Monkeys annoying cats and dogs – Funny animal compilation

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Monkeys are really cute and nice but they can also be so annoying 😉 Look how they annoy and play with those poor cats and dogs 😛 Please watch also our other compilations and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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Tiger Productions says:


Joshua Deon Adams says:

Monkeys annoying cats and dogs – Funny animal compilation:

cflo1386 says:

Am I the only one who dislikes seeing monkeys in chains or a some kind of

Tiger Productions says:

New very funny and cute compilation about monkeys that like to annoy and
play with cats and dogs ;)

Henry Dickrichards says:

Monkeys are masters at being complete a$$holes with a straight face.

TheAssassin2550 says:

monkeys are the biggest trolls ever

Faisal Ali says:

Monkeys annoying cats and dogs – Funny animal com…:

JakeMusix says:

monkeys are so annoying and stupid. I wish they never existed.

Andrew Taylor says:

how does one get a monkey for a pet??

Robert Vannasdale says:

I might have a few less morals than some but seeing that gibbon with a
chain around its neck was Fucked up at least get it an enclosure fuck 

Sandra Schønning says:

Awww. At 3:18, the monkey is kissing the cat. So adorable

Kemet Empress says:

Not sure why people find it necessary to domesticate monkeys and tigers,
they are wild animals please let them be.

stonedcold says:

too funny. monkeys are boss.

Sandy Lloyd Jr says:

The music in this video is a Mario rip off. 

Task Master says:


Roger Yates says:

Where are all these nasty people getting pet gibbons from? These are wild
animals. They belong in the forest. It’s probably illegal trade.

numa valverde says:

estoy aca por el leaverbuster de league of legends

Donia Nefzaoui says:
bobby boucher says:

Some reason monkeys to me do not seem like pets, to human looking, not sure
how to explain it, My neighbor had one, I couldn’t stand to be anywhere
near it. I guess I am to used to the four legged pets.Parrots are also
annoying to me. 

Amanda111997 says:

I would never want a monkey as a pet. It would be like having a 2-year-old
child for the rest of your life. 

BowMan PlayGames says:

0:47 I have this monkey!!

hannah sugg says:

Thies monkeys need to learn respect

Dick Cop says:

I would kick the shit out of everyone of these monkeys

Piper Phillips says:

“Rich assholes with exotic pets compilation”

Kelsey Ashcraft says:

Boo on this video! I am not one to usually post negative comments but
monkey’s can be too rough! My grandmother took in a cat that had pretty
much been a “pet” to a monkey and it was a very mean and miserable
cat…Monkeys are too strong for cats…None of the cats in this video
looked happy and it looked like abuse! Dogs are a little stronger… I mean
look at 0:41 , 1:11 , 1:42 , 3:29 to name a view examples in video .. 

Patricia Brenn says:

Monkeys should not be pets. Their lives are complex and thet are not meant
for human entertainment. A tragedy

Todd Allis says:

I’ll bet a lot of cats would label their videos interacting with humans as
“monkeys annoying cats.”

Rex Williams says:

Monkeys> cats

MarkJohn Hoffman-Pierce says:

What kind of sick fuck would keep a leashed monkey or a tiger as a pet?
Clearly this is from a part of the world that does not believe in animal

David Yee says:

i think they should stop “MONKEYING AROUND” XD

JeeTheBee says:

Sad thing is pretty much all of these monkeys are human kept! Meaning this
is animal abuse! A monkey needs to life a wild life with as less possible
human interaction. 

kevin kinne says:

I kept waiting for that tiger cub to suddenly realize “Hey! I eat those

Muzikrazy213 says:

dog at 2:21 gives 0 fucks

Dana Polonskaya says:

Monkeys annoying cats and dogs – Funny animal compilation:

amazingdany says:

Those cute cats will befriend almost any other animals!

Kimberly Shay says:

KushGotBeats420 | UhhAxel | PSN says:

1:41 Trying To RKO!

Chris Murley says:

Monkeys annoying cats and dogs – Funny animal com…:

Perlita Habanera says:

the monkeys want to hang on their backs as if they do with momma’s monkey.

Dakota Duarte says:

Which name has the first monkey to appear?

David Dover says:

More fun than a plastic barrel of plastic monkeys.

barbarella987 says:


harry roxy says:

Gibbons are not monkeys, they are primates 

mohamed alshehri says:


Dave Macias says:

Monkeys are annoying… 

MetalCyb0rg says:

older cats and dogs dont want to be bothered by monkeys pulling and
yanking on them what people find funny is not really funny thumbs down

angie jeffs says:

Monkeys are not nice 

Ints Stavusis says:

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