falls?

Fiqri Sazali says:

What is the name of the song at the last part?

Ochad Channel says:

Song name?

This is Potato says:

Nice video. Better than Whatever’s extremely awkward video! 

Lost Infi says:

How is this man gonna pretent hes famous when he rollin with flipflops 

Seniesha says:

1:05 that kid

Recon2528 says:


The PrankistsTV says:

same idea we had during playlist lol 

Sunja says:

You were on JoeyGraceffa’s blog when they were watching a magic trick.


Such a cheap prank man….!!!
Din’t xpect frm u….!!

Lorenzo Espinosa says:

Whats outro music??

Michael Rispoli says:

Hey if that is a Kairos cross, LTF!

Amulates says:

Omg I love this!!! Lol did anyone recognize you SoFlo?

SoFloAntonio says:

How to Become FAMOUS Instantly (Celebrity Prank) – VidCon 2014: Social
Experiment – Public Prank

Timmy Luong says:

Dude you got a silver plate button 

theshockert says:

What’s the name of the song at the end of the video ? Lol

Ben Neubert says:

Did you do this before Stuart Edge also?

Ebaristo Mendez says:

Hahaaaa did you see that one lady that told them to go back

Afroman says:


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