Killer Clown Torture Prank! (Prank Kings) Inspired By DM PRANKS

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Watch our new prank “Killer Clown Slitting Throats” In the link below!–XQi7uEew3zBUmMtByJ
Tamer W Michael

The victim in this prank consented to being drugged but didn’t know when it will happen or what will happen to him.. We took extreme precautions not shown on video and the prank was preformed under medical supervision.

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*Extremely dangerous, Please Don’t Try This At Home.
*Drugging someone without their consent is a criminal offense.
*For entertainment purposes only!

Inspired By DM PRANKS & TheRoyalStampede

killer clown torture prank
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Prank EXTREME DM Pranks Killer Clown Costume
Killer Clown 4

What is your opinion?

A) That was ridiculous, that guy should be in jail!
B) OMG you drugged your friend?
C) Fake!
D) Awesome, Give me more!
E) I’m mad because it is not real! I wanted you to really drug your friend and torture him, SHAME ON YOU!

Let us know your opinion below, this is going to be fun!
This was our worst prank ever!

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Prank Kings says:

Watch our new prank “Killer Clown Slitting Throats” In the link below!
Killer Clown Slitting Throats In The Elevator FULL PRANK (Prank Kings)

Revoked Fate says:

What happened after that seizure O.o

Carlee Anne says:

So if it’s called a “prank” then it is NOT 1st degree assault and unlawful

Prank Kings says:

3 Million hits! This was the worst prank we’ve ever done, but we did it for
publicity and it worked, watch our other videos, you will not be

DomDault danday says:

Why to people dislike this u guys are fuckin awesome

harry mclarrson says:

Did he actually drug him? isn’t that illegal

shae dancer says:

Lolz DAT seizure in the beginning was halarious I hope it is fake


Wtf?!?! Did you just drug your friend?!?! If I was put in that place I
would’ve smashed his face in for drugging me! Prank or not!

gabe228 says:

dude this one sucked, the dude was not sufficiently scared

js100serch says:

These pranks are great I love them… if drugging your friend and make him
believe that he is gonna be tortured to death isn’t funny I don’t know what
it is…

Angel Arroyo says:

why spiking your friend with pill instead of drunk him.

Xixaooolittleshark says:

Disliked for so many reasons:
-So many notifications in the video, always saying the same thing;
-Didn’t show his reaction at the end;
-It was not even scary;
-+Prank Kings can’t even answer comments properly, it was asked if this is
illegal, all they can answer is “How do you know it was without his
consent?”, LOL, just LOL, how would he have consent of druging him without
he knowing about the prank? This is either fake or illegal, you guys are
really brainless;
-This was inspired by +DmPranksProductions but also by +TheRoyalStampede that
you did not mention.

You guys REALLY have to improve your videos AND personality if you want to
make a good channel.

XI Energy Gaming says:

in future reference to do waterboarding, you need to put there face up m8
and put a towel over there face and then hold it down and pour the water ou
onto it m8, that would be funny…

Charles Green says:

One day people will really do this stuff and the world will just see it as
a joke until it happens to them. 

luminosMM says:

It’s stupid! Are u noob? Yes ,u r totally noob! U r nooby ,scaried idiot!!!
I scare u with many physic tricks!!!

Terri Thomas says:

You’re pranks are great

The CooLesT says:

Fake and boring

Bassem Jaber says:

Obviousely this is just ACTING! i am not impressed at all

Star Warrior885 says:

I would die of a heart attack if someone pranked me like that I’ll be dead
in 3 seconds…… But cool! And mean…

SluttMonkeys says:

What if the drugs killed him like he had an allergic reaction or a wrong
dose.! ILLEGAL

Claus Roquefort says:

This is animal cruelty!

Rick Monteiro says:

except for the doll, that was epic
i would have hit you in the balls for that

Giordano Bruno says:

Pranks are actually funnier, and can legitimately be called “pranks”, when
they’re not scripted and acted from beginning to end. Just sayin’…

Heaven King says:

Did u actually drug them, cause thats illigal!!!!

Fran Negrier says:

en argentina hacen eso y mueren en el intento., esas bromas no se hacen 

carlos alberto sanchez rios says:

Que locaso estos broches,,, sigan sacando mas videos!!!!



Albina Kokhanevich says:

I choose A

Deshauna Garris says:

omg i would hurt some body 

Willian Mendonça says:


Gianni Winston says:

I like. This. 

MattMBZ says:

Worst friends ever lmfao 

paula Ribeiro says:

Hör auf mit dise

bunny god says:

What if all this time all these videos were real people getting killed and
he just put prank on it…if that was true then that would be hilarious

VBang Production says:

3.345 people disliked this …. they are not breatheing anymore

Matteo F says:

Bad taste. Other vids were just insane yet kind of funny. this is sad. I

John Balboa says:

Fakest prank I’ve ever seen. Why did your friend speak english when you
aren’t from an english speaking country? And shouldn’t he be familiar with
your chanel?

Daniel Gitlan says:
Johnny Gadge says:

this is so fuked up in so many ways that goes for the acting as well… 

Julie Medina says:
jasontd1984 says:

If someone drug me joke or not, I would burn down every house they live in
till they’re so depressed they blows their brains out.

gregory broad says:

You are so funny

Nicolas zavala says:


catsrus 2ppl says:

0:04 dat guy looks sho happy :D

Caio Camargo says:

com a camisa do ronaldo kkkkkk

speysolor says:

wtf is wrong with you this isnt a prank this is horribil 

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