Music Teacher Owns Entire Class with April Fool’s Prank – Win

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Pleating says:

Thank god I’m not in band, those kids have no life.

Adam Pearce says:

I thought the joke was the diabolical music he made them play

Fenr Oystein says:

Funny when someone was like “Oh my god….!” in the silence.

Gordontrek says:

I would smash a violin if I had to conduct a group that screwed up
Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet like that

AzraJay says:

I just broke your violin, April Fools. wait what..

Scarecrow545 says:

Fucker ruined it by saying it early.

Millie Soto says:

I play violin. The only thing I want to know is who’s paying for that,
because there not cheap.

Ajay Adrie says:

“April frools first”

MissPOLO says:

Where’s he gonna get another violin from?! They sure don’t come cheap!

ihajeeorbis says:

Looooooool breaks violin April fooooools!!!!

dean winchestette says:

holy shit I would’ve bucked it

Kapteinis Reinis says:

damn that orchestra sucks.

frozencloud17 says:

Judging by the music, the violins must’ve been fake too.

Gravity Turtle says:

My orchestra teacher would never do that, she told me today that I am a
wimp when I play my violin. The thing is I am the only one in my section
that gives any effort and I play pretty damn loud, she’s the worst teacher
I’ve ever had.

christie racher says:

Haha classic

koolerpure says:

not much of a prank, that guy lost his violin

Cedric Conti says:

That was the tax payers’ violin….

Lauren Ireland says:

on april fools this year our teachers made us do a test, but for some
reason it seemed irrelevant….. anyways.. it was their way to get back at
us because we flipped all the tables and chairs. it turned out that it was
an april fools prank… everyone fell for it

wonderr says:

is the violin kill?

Shankovich says:

Chill out people who are complainign about the broken violin. You can get a
total piece of crap one even on Amazon

The 1 LB. CLUB says:

kudos, we need more good teachers like this

Charlie Turoa says:


Arethm Luthier says:

Que estruendo tan inmundo…instrumentos baratos y gente sin talento

Dawid Socha says:

“Not my tempo” xD

Miguel Damato says:

Is it just me or did they fucking sound like complete utter fucking shit.

TheMineCastStudios says:

Every one in there has no friends

PlayLMAO says:

does every music class look exactly the same lmao

pnut84 says:

Sounds like the kid said April Frools.

BackSeatHump says:

The world needs more teacher like this one!

The Angry Fireball says:

0:36 No spine.

Also, DAMN that orchestra is out of tune.

Mr.Major Five says:

Lol, calm down guys. The teacher had an extra violin… :]

Jacky Tan says:

Someones geting “WHIPLASHED”!!! xD

Rider Stevenson says:


Clara Martinez says:

I really hope that was a crap violin and not his actual one. 

Eric Summers says:

Last year my band director did the same thing but with a saxophone and she
broke a chair in the process.

Marjorie Lattimore says:

DID HE JUST BREAK A REAL VIOLIN????????????????????????????????????????

Angus Maxim says:

Not quite my tempo.



Space Woona says:

I’m sure that violin was some cheap-o you could buy at any store for sixty
bucks. I doubt a student would use a nice violin for an April fools joke.
And for sixty bucks, I’m positive that it was totally worth it to see
everyone in class crap their pants :D

gusdahlehhater says:

This video is funny and all but what you didn’t see was this teacher RAPED
everyone in the class after this prank. It’s a sad, sad story actually.

Postghost says:


Will Hutch says:



I didn’t heard . What did He did

Collin Bachman says:

As he snaps it u can hear a girl say April fools slightly before the girl
screams Oh my god

Anthony Laporte says:

That teacher of the chain dagger you now I’m pretty sure THAT WAS SHUT A

schaefer marty says:

My teacher did this with a cell phone and I jumped out of my seat.

Sweeyo The Eggplant says:

I actually thought that was my orchestra class

Di Dxpeo says:

it’s horrible .

Sean David Music says:

Really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Ms. Fallen Angel says:


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