Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

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In this funny animal video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of kids interacting with their favorite animals at the zoo.


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Bubblez Beano says:

If the glass broke and your precious giggling baby (i.e. potential food
item) was attacked, guess which animal gets put to sleep as a result?

Animals aren’t here for your amusement. Show them some respect. 

Lekteris says:

I hate to see those mighty creatures locked up. At some point I wish they
got out and rip apart those fuckers who put them there to amuse people for
money. Animals so much better beings than people they have no greed they
don’t kill others for fun or for money like humans they don’t destroy earth
like we do

gregjarnigan1 says:

Stupid parents don’t realize most of those animals would eat their kids,
given the chance.

Heiliger Jesus says:

I fucking hate zoos. All those animals should live in fucking wild life.


You are not ment to slap the glass fucking stupid kids

squito94 says:

Fuck zoos and their enslavement of animals.

Rakesh Gupta says:

i wish one day that glass will be broke 

happy gilmore says:

I know that glass is incredibly strong and all… But I don’t know how
parents can sit there and watch a lion try to maul their child… 

Sylvia Aranda says:

This is a sad compilation of stressed out animals. These animals should be
in the wild or a reservation. Take your kids on a hike, on a safari, or to
Yellowstone and show them what healthy animals look like and how to respect

beng694 says:

most of these seem like acts of aggression, children being bratty and
parents being far too dismissive about what’s going on. it’s unfair to
treat the animals like that when they react aggressively they are not happy
and you should back away immediately. these places are their homes not
your’s have some respect. also if that glass breaks in most of these
situations your child will almost certainly die

arianne martell says:

to any who know about animal behavior,are what these animals doing hunting
instincts? like that lion trying to grab the baby by the neck at 2:54. yet
they keep pawing at the glass in what looks like playfulness. same for the
primates/orangutan seem to be more out of curiosity than aggression. 

Mark Minnema says:

animals go do something about it! There are many activists actually
contributing to helping animals so get off your fucking computer and do
something or stop talking about how everyone else should do something. The
people who put these animals in zoos are DOING something, so if you think
it is wrong, you have to try and DO SOMETHING about it. This generation has
too many people that spend time writing online but do literally nothing to
help. Every youtube video contains worthless complainers (prolly about
80%), and then regular people who just simply watch the video and maybe
write a comment that doesn’t make them sound like an over opinionated
douchebag. If you are the latter, CHEERS! If you are the former, please do
the world a favour and kill yourself. Thank you :)

Sabrina Miller says:

Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

101Mongol says:

Can anyone please tell me a solid reason why zoos are evil? And that the
kids who laugh at the animals deserve to be mauled?

Loo Read says:

It’s quite clear to see how frustrated and Pi##ed off the animals are
feeling being caged in for human amusement. Not one parent was trying to
teach their children about these animals. I fail to see the humor & got no
enjoyment from viewing this, only felt sympathy for the animals. 

Misha Castiel says:

my son will not see a zoo in your life ..

Jack Griffin says:

Ugh. Why are the kids putting their mouths on that glass? There’s germs and
stuff clinging to those windows from other people. Yucky!

MadeAUsername says:


Considering the intentions of most of these animals was to rip your child
apart like the little brats that they are and eat their fucken guts and
turn them into fecal matter! So adorable, too bad the glass is there.

Epodmusic17 says:

My interpretations of these clips
Lion 1- Lemme eat yo’ face!, Gorilla 1- Adorable, Lion 2- Lemme eat yo’
face! Orangutan- Lemme lick yo’ face!, Bear 1- Lemme eat yo’ face! Chimp 1-
I made a friend! Giraffe- MMM! SO GOOD! Alligator- Nom nom! Tiger 1- Lemme
eat yo’ face! Lion 3- I waaaaant iiiiiit! Lion 4- MY SPOT! Chimp 2- Muwah!
Otter- Aw so cute! Monkey- OH SHIT! Lion 5. Let. Me eat. Your FACE! Otter
1- Weeeee! Gorrilla 2- Get the fuck away! Lion 6- GIMMEEE!!! Baboon- Wave
at THIS! Armadillo- Come back! I love you! Lion 7- Maybe I can lure it
behind the glass… God damn it. Nope! Ostrich- I will get you human. Lion
8- What will it take for me to get your face?! Bear 2- HUUR HUUR I’MA BURR!
Otter 2- I need that apple in my life… You have your phone dammit. Bear
3- No no, THIS is a proper hand shake. Leopard- Scratching post! Tiger 2- I
am surrounded by idiots. 

R3BALl3LAKE says:

You people who are complaining about animals being kept i captivity are
fucking pathetic, If a zoo is most definitely treating their animals with
poor treatment then i’d agree with you but the fact is most animals in zoos
now a days are bred in captivity, pampered and would not last in the wild
so what good would releasing them do? Engendered animals are also being
bred in a safe controlled environment as part of that.
I used to say childish idealistic thing when i was a kid but now i’m older
and understand things better, you don’t like these little kids laughing?
Just like with the percentage of this video you people are in the minority,
90% of people would say they hate you people for wishing for a child to be
mauled to death.

WolfAnarchyVonCreepy says:

Its so frustrating seeing once highly respected animals being degraded like

Livi Tubo says:

3:37 “What did u say? Repeat that for me… Say WHAT!!! KISS MY BUTT
you axxholes!!! ” LOL!!

Ridha Narain says:

Kids At The Zoo: Compilation:

Frank Salce says:

Seriously, for me that sometimes make fun of the animals with pain, this
video is not other thing but a permanent animal torture!!!!!!! I hate this
Zoo. there it would be good to have only one side viewable, so the Animals
wont see Human watching them.

Irah iswhoiam says:

Those animals look “hungry” ? I don’t know.. Don’t Zoo Keepers feed them?

Itachi Uchiha says:

Break the glass, break the glass…

Pongsakorn Kingsuwankul says:

In a parallel world, can you accept the idea that they do the same with
human? Just swapping the roles.

Ariella Levone says:

Omg the way the little boy roared at the end!

alex geiger says:

lmfao “aww hes playing” yeah hes trying to play remove the spine from the

Firstname Lastname says:

I think its only fun if your kid at the zoo, then when you grow up you just
feel sorry for all the poor animals stuck in cages (of sorts)their whole
lives. :(

Christophe De Sloover says:

I so wish the glass would have snapped…

fluffynuthin says:

It’s hard not to laugh at these parents that think it’s cute when the big
cats paw at the glass with their children…they aren’t playing they’re
thinking “easy meal” they’d kill those kids in a split second and eat
them….aawwww that IS cute!!
Seriously though zoos seem more like an animal prison, but some children
grow up to be animal conservationists, which might have never happened if
they never saw these animals.

neil78b says:

How come all these idiotic videos showing utter disregard towards fellow
animals is all of the same skin color?

bloody the cat says:

I feel like the DICKS (kids) are trying to make fun of the animals

Josh Ballew says:

I have no problem that these smaller animals are in there because I believe
they have a better and safer life but these bigger predictors should be out
in the wild. Not in a small enclosure. 

greggmcc says:

What kind of asshole lets their child lick and kiss that filthy glass.

lykigos says:

i puked, those majestic animals seemed like mere shadows, ofcourse nowadays
it is perhaps better for them in captivity

Noobwork - Norsk gaming! #2 says:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Faces like both of you belongs to the ZOO!
Don’t be mad i’ll be there too, Not in the cage but laughing of both you!

JCnarvaiza says:

esto muestra lo desagradable que es el ser humano, divertirse mirando
animales encerrados que asco me da.

Roflz&Powncakes says:

They aren’t playing with you. they’re trying to kill you, and it’s because
they live in a box. primates are too smart to kept in like that. it’s like
if you where held in a cage for the rest of you’re life, for no other
reason than other people enjoyed looking at you.

Amy Rhys says:

It’s crazy! if I had children I would not bring them to the place of this
kind. it’s risky.

kristen lowry says:

Yeah it’s sad they behind a glass, but they adapt some what. This also
brings animals closer to humans so we can help them or else we would never
know what’s going on with them. I bet people talking about trapped animals
never seen a elephant’s face slaughtered for horns that was trying to
protect her newborn, with a hundred of them killed a day or tigers skinned
alive and rolled up in a ball of meat because people in Asia think it will
bring strength to the men, only a few thousand are left. 

April Goodykoontz says:

I’ve watched too many animal attack videos to think half of these are
funny. I mean a lioness is trying to eat your kid and your not the least
bit worried? 

Memduh Nas says:

what is the animel at 3:01 i forgot its name

Edivaldo França says:
ewa3laura says:

:((((((((( it is so sad, so sad…., they ask for help, “help me, I suffer
here” of course can be agressive because of suferring

PfunkGW says:

“Oh he wants to play” chuckle chuckle……more like bite your kid’s neck
and fling it about like a rag doll before feasting on your child’s

meena DEV says:

its so scary ..why they are putting kids near glass ..its not safe….

Carlita Nolasco says:

Que zoológico es ese?
Por favor si alguien sabe diganme 

Kenneth Nappe says:

Your all food… period. This is not cute.

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