MACHINE GUN Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ Bathroom Prank ♦ Funny Videos 2015

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prank & pranks 2015…Machine Gun Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ Bathroom Prank ♦ Funny Videos 2015
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lts MJL says:

My nigga wtf is that intro 

Marisaheartsmakeup says:

This isn’t even a prank..

Sirspookyface15 says:

If their comes a moment where I really run out of toilet in a public
restroom and ask someone for a roll; in which they reply no, I have you
people to blame for it.

Conrad Carrigan says:

Apparently the bathroom is the new hood.

Key Fork Tv says:

LOL! 0:04 Like if you noticed SoFloAntonio Keeps a Lamborghini in his
fridge ! Nowonder it looked FRESH !

thethijsy says:

Keyforktv? Rly? Didnt you have something better

GypSyClaN1337 says:

Gets “punched” on the left side of his face, holds right side of his head.
Makes sense

Joshua John says:

That guy deserved that punch! He was being a complete idiot!

High ON Flow says:

these arent even ur vids lol

Mark Callaway says:

1:22 what’s the name of that song?

Reese Versace says:

The last guy bitched him 

ryan lapointe says:

Notice the cameraman is magically in different places right before the

Lumo says:

intro – just casually pulls out a mini lambo from the fridge…

Abraham Lopez says:


guineapigluver10 says:

you can’t do this to people… that is so messed up.

ΛvXILE says:

One day this idiot is going to get shot and may that be a lesson for you
idiotic pranksters. Yet alone they do these pranks in the hood which will
make it more probable …

JanAnneGames says:

Every new parts he is gonna make in the hood with guns = 1 step closer to

JusttheBestPranks says:

Can I borrow toilet paper

Shah Gamer says:

Owwwww I heard the connection to the FACE

sneaker head says:

why do all these pranks got to be in the hood why can’t a prank be in the
suburbs “condom prank in the suburbs”

ItsPekee says:

Bathroom pranks are getting old and boring…

john hamlet says:

according to you the planet earth is inside a hood’

Alexander Bollbach says:

this is literally retarded. like Hodor status

Masta200 says:

You’re asking to get shot. What if the guy you were pranking had a gun? He
wouldn’t hesitate to shoot if he thought his life was in danger.

Logan Sherlock says:

Lucky no one had a concealed carry permit.

Clouds says:

Finally sum thin good!


good way to get ya head blown off

Rhett Looter says:

Why isn’t everyone getting so upset that the guy got violent this time?

Rhys Wirun says:


LeShack says:

THis isn’t even a prank, this is being a jackass in public…..Pranks are
supposed to be funny

Marc Anthony says:

Nigga in the end was wack asf

Julio Drenth says:

And i repeat, Your pranks are sooo boring.

Frankie Gardner says:

“Ima call my niggas” “no no don’t call your niggas”

Niko Suave says:

Horrible prank not even funny..
This prank actually pissed me off.

Nic Jay says:

omg fakest prank i have EVER SEEN

Paprika SiAtat says:

Happy ending.

Wally Javier says:

nigga the intro? WTF?

Simon Hardabi says:

Its the hood (cause they are mostely black) is it so hard to just call it
something normal instead of aiming at an race

ElitEgamEing Jordan says:

Wasn’t this uploaded already…. 

J D The Champ says:

He could’ve gotten killed, people could have mistaken him as a terrorist.
But I guess people will do anything for views…..

Chan Aidan says:

What is the name of the song?

Bobbie Stanfill says:

I love prank videos but I think this one crossed the line. That’s really

Martelll Trottter says:

You funny man if I was there he wouldn’t of did that shxt or said that shxt

OriginStudios says:

this isnt funny. when you pee and someone scares u, u pee in your pants or
on the floor….thats discusting!

ItsGeorge says:


Casa Vargas García says:

Jajajajaja its epic intro

Broet says:


Jordan L says:

This is how you get shot

bill ribbit says:

some1 should have stabbed/shot ur hand then it would be funny

YuNG Savage says:

That 1 guy that punched the other guy goin to get fucked up if i see him

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