Killer Clown Scare Prank 2015

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Killer Clown Scare Prank 2015
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YesFunnyYes says:

Killer Clown Scare Prank 2015

Uhgene Ignorian says:

Prisoner: “so watcha in for?”
Prankster: “just clownin around”

levy G. says:

Forget about race issues those boys were homophobic 

PowerDragon999 says:

So funny when the guy punched him so he fight back by showing his dick
which made them leave so fast XD! Best protection/fighting tactics ever!

Stephenies Petcare says:

Prank or no prank. Kids party or not. . . You see clowns you run! 

CIarKent says:

why did the niggas got scared by that guy’s dong?

kkplo569887 says:

1:36 why did he run away suddenly

TheJordster123 says:

The morons that do these kinds of pranks will eventually do this to
somebody that has a gun and when they charge at that person and get shot
the person that shot them will have had every right to have done it.

Muhammad Saad Jada says:

AHAHAHAHHAHA When he took his pants off

Кирилл Застенский says:

dm prank production the better!!!!! you show- shit

Chuck Norris says:

I can’t stop loling, the best way to defend yourself is to strip and chase

Jordan Smith says:

Wow the cops didnt shoot

Marc Iacobucci says:

Nice video, well executed

PetrosComedy says:

Theses were scary!
Goal is 5K by the end of the night!
A +1 is appreciated
Thanks Guys!

LittleBitofSunshine says:

It’s all fun and games until the sheriffs dept. shows up.

NikogamingNL says:

Haha hi ride HIM over

pcislocked says:


Keldeo v.s. Keldeo says:

1:36 XD

Jay Garzilla says:

0:08 edit fail

joe yonATHAN says:

They should’ve fought back

jacob hammonds says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Fire Front 1 says:

You don’t know who will have a gun or not, it’s probably not such a great
idea to do this. 

Brandon Espinosa says:

That infallible tactic of fight LOL

Justin Nguyen says:

This drama has some sad endings man

WKHTG says:

Wow that guy showed some balls literally!

eden smith says:

Love videos like this

nadjia chaib says:

Omg…..da war unge BEI 0:37

FaTal Hypno says:


George Greek says:

Lol, what’s with the yellow thong?

NightWing W.A says:

That guts go sheeeet

Dane Wallen says:

Come To Australia The Cops Here Are Awesome

Adam Caldera says:

what is this song?

mo Yk says:

Its not funny dude how you will reacts of this shit in reallife at night!

Kinmax18 says:

1:36 WTF ?! Why They were esceped ?

Owens Creations says:

First comment! Lols.

Dans Games says:


That Guy says:

1:35 YOLO!

Fifa Epiczz says:

Fucking idiots 

Will Clash says:

They got arrested

LucEs Boo says:

Fucking Clowns 

AkaNinjaAssassin says:


Bruno Kalaf says:

Gostei quando prenderam os 3 manes !!!

Jay Redd says:

xD dead silence beat lol…

Kevin Mendez says:

1 and 100

phildenbelg belg says:

find a little consciousness!

Sr. FOX says:

1:38 WTFFFF????

Abdallah Kertiou says:

at 1;55 it’s +SanFrezco

What Louxi Does says:


Martial Art Beast says:

Lol they ran as soon as he pulled his pants down XD

نواف العنزي says:


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