Little People Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

Here at Just For Laughs, comedy and pranks come in all shapes, colors and
sizes. Let today’s #bestof be a reminder that comedy, fun and laughter is

ApexPredator_ says:

Haha really like the part where the grampa played with the helicopter at
3:31 XD

Jordan brown says:

As much as I hated “CLICK EAR” I kind of miss it….

Honeybadger Don't Care says:

I guess the generation x had their version of selfies in the form of the
giant selfie boxes….

King Odin ∞ LoL Content Creator ∞ says:

Kids in africa could have baked with that flour. Yeah, maybe I should leave
this for howtobasic.

PrankandSpank says:

Do you guys still have that coke helicopter? ME WANT!! 

Emma Bae says:

Not even funny :/

GhostMihneaRo says:

what ! there was a cool prank with a small guy in a soda machine , u put
the coin and the door opens and the little guy gives u a drink

Enes says:

Die beiden würden so zusammen passen, und dann das

10shinhan says:

This video is racist towards women 

duh honest one says:

Duh enlightened one where are you ?? 

Tyrone Biggums says:

Dwarfs are cool.

MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs says:


Алекс Сводокачки says:

Если спросят тебя: “Где взяла?”
“Ты такого мальчишку мелкого?”
Ты ответишь:”In Québec угнала,
На глаза народа обалделого…”
Угнала у всех на виду,
Ведь тебе он дороже “Хаммера”
И плевать тебе и на то,
Что всё это “скрытая камера” :-)

JayLethal says:

WTF,this isnt funny at all this is basically making fun of little
people,look at the little person with the normal size person.Screw you just
for laughs.

Wolf9Walker says:

4:43 people who dont know how to use a camera. if they had turn it
sideways, then it would work. 

Funnysterste says:

Fake! These people are not little. They are just below average in size.

P DaPhuuLz says:

lol the first one is brilliant. old but still LoL

xAdler says:

i want the helicopter from 3:31 *_*

Beeper Boo says:

What are vertically challenged people?

1650million says:

The first one is one of my favorites

Dasten says:

It was a little amusing even for one with a short temper like myself. It
was slightly dwarfed at the end by the credits without Dennis. I guess
that’s a minuscule complaint to have though. 

adnan khan says:

Love your pranks

Richard Smith says:

I see no humor in this, sad idea to make a joke from from. 

paul boon says:

keep these lovely videos coming just added it to its so funny playlist
best wishes paul from england

arun kumar says:

Did the guy in the second video shave his head esp for this prank ?

pylbetajv says:

Vertically challenged people are funny.

Christina Breu says:

Why is this funny small people and tall people can fall in love.

Kidrauhl : says:

Just for laugh pranking people since 650 BC

Tianran Cheng says:

i feel bad for them :/

GarryTheMapper says:

pause at the face 2:09 he was like” Really nigga?”

bungalaix says:

canadian chicks man.. me likey

DivineWOLF1 says:

Unfortunately, the JFL Gags have been going down in popularity due to their
lack of ideas and stale humor recently. I expect this YouTube channel to
shut down by the end of the month. It is a sad time for Canada, and
therefore the world. 

Inston007 says:


Alexus Kay says:

Just For Laughs Gags

James kelly says:

The end slate is wrong. She says “if you want to see some of my favourite
gag”. She should be saying gags. She also said “I hope you enjoyed this
prank” when there was more than one prank in the video.

Miami Ninja says:

Helicopter shiny

GamingNinjaTaco says:

First one, tiny steve-o anyone else notice

Kevin96 ™ says:

More Pranks ! :D

Cgit Einstens says:

anywhere, little people always trolling xD

gogodr says:

does anyone else thinks of banjo kazooie with the music at 4:00 ?

Dmitrij Zubov says:

5:59- 6:06
Now i know that niggas are real monkeys

Tyler Heard says:

No offense, but where’s Vern Troyer?! Lol He would’ve been perfect in here!

Plutonium Boss says:

The little dude could be a Jack Vale double in a prank where he would
“turn” into a little person. 

Billy Zen says:

The look the guy gave @ 0:51…PRICELESS..HAHAHAHA

rasta kaska says:

pleas my english not good pleas pleas see may vedio and tellme what you
thinking thanks my grandba is whithe

allyna Quinto says:

Hi yesterday was my birthday pls someone say happy birthday??☺️

David Vasquezz says:

2:36 Love at first sight!

Always OT says:

Are they saying short people can’t be with tall people!

MegaMikeCarson says:

Is this WeeMan?

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