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ATV VidCon Concert! – http://bit.ly/1rKsQkr
Jimmy Tatro stopped by the ATV booth to do a #throwback video with Hunter March. Jimmy could have been prom king, was the class clown, and got in major trouble for his senior prank. Stay tuned to ATV all weekend and download the ATV app!!
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Hosted by Hunter March



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hk34390 says:

22 jump street dude

Sand Scar says:

oh jimmy….. this is a low point 

tempacc23 says:

they went through the kids phones? is that even legal?

MissCraftyGeek says:

Prank someone in vidcon

Asu Razu says:

dude on the right looks like mandark from dexter’s laboratory cartoon.

HollowKing1798 says:

You were hella funny in 22 Jump Street

Matts YT says:

Jimmy looks like he has to take a piss so bad

Mike Jones says:

all of those pranks were totally insane

Ryan Bascelli says:

This dude is a complete GEED

TheseBoatBoys says:

come on kyle

Anju George says:

His laugh

TwoPerfectDCAB says:

he is on vine

ryry rocks says:

R they still doing side effects

nugmugduke says:

i wonder how long it took them to do their hair

T-Pow says:

jimmys such a chill dude. chill to pull ratio of about a 5 to 5

anon ymous says:

channing tatum doesn’t even lift

Annie Camlic says:


grace brook says:

I wish I was at vidcon so badly :3

Mixtape Music says:

jimmy shoulda known the school cant go thru peoples phones like that, the
school shouldve been in more trouble tthen he was

Sylvia Blanton says:

First 100:)

Adam Ant says:

Yay Jimmy.

Gettin’ out there huh? ^_^

From making goofy films for fun years ago all the way to Hollywood Movies.

Yup you are living the dream of many YouTubers.


I hope Christian gets picked up soon too.

Mohammad Hassan Moghaddassi says:

That’s a pretty stupid prank, we bought 2 cows, paid a janitor to open up
the school and snuck them off to the second floor. That was fun.

Gabriel Thompson says:

The difference in the sizes of their faces is comparatively hilarious.

mellowman1024 says:

Once you step onto school property, you lose you rights. Remember those
forms they make you sign in the beginning of the year… How many or you
actually read them. 

Micah Williams says:

How did he get in trouble… at all?! They made a rule against what he did?

Ashley Nicole Seidner says:

Everyone call that number that’s behind hunter!!! 2064508988

Applesauce productions says:

I love 22 jump street!! Its the best!!

Mary Rose says:

nah he doesnt look like channing tatum he looks like chris hemsworth a bit,
he just reminds me of him 

Iron women says:

That prank is the smartest thing EVER

max poulin says:

“most of this people” ….

Tokin Potent says:

lol vidcon is just too awkward 

Morven McNeill says:

Jimmy is so attractive


*looks aroun* “yup”

Juliana Crocer says:

thats an awesome prank idea

Karen Grijalva 〈3 says:

Omg that alarm prank is amazing. I’m soooooo doing this!

Avery Hamachek says:

You were/are so funny in 22 Jump Street.

Stephen Embry says:

They’re not allowed to go through your phone

Noreen Moise says:

I like your personality :)

DubMasterStep says:

Wog is a racial slur in Australia.

Erin Smith says:

love the shoutout to kyle

Bruce Melin says:

Jimmy inspired me down below

A Nag says:

shanning tatum lol?

Rainbow girl says:

Under 301 don’t hate :P

Sebastian Barraza says:

Vidcon is so,so crazy this year!! really wish I was or hope to be in the
future for the youtube videos I make!

Kyla Skipper says:


marie ella cambay says:

Under the 301 club 

Bennie Cees says:

Hell yea jimmy!! 

Morgie Macvicar says:

Lol I love it

Ashley ortega says:

JIMMY!! <3

MichyBeauty says:


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