How to Hold ANY Girl’s Hand – SEXY Girls Prank – Picking Up Girls – Pranks on People – Pranks 2014

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How to Hold ANY Girl’s Hand – SEXY Girls Prank – Picking Up Girls – Pranks on People – Pranks 2014

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SoFloComedy says:

How to Hold ANY Girl’s Hand – SEXY Girls Prank – Picking Up Women – Pranks
on People – Pranks 2014

CrazyIvan1988 says:

1:36 – Has a boyfriend. Still gives a guy, who is blatantly hitting on
her, her number. Still agrees to hang out. This is why I say fuck bitches
and embrace my hand and extra money.

Fifa Ultimate Team Coin generator says:

2:43 That chick in them black leggings. BIG BUTT

The All Seeing says:

I like your hat (aww) I like your face. :D

AndrewProductionsTV says:

I used to accidentally hold hands with strangers I mistook for my dad. It’s
slightly weirder now that I’m in my 20s and doing it on purpose.

Jesus Christ says:

1:47 this bitch deserve death, i fuckin hate people who cheat

Brian Chin says:

I tried it and she slapped me. I then jumped off a bridge and died.

newb dood says:

OMG! It actually works! I did it to this random girl at the mall earlier
today and got her number! Thanks guys

Akif Ba'anat says:

haha this is actually kinda cute.

TheSureChuck says:

You’re beautiful, I like your face lol

grieknlgriek says:

Gonna do this at my school for sure

Carl Smith says:

I can’t believed it worked good job how many numbers did you get 3 or 4

NoVa OTWT says:

Bro thx for that advice it really works i got alot of numbers✔️

Gabriel O'neall says:

Innocent prank :3 good jaja nobody hurts

Rodney Dysonjr says:

Lol thats nice

Yousef Ahmed says:


FoodBot says:

you should do a my little pony that would be funny.

whats everyone fav pony?

Zack Z says:

Second :(

Jacob Lager says:

Could you please retitle the video? I’m not sure if it said this was a

Muzik Skull says:

it does not work in every country ..i promise u they will slap ur face here
is israel

blueoctober6 says:

dude wow i gotta try that! XD

Jay Addams says:

omg, that guy so lucky

Karina Romero says:

He gonna get that puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……. Tonight good job!!!!!

Hy Huỳnh says:

This is so effective huehuehue

georgeofnewyork says:

How to hold any girl’s hand:
1. Find a suitable female
2. Walk next to her
3. Hold hand

Nicole Rodriguez says:

Instructions weren’t clear enough got my hand in the strangers butt

Raymond Miller says:

Lol cool way to get girls 

Daniel Sweeney says:

I wonder if any of these prankers go hang out

ElephantDrunk says:

Can you imagine how much he jerked off about this? TONS of cum! LOL.


very nice

Haider Iqbal says:

So girls give their number out just like that?

LiftedX says:

Most girls lie about having a boyfriend to avoid making a decision whether
they want to go ahead with dating the guy or not. Sometimes those girls end
up being single forever while listening to Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a
Ring on It)

Buzzinyo says:

How many numbers he get?

Mahmoud Messalem says:

you should rename this video into how to get girls number 

Bob Lasso says:

This is actually a really good video make by Soflo

Steve Henderson says:

I promise I will be trying this a lot.

Kei Shu says:

The prank is : he let you belive that shit will work and you go to try it
and get slapped 

Zack Sharp says:

I couldn’t even get it up when I was 11 you lying prick

Ida Birch Vind says:

so yeah… i just gave you a follow on instagram, beacause that right there
is the cutest thing ever

your welcome

Johnny Melo says:

this only work if you have muscle and look like a model warning do not try
this! you will get slap or someone call the cops on you for sexual

Born Sniper says:


SPita Helu says:


lonnie jones says:

That only works for white people lol

El chevo13 says:

whats the name of the song ad of 21 seconds lol

Adam zzis9 says:

Definitely wanna try this

Joel Stachura says:

“I have a boyfreind”
“Oh wow that was fast”

FriedChicken FLMS says:

Wtf your dick is probably to small last comment.

ADeliciousMuffin says:

Did this and succeeded 

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