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Hello dear friends! This is new crazy compilation of Russian fails, girls and other funny videos. Feel free to share, rate & subscribe – your feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy watching, thanks!
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gearsmath says:

4:32 I had to watch it twice, cause at first I wasn’t looking at the car.

nickikz says:

1st vid was very cute

Meanwhile in Russia says:
Павел Епифанцев says:

Как называется видео с 7:14 ?

Charles Hickey says:
Christian De la Cruz V. says:

Los mejores videos!

joe biden says:

They stole your idea in the west they eat beef after they eat pork.

Seneko Q. says:

Final Destination at 7:07

Rodion Telyatnik says:

5:44 – I now wonder how it sounds inside.

Николай Михаил says:

0:51, Игорь Игорь…мам звонить))) 

kyzwargur says:

Russian Nicolas Cage at 6:44, heh heh.

LotosHans says:

awesome haha

carelessbear says:


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