Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall” Prank

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US Olympic luger Kate Hansen tweeted a video that showed a wolf wandering the hallways of her dorm in Sochi. Within minutes almost every news and sports website ran a story on it. The thing is, it was all a prank we orchestrated with Kate as Jimmy’s co-conspirator. Jimmy reveals the rest of the wolf clip and talks to Kate about their prank.

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall” Prank

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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall” Prank

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Jimmy Kimmel Live says:

We’re counting down the top ten #Kimmel videos of 2014! One a day for ten
days. Here is #8… #SochiFail

Jimmy Kimmel Live says:

Jimmy reveals the details behind his wolf prank with US Olympic luger Kate
Hansen… #SochiProblems #SochiFail

Michael Relaford says:

Reporter: “Maybe it’s a descendant of a wolf.”

Me: -_- Aren’t all dogs descendants of wolves?


So I guess people still record the wrong way with Mobile Phones yes
everyone now knows that this is a fake prank
But am talking in general in real life
Outside record the rectangle Way the right way

lee rig says:

This is called information warfare, which leads U.S., Europe against
Russia. The funny thing is that Americans think that Putin is a dictator)).
Russia live in abnormal people who drink vodka and play with bears on
balalaika. It is not))

Macario Patrick says:

Proves to show how much Media bullshit is put into our heads.
*The government uses the media to their advantage and we are manipulated.*

GetPaidWithKyle says:

Proof the people doing the news are idiots 

Ellie smart says:

Sure the prank is funny and entertaining, but this actually isn’t good for
the wolves. Wolves are already endangered and there is open season year
round I believe on wolves. When wolves actually truly do no harm to humans
unless they are cornered. I never voice my opinion on social media sites
but this one didn’t make me happy :/ People base reactions off fear and
thanks to you Jimmy Kimmel, more people are tripped out and probably
freaked out that wolves can get inside their homes and will be ready to
kill. Sign petitions for wolves to be repopulated back into our
environments people! They actually rebuild our ecosystem and recreate life.

Doya89 says:

“The girl who tweeted wolf” lol I like that

Kraiden Sith says:

Stupid news people. This prank is funny, hilarious even, but only succeeded
because these idiotic news channels preoccupy themselves with senseless
gossip and worthless media. 

Charley says:

Apparently Jonah Hill is the Wolf of wall street 1:53

alexisfaith1987 says:

7:51 “NAMASTE”!!

MaximilianKohler says:

4:02 damn, those are some sexy dancing skills.

Vizio L says:

Jimmy Kimmel ultimate pranker!

Carl Steven Miro says:

We’re counting down the top ten #Kimmel videos of 2014! One a day for ten
days. Here is #8… #SochiFail

MyEpicPhone says:

The funniest part of this video is the circle they used at 1:26

Johan Acosta says:

She’s pretty cute

602Sneakerhead says:

Genius idea from Kimmel.

lilrog0909 says:


Ibri Beh says:

You all believed the video because of your very subjective opinion against
russia to begin with. Any anti-russian media that is projected will be
believed with out any objective explanation, and any pro-russian media will
be considered propaganda. And this prank video just proves that. I could
probably make some amature clip with an i-phone, about how russians do
terrible things, (which would spread like wild fire through out our
media)but if I post a video with the opposite view ( about how americans
can also be just as terrible ), it will either be deleted , get heavily
criticized, or in the worst case I would get chased out of the country like
Snowden. It’s always easier to be ignorant than look deeper into the matter
yourself. Maybe after this prank, the next time your news channel
broadcasts something anti-russian, CHECK THE SOURCE! to make sure it’s not
a Jimmy Kimmel Prank.

talesin says:

wolves have a bullshit bad rep

my friends have a 120lb timber wolf. he is just a big puppy. he plays with
the kids, hangs with cats- if not for his coat and the fact that he does
not bark, you would think he was the family dog

good thing for kate. as big as she is, she could feed a whole pack

AgileMJOLNIR says:

Never believe anything the media spits out ha ha. Fools lol

R0E0A0P0E0Rify says:

you motherfucker hahahaha

jackoroma3 says:

This video proves how stupid news media is today. Any and all news stations
report gossip and rumors, without even digging deep and trying to find
information. Journalism is dead.

Hari Sankar says:

Winter is coming!

crusaderMMX says:

ingenious hehe ^^

dr. green says:

cool what they do just for one joke :D

babbzilla says:

Goddamnit, Jimmy!! I can’t believe anything on the internet AND the news!
…I kinda want to pull off a prank with you now…

ChelseaASTERISK says:

That fact is, the media need to fact check before they run a story and
people need to stop believing everything the media force feeds them. 

Atemporal says:

the commentaries on the wolf news piece is sad. 

Ekaterina Yashchenko says:

Ahhh…..americans have been trying to find ANYTHING to spoil the
reputation of Russia as a country that really deserved to host the
Olympics…. 99% of pictures and videos and stupid discussions were just
sh#t… You are so predictably miserable, is your life that boring so you
have nothing to do but crap on Russia all over Internet?

Mihayan1 says:

that is so american, just shit on somebody else and be proud. seriosly,
fuck you

Priya Biswas says:

These jimmy kimmel pranks are inevitably gna lead to ‘cry wolf’ situations
in the future lol no pun intended 

The Anglosphere Allies says:

Well played Kimmel…Well played…

Jake Kinley says:

It’s a husky!

jaziel tan says:

So if this was made into a movie it would be called the wolf of Sochi???

Ryan Grimes says:

Love that girl , just seems down to earth

Вся Суть says:

Wolfi Don’t worry I love you

TheMrWebas says:

fucking white western garbage !! For you is that funny !!!???
you have for decades discriminated against the africans. but now they fuck
your women …. and now you have another object of hate – Russians!
I just hope that you will die out soon and then stay in the U.S. only
Hispanics and blacks and we no longer see you arrogant sons of whores.

Melissa Bizzari says:

Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious prank

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall” Prank

ashley ko says:

Trollers be trollin. And this folks is why you can’t believe everything
you see on TV.

Jeremiah Lajide says:

“…that might be a descendant of the wolf” lol

Sophoklis says:

Stupid media and stupid people consuming that media.

Maurice Ward says:

this could start a media war

Марина Радченко says:

вот странные люди – своих же и потроллили)))) сказочники хреновы))))

Maya Jane Whitaker says:

She is my classmate’s cousin!

MackLel38 says:

Good one Jimmy Kimmel, now tell us where the Malaysian airplane is

fiona bush says:

thefinebros sent me heere

Niecy DMS says:

The Wolf of Sochi.

UAEdubaidude says:

I don’t understand how people aren’t pissed off by this. Like how are we
supposed to believe anything

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