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I called a guy who was selling a really beat up Aston Martin REPLICA car. This features Billy and the rarely heard British character playing James Bond ;D If you enjoy the prank and animated heads please give the video a Like and show it to a friend!!

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AsKaGangsta says:

it’s way funnier w the animation added xD

brandon gonzales says:

Lmao, nice!!! Badass surprise video bro. Keep it up yo!

SAGE says:

Buk Lau
Tyrone Biggums
Rakesh Cristoval
Billy Balls
Abdo Kaboobie
Juan Martinez
John Mcain
Chris Floyd
Alexander (no surname)
James Bond (new!)
Gemini (who needs more appearances)
Russel Johnson

Now, you have to name:
-the stoner (I suggest: “Delta Kappa Epsilon No. 69 xXx_Paul_xXx”)
-the creepy Batman (I suggest: “Fapman”)

TJRGamingOfficial says:

I assume that is supposed to be a ‘British accent’..?

TroniX says:

I’m english (and obviously have an english accent) and I thought ownage
pranks did a good job with his accent. 

Mahfuz Sheikh says:

The british accent needs improvement..none the less its pretty awesome i
get to hear ownages version of what i sound like. At times your american
accent slipped in..plus the accent you were trying was a bit hard for
americans..stick to the generic queens english accent..americans do that
good enough to be laughed at

Mooselover1011 says:

What the hell? XD! “It’s not an Aston Martin, it’s a replica.” “So it’s an
Aston Martin?” “Yes!” What the actual fuck? Hahahaha. 

ac585318 says:

This makes me wonder how many people think thee “James Bond” is a real

Nick Cabrera says:

Favorite Jobs:

Lord Fluffeh says:

New voice is SO annoying, good job! rly enjoyed it. xD (perfect)

Ownage Pranks says:

Hope you guys enjoy the bonus midweek video! I’m debating about regularly
posting content in the middle of the week again.. what do you guys think?
If you enjoy the additional content lemme know by giving the video a Like

Lee Stelfox says:

I like the new voice

Carl says:

Ps Ve-hi-cle, we British talk properly we say vehicle like you yanks –
veeeehiiicle haaha bad bad accent attempt mate

JustMitchPool says:

The best British accent from an american. I hate when people do the posh
British accent but this one was SPOT on!

Majes says:

I’m not surprised British people think this sounds nothing like them. They
want a exact copy of their voices, even then, they’ll consider it “close
but not really good”.

ArcusDraco says:

The British head looks like the main singer from Arctic Monkeys. XD

underneonloneliness2 says:

British is proper English, americans are the ones who modified it 

Ezekiel Lucas says:

Hey, british whiners, your American accents are just as bad, shut the hell

Kokkie Monster 69 says:

Face reveal at 3 million subs?

5,000 Subscribes Needed To Free Daffy Duck says:

Please help us bail out Daffy Duck, he’s a beloved character from our
childhood and we don’t want to see him end up….well you know. *Just Press
Subscribe* to be a supporter and feel free to comment why you love Daffy
Duck so much

grande1899 says:

I could hear the Abdo accent crop up sometimes lol

George Figueroa says:

I found the exact car on Craigslist its in Hallandale Beach Florida if you
want the number subscribe to my channel and comment done and I’ll pm you
the number 

Haider Ali says:

Hey Russell… great videos…but maybe I can offer some help in improving
your English accent.

Filippo Berio says:

-what’s your name?
–do you have a pen handy?
-yeah, yeah.
–ok, the name is Bond…James Bond…

eggrollsoupnova2000 says:

Please make Australian accent pleeaase

Diesel_Nut84 says:

welcome to the club James!!! New characters – nice!! = D 

What the fuck did you just fucking say? says:

How powerful is Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland?

Laila Ray says:

That British accent thoughhhh. YAAASS! 

aeros • (solarlead) says:

buk lau’s theme song impression hahahah

Blades Of Fury says:

Loot crate needs to chill the fuck out now they are getting non-gaming
channels to promote too.

mak k says:

I love how the animated heads bob overtime they say something

TheHitesh2000 says:

LMAOOO I laughed when that girl said “good night daddy, love you” AND that
you added in the animation for it!!! GENIUS! XD

aDotFromTheFuture says:

Call back to the guy who got angry because you always called him on Sunday.

Cuteness Overload says:

Jake! New voice yay 

Thugga ThugEntertainment says:

Hello fellow Youtubers! I’ve recently started my own Youtube channel. My
channel consists of phone pranks and many other types of pranks, everything
i post is in high definition, my calls and my videos! I am only here to
show everybody my talent in the many different voices i can do as well as
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you will not regret it! Thank you! (:

Anton daGameaddict says:

Im using internet Explorer so this might come a bit late but like if you
are watching in 2009

Lee Ingram says:

You need to work on that British accent.

sam metcalfe says:

Mto u need to work on your English accent, try and get a certain region of
England eg london because it sounds like it’s from about 5 different areas.
Also when you say vehicle in a British accent it is said as one word don’t
say it the American way when you say Veh H icle.

Dryftburn says:

Lol I’m not even English and that attempt at the accent is painful to
listen to.

Darkrising says:

Hmm not bad, the English accent was fairly decent but I still hear a tinge
in the background which bugs me. (I’m Scottish)

fullyloadedflow says:

I LOVE the characteer of the british accent!!!!

Berserker Death says:

I just lost it laughing at when that guys daughter was like Goodnight daddy *kisses
him* love you

Sinnan Momin says:

lol and the dude believed him hahahaha

Diana Carbajal says:

OMG Ahahahahahahaaa! Like Daniel Craig would go around presenting himself
as James Bond lol…

Ali Suliman says:

4:24 the Arab guy came out

LazerExotic says:

I lost it at 4:07!

Raheem Abdul says:

Haha he hung up. Its funnier than him repeating like buk lau isn’t it?!
Worst ending ever and 70% of your prank calls are not funny at all.

giovannipilu says:

john and vinnie r obviously romanians……….

ellieisfit15 says:

It’s not a new voice… for all you asking, says in the description the
“rarely used British accent” he’s used it a few times previously 

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