Larry The Mime: Nick Cannon Pulls Prank On Judges – America’s Got Talent 2014 (Highlight)

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A mime with a bad attitude turns on Howard, Howie, Heidi and Mel B. When things go south, the judges discover that it’s really Nick Cannon behind the makeup!
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Larry The Mime: Nick Cannon Pulls Prank On Judges – America’s Got Talent 2014 (Highlight)


AllFoxGaming says:

A black man can dress up and paint his face white, but when I paint my face
black I’m called racist! What the hell?!

Moriko Maki says:

I find all these racist comments exceedingly idiotic. A mime is supposed to
have a white face- so of course it’s not racist. If you had to dress up as
the sun for whatever reason (no judging), and you had to paint your face
yellow, no one’s going to tell you it’s racist for Asian people. It’s part
of the act, and if you can’t go on the internet without getting so offended
at everything, I suggest you cup your butthole, so you stop getting so

Keith Chua says:

Is it just me or Heidi doing that sad face than smiling is the cutest thing
ive seen omf!

jubilantsleep says:

Lmao the bald guy jumped out of his chair. 

Jewel Cool says:

Howie was yelling

“Security!!!! Security!!!!”

FrakU2 says:

The only thing left was to have Ashton Kutcher come strolling out on stage
with a smirk on his face!

Carpe Diem says:

Does anyone else find this mildly racist?…


People ask why I like Nick Cannon…

Jessie Urban says:

Isn’t Alesha and Mel B the same person? lol I always thought they were, but
she changed her name..

Tiffany Joy says:

“Boo yourself!” Way too funny! Great actor!

Mishu Khell says:

I Love How He Said : I GOTCHA! i just keep on replying dat ,, xD

DaftLonkLinkLerkLankPankPunk says:

I think it’s rude they’d tell ‘The Mime’ he sucks by the way they press the
I mean, Heidi smiling as she pressed the button, that would be harsh on
anyone. .-.

Toby Hat says:

why does nick look so fat when he puts on the mime costume?

Don Barracuda says:

I wish a real contestant would do this

Megan Kelly says:

Wait why was their blue slime all over Nick when it was showing the part
where they were doing the makeup 


That scared me so much I was bout to die 

Mark Jones says:

Yeah! We can watch some more! Jippie!

jordan tarry says:

lol mime rage

Craze961 says:

It scared me when he walked off stage and was funny as hell at the same
time XD

Sapientian says:

Howie was scared shitless. Did you see the way he winced? Now that was
And I have a feeling Nick didn’t have to improvise with the things he had
to say. He was always thinking it. “Supermodels aren’t suppose to talk
anyway”. HAHAHA!

Sanna Febin says:

i don’t get it. he wasn’t even funny.

I Am Angel says:

My first thought was that it was Nick after he started talking haha! 

That One Emo Chick says:

Lol I just love how everyone was like “SECURUTY!!” and then Howie Mandel
just hides with everyone and they all curl up like a group lol nice prank

Alexis Lou says:

+AllFoxGaming ugh duh he’s a mime he can’t go out on stage with black face
or else he’ll look dumb. Think next time….

Prince Vegeta says:

4:23 that guy has the biggest head ever

Kenney Huynh says:

Nick cannon from wild n out lol

David Schaub says:

He was very funny and when Howie said security it was so funny.

Marcelo Valle says:

Check out my youtube channel just put with my niece and nephew marcelo

Kevin DC says:

“a mine is a terrible thing to waste”
-Robin Williams

Johanna Caba says:

BOO YOURSELF!! *pelvic thrust*

Mauro Jimenez says:

He is mean he does not have talent at all

wayne lewis says:

What’s the background song after it says “I gotcha”

Niko Pitkänen says:

Nick Gannon ! My Man ! Still got it !! :D

Nathan Ballard says:

that was seriously poor mime skills. i mean im not a mime expert but i can
tell when someone isnt trying.

Kira P says:

When I watched the actual episode I knew it was nick I just knew it

xoxluckycharmsx says:

This is where the Mime serial all began….

jm umali says:

heidi,, you are so cute doing that sad face,,haha,

ScarlettCrystal2009 says:

I still have to kinda laugh about all of this. I remember seeing this when
it first aired on TV. Boy, did he have everybody going with this prank. :P

Kaela Elise says:

Nick almost looked like he was crying when he was bitching out Howie and

BlazingMuffinsAJ says:

At the beginning when he first came out and jumped and fell I would love to
see a video that just replayed that moment for hours.

Kaden Crawford says:

I liked everything but the judges

Todd Lee says:

Lol nick scared me too

tjgray1 says:

Ha ha a boy is whereing lip stick

Raul iniguez says:

Lol most of the comments are all talking about 1 comment

Lakshya Rao says:

AHHHHHHH!!!!! It’s so SAD!!!! I loved this mime!!!!But the judges did’nt
what on earth!!!!!

Kaleb C. says:

OMG… Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen!!

Senseimoro Sensei says:

Awesome! You’ve got talent Nick!

a williams says:

Lot better then him rapping LOL

BoxCuber says:

and not a single comment..

Oyuncu Konsol says:

Larry said so good,Howard is just a brick wall

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