Lady Gaga – Yoü And I

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loischannel says:

like if you are happy for gaga+taylor marriage

liam simpson says:


Ana Mayte says:

JEEESSUUUUUUSSS I LOVE ALL OF HER VIDEOS! They’re pure art just like her

jose jiron says:

Mother + Father + littlermonsters = PERFECTION!

feelingtonights says:

like if you are watching in 2015

Courtney Vedder says:

give anything again to be your babydoll…..

Tanner Gray says:

Congrats to Gaga and Taylor on the engagement. To think we all watched them
on their journey that started here <3

Saving Stefanie says:


Melvi Thomas says:

Gaga admitted that the kiss at 2:15 was unscripted.

MarioMVasilev says:

I will be her fan forever no matter what those trashy rats (”THE HATERS”)
think.. Haters can go fuck theirselfs

Ross GaGaAHSH says:

Y pensar que Lady GaGa se va a casar con este hombre felicidades

Christina Ninan says:

Congratz to Gaga and Kinney!! 🙂 They are a beautiful couple!! <3 Love them
both!! <3 <3 

sarantis1995 says:

So happy that she got engaged with Taylor. This is where it all began .
This song is for them now <3 

Dave Parker says:

This is the strangest thing I am not a pop guy at all! But man I did this

mytoliJB says:

I can not believe that she and Taylor engaged ♥
I’m so happy for them :)

Kerli Styles says:

#directioner – #paupower contribuyendo con little monsters ,ayúdenos
xfavor con paulina rubio y #minuevovicio ,muchos besos y saludos monsters

GabrielCarcamoVEVO says:

este video parece una historia de terror

šalalala says:

I love this song.

Mia Li says:

Um did anyone catch the 6 whole years line? She started her career 6 years
ago and just got engaged now…watching her old vids is like the very
beginning it hinted at all she would do now. The costumes. Like there were
seashells on her jean bra, for Mary the Night, and shes wearing a literal
form of shells for Venus. And You and I, is reminiscent of Applause (but
Applause isnt about man and machine, rather the essence of transforming.
Its much more fluid and magical.)…Anyway, is Taylor making a Frankin
bride here? I wonder what all the references were in this vid. Any
thoughts, fellow viewers? It seems chaotic with her male version self
thrown in. Taylor is like building her. Then has sex with her, as she’s a
mermaid…Looking back, I noticed the color scheme for BTW is black, very
dark, butcherman esque, like in a meat factory…this country rock in You
and I, with this goth vid is kind of bizarre to experience. Her music
mostly centers around overcoming trauma or sex. It can be too much to take
in at times, with the imagery used. But I appreciate that she goes there,
not many would. I like her early stuff and 3rd album. She’s really went on
a journey. Artpop was bright and falling back into Jazz currently, must be
a real comfort…There are nice songs in BTW, but the aesthetic is just too
jarring for me. Maybe it just cut too close to the bone. After Pokerface,
Lovegame, Justdance, DirtyRich, EhEh vids, the humor was gone. So many
still shots of her looking postmortem were introduced. Then when I watched
her itunes performance for Artpop, it being stripped down was welcoming.
Breaking her hip was terrible, but it forced her to take a step back and
recuperate, pace herself, which was good. I admire how shes pushed herself,
but a healthy her, is the best her. She’s seems to be in a better, mote
balanced place now. And maybe it took that bloody middle to get here to
where she is today. She’s always performed amazingly…Her Oscar
performance was awesome and I hope she produces a 5 album.

Olivia Holt says:

Really like this song now +Patience Rachel 

Brent Rieliber says:

what’s up monsters ! #paupower ayudando con su *OPERATION CERTIFY* dense
una vuelta x #minuevovicio de Paulina ,ayudándonos es mas fácil 😉 

Raggib Ishruq says:

Its so unique, and creative than Gaga’s rest of the videos, it’s like Born
This Way packed in one song, you can see her alters egos Yuÿi the Mermaid,
Jo Calderone, her uses one the turquiose, Black-blonde, mousy-gray wigs,
and a science experiment which runs wild. Can Country rock music be more
inspiring than this?

Ale Castaño says:

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I:

darren dean says:

Raw talent. ….

Sp Lucy says:

Not sure why I love that dance move at 3:07 – 3:11… but I dunno… I JUST

Luke Smith says:

Google ‘Rough boy – ZZ top’ where she stole this from!

Gustavo Aguilar says:

Thalifans ….comenten en el video=te perdiste mi amor

clemente alonso says:

Excellente I´d like very much other colaboration with Brian May.

karyn sargent says:

lady gaga’s boyfriend is HOT awesome

Jai Courvoisier says:

Is this chick still relevant?(Was she ever?)

Kenzi Steele says:


BryanAndProud says:

►► *Will any of you guys help a little monster out by trying to get me to
100 subs?* ◄◄
<3 just trying to live my dream one step at a time

Louis Felice says:

29.03.15 :
80 013 557 VIEWS
386 930 LIKES
213 414 COMMENTS

TheGrandsummoner says:

is this the real music video? i thought taylor would be butt naked in this

Chanell Jenise says:

I never did understand this video. 

lluis bertran rovira says:

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I <3

shiela pullen says:

Her video’s are not artistic; just stupid and weird. Plus she wears real
fur which makes her a heartless b*tch, imo… 

michel germanotta says:

hermosa canción y ella mucho mas hermosa :)

Ray Medeiros says:

Monsters don’t forget to vote biebers ahead , don’t let this happen

Bourbia Nasro says:

just love gaga so happy for her !!! 

Patrick Kováč says:

Monsters share this video we need 100M before next video :-))

Sofia Santos says:

Why mermaids? I’m afraid of them lmfao :'(

Siva Echeverría says:

I dislike this artist, personally think she is too mainstream and
overrated, but i really think this song is a masterpiece, her best soong,
can’t believe it only has 80 M views :c

Subham Das says:

This song is absolutely stunning! #ladygaga #stunned 

robb junior says:

80.000.000 UHUUUUUUUU

Haziq Hafizin says:

the guy is her fiancé right? 

Alen Albinovic says:

Yoü And I by @LadyGagaVEVO video!

Shian Watson says:

my fav song

Alison Tuoyo says:

Who’s the guy on the piano 

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