Matt Harvey Asks New Yorkers About Matt Harvey (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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All-Star Mets pitcher Matt Harvey asks New York fans what they think about Matt Harvey — and they don’t realize they’re talking to the ACTUAL Matt Harvey.

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Matt Harvey Asks New Yorkers About Matt Harvey

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Ethan S says:

We all made fun of that kid for saying Lucas Duda was his favorite….he’s
looking like a fucking prophet now

SilentHamish says:

Matt sounds and looks like Sterling Archer.

Andrew Deuriarte says:

Matt Harvey didn’t take the kids advice. He blew out his arm 

OnTheRunSinceBirth says:

I remember people laughing at that kid liking Duda, not so much anymore

MakotoBro says:

I like how that one guy told him to keep shining and he said ‘I will.’ And
he didn’t even notice

Qwerty0791 says:

Matt Harvey looks like Nick Cage’s cousin. 

MoonLiteWolfPro says:

Amazing how many people who were fans and didn’t recognize >_<

POPP Moreno says:

That little gay kid at the end

antony mastroniani says:

A little old, but still hilarious.

Adam Rutter says:

Just shows the idiots in the world.

robert jan says:

C.Kershaw is the best pitcher in the MLB by a longpitch.

And Mets = shitty team in the MLB coming from a LA fan ;D.

Tyler Graf says:

The last guy is my dad’s friends cousin i met him

leahdionisio says:

omg who’s that kid? i remember him getting top comment on this video a
while back and i want to go back to his channel

thewowowowo1beast says:

I really enjoy watching him play lmao

Sports Stuff says:

That One braves fan in the back at 2:10. I am a braves fan too

Ray Courtez says:

3:00 BRUHHH so done

BobDingle25 says:

Isn’t Fallon a Red Sox fan?

baseballrockssb says:

matt should have listened to that kid

Dan Glass says:

Jsherhu b 

Saint Of AwesomeMess says:

Don’t know the guy, never heard of him.
First look at 0:54.
“Hey I’m Nicholas Cage with hair.”

asgure says:

moral of this story, Mets fans know their baseball.

Dan Lowe says:

3:04 Get that kid a job with the medical team.

jLauro14 says:

So the joke was on the that kid said Clayton Kershaw was better and warned
Harvey about hurting his arm. Welp, Kershaw won Cy Young and Harvey is out
for the year… Spooky 

Kevin Brands says:

Ha, should’ve taken the nerdy looking dude’s advice….. few weeks later –
arm blown.

HappilyWithMonotony says:

I hope Matt Harvey starts the All Star Game this year.

Oh wait and everybody laughed at that kid when he said “Don’t blow your arm

Sophia Muys says:

the moment when he actually did blow out his arm

Drew Guge says:

“Harvery’s a stud.”

“Thank you.”

Brian Castles says:

He should’ve listened to the kids advice!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon says:

ICYMI: New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey asks New York fans what they think
about Matt Harvey…and they don’t realize they’re talking to the ACTUAL
Matt Harvey.
#JimmyFallon #NYMets #LateNightWithJimmyFallon 


Ironically he blew out his arm. 

Parker A says:

Kid at the end got the last laugh. “Don’t blow your arm out”… Yikes

mauigio says:

Keep pressing 00:20

merryway says:

Whaaat?! He went to my school?

Letau Leilua says:

The last guy was a crack up

Gord Birch says:


Mikolaj Kowalczyk says:


Joshua Silva says:


4FunRC says:

Jimmy is as funny as a broken back. What a huge mistake NBC has made. And
no I won’t apologize 

Vet eran says:

Should have taken the last kids advice.

michael foreman says:
Rick Roche says:

Jeff Gordon : That was some funny stuff ! Way to That was a big checker
flag! Way to do it Jeff ! Dale would have been proud of u.

Athena Ankrah says:


mike ahmed says:

convieniant the exact photo cutout is on hand

cardnerd hos says:


Gilbert Navas says:


TheAbFighter says:

he kinda looks like a very rugged nic cage

Matthew Hartey says:

should have taken his advice Matty

– Tommy John

Steven Clements says:

3:16 awkward…

Noah Bland says:

Go mets 

SUXEL Koji says:

I like the atmosphere of this video very much. Could anyone spell out what
the last boy actually said to Matt word by word, too fast for me to follow?

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