Lady Gaga – Judas

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Mario Losberg says:

I’m Catholic but i love Lady Gaga and this song.. 😉 i think that this
video is just great (just like most of Lady G) and she is great artist!!

Assali Hernán says:

Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead…

alice smithy says:

I don’t understand how people cannot know that Judas doesn’t just refer to
the biblical betrayer of Jesus its also used as a name for a betrayer of
any kind so for example in modern times if your boyfriend cheats on you or
your best friend blabs about a secret you told them then they are called a
Judas my mum says it to me all the time in a jokey way an the meaning of
this song is that lady gaga (who plays Mary Magdalene a prostitute who
followed Jesus an who some say had children with him) is a wild girl and
usually goes for bad guys but finally meets a really good one (Jesus) and
loves him very dearly but she cant help but be drawn to a bad guy (Judas)
and feels awful for it so she gets stoned at the end as a way of punishment
which if related to modern times could be referenced to her actually
getting drug stoned and overdosing herself (but that end bits just my
theory haha) so all this crap about her loving the devil, insulting the
church and being illuminati is bullshit so get the fuck off the comment
section with it

Lily Wright says:


Jennayyy P says:

so this is what Daryl did before the apocolypse

Samantha Walker says:

I’m just here for Norman Reedus <3 <3

Sorry Gaga 🙁 

Neil Linkletter says:


Ariel Arias says:

Judas (the devil) on the video Gaga cheats Jesus love by Judas love,
because she’s in love with him (the devil) she sold her soul to him.

Soy Jesus , Yisus is mi nam says:

why so many dislikes????? THE FUCKING NORMAN REEDUS IS IN THE

Cientoria Cocieum says:

I look at this video since 4 years after release. I can call myself more
smart than I was in the moment of uploading it. I’m gonna to say a few
words about my changes. I was a Christian and I tried to believe in our
‘lovely’ god. I believed as idiot in creationism, Bible and other religious
shit. My mother even said me that Judas song is satanic though I knew that
song is about betraying in love. Damn… looking in this video again I
realised that I was kinda stupid.

I understood 3 years after that there’s no god, there’s no devil, no heaven
or hell. Cause it’s just the way that phophets are real fraudsters and they
do it to have a mass of freaky idiots who follows its blind faith. Jesus is
not a virtue, Jesus is a sect founder, but not god. Like it to others see
this message! Religion is a great lie! Religion is a shit! Religion is a
government’s secret and powerful weapon to manipulate a humanity! Remember

canadiangirl3343 says:

holy crap that one guy looks a lot like norman reedus

Joaan López says:

like if you are watching in 2015

patrick cruz says:

i only came here for norman reedus :)

Stefan Makic says:

Fuck Norman I’m here for Lady Gaga only! Idiots

Myriam Grou says:

AMC The Walking Dead

Can Calderone says:

Wtf is Norman Reedus?! There are Lady Gaga bitches.

謝嘉華 says:

Lady Gaga – Judas 2011

Rihana Chill says:

get tons of views and exposure to ANY vide!?o

Nossnevs SWEDEN says:

Screw Gaga, just here for Norman Reedus nothing more.

-James -Nelson- says:

Lady Gaga – Judas :

Mysterious Tigre says:

She is iluminati puppet. She want to destroy the christianity.Well she is
too dumb to do this. Stupid songs 4 stupid people. Fuck iluminati and this
clown lady gaga.She isnt the artists. She got nothing to say.She only bring
controversy and dress stupid costumes. Whats happened to music industry?
90s Golden Era 

Austin Gray says:
Ben G says:

Ten things
Or two
Norman reedus (daryl) is in this

It says judas, and there is an episode on TWD called, i aint a judas

itzel says:

Normam Reedus
The walking dead 

Zatamazal says:


NeverGreen35 says:

Why are they killing gaga in the end?

Jo Calderon ℳ-Y-G-P says:

199,965,898 views On VEVO!!!
We’re Almost There!

Alejandra Rodriguez says:

I would do exactly as Gaga just to scare you hypocrite religious judgmental

Andrew Hossam says:

Fuck that ugly Norman Reedus , i always come here for the queen Gaga <3

Jassie Senpai says:

How many came to the music video for Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead?

Mark Fitzpatrick says:

Who the fuck is norman reedus? Fuck off! We are here for GAGA!

neil day says:

lady gaga Judas bring u down down

Edward Gerris says:

Gross. It makes me wonder why people like this no talent luciferian skank.

Brea Bicha says:

Did any of u saw that judus was a guy from the walking dead

Anya L. Ove says:

I’m here only for Norman Reedus ahah

Catherine Shirley says:

oh that guy that poored beer on her ass looks like darl from the walking
dead XD

Mannbutte Inc says:

You are a whore Lady Gaga! You did this because you have been missing out
on the media scene. Its a fucking PR stunt. Your choreography is rubbish
and your songs are like Britney Spears with no fucking music sense. You
fuck whore!

Sebastián Caris says:

I’m not sure to put like or dislike… i HATE the song… but Norman Reedus
is here! representing what Daryl Dixon did before all that happened XD

felix velez says:

What is Norman

Babí Miranda says:

Oia la… é o tiozin do the walking dead

Anshar Alfarizy says:

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usernamemaybe says:

I find her dancing always so awkward xD but I like the song!

nina sayuki says:

love Norman <3 <3

BitterBluex says:

This is probably the most annoying song she has on her Born This Way album.

Kelly B says:

The only reason Norman is in this is because he thought he heard ‘Judith’
when asked to be in the video. 

nothingpleasant says:

Is Lady Gaga a jew?

Königin Hellvetia says:

Lady gaga should be with norman instead of taylor 🙁 

Joe Vic Kehr says:

Lady Gaga – Judas :

HeavensDemon966 says:

I love all of the black leather in this video. Very stylish! There should
be a law that everyone has to own at least one of those traditional black
leather motorcycle jackets.

Ester Lima says:

Curti pelo Norman Reedus

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