Jimmy Fallon Surprises Fans at Ben & Jerry’s

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Jimmy gives out free scoops of his new “Tonight Dough” ice cream flavor by surprising customers at the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop.

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Jimmy Fallon Surprises Fans at Ben & Jerry’s


Scott Lee says:


sonicawesomeness says:

The music sounded like it was from Monsters Inc.

thatguynamedben says:

None of those people seemed nearly as excited as I would’ve been to see
Jimmy Fallon.

Meghan Double says:

My main concern is if they changed the spoon between people 

matthew rappaport says:

ICE CREAM for youououo!
#tastythursday #fallontonight 

Nori Takei says:

I would grab that robotic arm.. How come nobody think of this?

deacle says:

was there a cameraman that they just ignored or was this staged?

Pulsar Cosmos says:

2:26 Jimmy tried to uppercut dat niqqa wit a spoon! LMFAO!!!!

Nilupuli Wijesekara says:

Omg its hilarious

coolkidd329 says:

I need some Ben & Jerry’s after what happened to me on valentines day.
She said I’m her friend :'(

Chancess says:

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Amazon*, etc..
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Have fun and enjoy it ;)

Abi Abraham says:

Fallon is just…. awesome! 

Bears08 says:

I went to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp as a kid! I was diagnosed with
leukemia as a 5 year old and did three and years of 8 different types of
chemo, steroids, 6 bone biopsies, 20 spinal taps, and 200 blood tests.
Before I went to Camp, I hardly ever spoke, never smiled, had no
self-esteem, and no social skills. Today, I have a college degree, I live
independently in Boston, work full-time with adults who have developmental
disabilities, and have an active social life. Thank you Hole in the Wall
for helping me find my smile and to Jimmy for helping me maintain that
smile :)

Austin Chee says:

To celebrate our new Tonight Dough ice cream, I got inside a “robot” ice
cream machine http://youtu.be/gkLZoftCtyI #FallonTonight 

Sierra Rylee says:

omg i wouldve screamed!! <3 jimmy is the true bae

Maxim Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge says:

But does it actually taste like Jimmy Fallon ?

Jessica Zane says:

I hope they serve his new flavor here in Cali.

Cassidy Quinn says:

hahahaha dying laughing at this!

MrNikeFresh808 says:

I hope they gave every person a brand new spoon! 

Aaron M. says:

What is the song in the background? I keep thinking its from a pixar movie.

Legend Tony says:

You got ice cream all over that one girls jacket -.-

Jade Tippens says:

They gave everyone a new spoon right?

Yasmin Abusalah says:

Hahaha I love Jimmy Fallon. WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BEEN THERE?!

Jimmy Fallon says:

To celebrate our new Tonight Dough ice cream, I got inside a “robot” ice
cream machine http://youtu.be/gkLZoftCtyI #FallonTonight 

Nickolas Zuliy says:

This is the most I’ve laughed in a while.

aCleverLittleGirl says:

I had some. Now I can say I took Jimmy in my mouth and swallowed him.

YellowKabob says:

Those reactions were so weak, would barley even call that surprised.

lonecreeper232 says:

Jimmy is one of the only comedieans that isn’t a total dickwad. He’s
awesome :p

Chelsea Underwood says:

The guy telling them how to use it is one of Jimmy’s staff. People should
recognize him. 

OrganicGardening987 says:

Follow me on instagram!@earth.nature.art

sandra toh says:

My main concern is whether they actually washed the spoon.

Rambregaz says:


Lommy says:

This made want to eat B&J. annoying! I hope they washed the spoons between

mohamed ahmed says:

“i think he wants you to go down” thats what she said 

Thelawlnation says:

STOP,wait a minute.
Did he say just say the proceeds go to FOR ME (and then catches up) For

Zecharya Taban says:
Toad Market says:

2:00 i was eating cereal and this made me spit it out

Snow Arm says:

Jimmy Fallon surprises fans at Ben & Jerrys

Bukssna says:

Wait the charity helps kids with serious illnesses go to camp? I’m not
trying to be a dick but camp? Why not help them with medical supplies or
medicine or something that is actually more useful to their condition?

Youtube'sBest says:

Subscribe for hilarious content!

jessdj103 says:

God, Jimmy you’re so handsome 

Bob Bob says:

Never had Ben & Jerrys, to expensive like $6 for a little bucket…

Angelo berlecio says:

I never thought, i’d say this to jimmy because i’m big fan.
but this was stupid and silly and not funny.

Demi Rox4Ever says:

i would have probably thought to hold the hand…

Hayley Blackwell says:

i hope they changed the spoons…

Wyatt Collins says:

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Andhika Pradana says:

Conan > fallon

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