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This is why you don’t point guns at people ►
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Cameron&wesley Stupid stuff says:

Naked ask people do you want naked naked the drink

iFreezyy Solo Trickshotter, Sniper says:

People might have been on a rust to work or something and u wasted their
time. This is not funny, how would you like it!

Angel Martinez says:

First bitch

OLegendStudios says:

I think this is pretty damn funny. Nice to see you guys support clean
pranks too :)

titandestroyer4 says:


Shwat Toddle says:

Try stealing the car next time. Go big or go home 

kmgameplay yolo says:

That’s funny

John Paul Manlangit says:

Only thing invisible is the amount of dislikes this channel gets 

Thedailygaminproject says:

So original but class

zombi fied says:

I hope he gave credit to denis roady……..

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