N-Word Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ Social Experiment ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

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N-Word Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ Social Experiment ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015
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N-Word Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ Social Experiment ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

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HOTTEST Girl Dropping Dildos in the Bathroom (GONE SEXUAL) – Social Experiment – Funny Videos 2015

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SoFloComedy says:

N-Word Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ Social Experiment ♦ Funny
Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

Xavier Barnett says:

A prank is supposed to be funny….

soul cmj high command says:

Why do you upload the same video over and over again like if you agree?

Channy Lee says:

oh my god these are getting so lame

Sara B says:

random man comes up to you on the street, calls you a nigga, bear in mind
their grandmas were probably discriminated against, their grandfathers
beaten, their ancestors killed, they face prejudice and racism at work/
social events on a daily basis. And then when you say it’s a joke, they hug
you and smile and laugh. Black people are kind hearted and honest & anyone
is stupid for thinking otherwise 

NightcoreTKFF says:

Worst intro yet.

FPSvita says:

Just clicked on the video and disliked right away

Louis Hazel says:

I know it’s a prank but white people need to stop targeting blacks

A McNigglet says:

This was great but…. Lets see *Crackers in the Hood prank*

Ryan Albright says:

And people still say that black people aren’t racist or violent 

Gibby Lumpkins says:

SoFloFaggotonio needs to be thrown in an active volcano, head first!!! 

Hoerkelis says:

So, nickel is a bad word too?

A McNigglet says:

Why do whites wanna say the N-word so bad??

KontryBoy706 says:

One day man….

Bob Joe says:

At 0:55 all the black guys went after him but the white guys just stood
there watching lol

Inan Tosun says:

What is fun ?

Josh Milli says:

This is planned

plasticdream13 says:

Those Nickels really Chimped Out !!!

Warrior East says:

how do you confuse nickel and nigger?

Popular Uploads says:

Sub & check out my newest video and i might upload something special x

Some Guy says:

Saying “It’s a prank” actually worked :O

Bob Boberton says:

Apparently Venice beach is the hood

LeftistConservative.Blogspot says:

CorpGovMedia has trained blacks to react aggressively to any perceived
racial insult, however slight and improbable …..likewise, CorpGovMedia
has programmed white males to submit to black dominance.



CorpGovMedia increases profits by growing the supply of labor and
consumers. Nonwhites provide that increased supply.

White males had to be programmed to submit and blacks had to be programmed
to fight against white racism.

Money. The rich get richer through increased corporate profits.

Supply of labor, demand of labor, wage suppression, profits etc

Dthunderzx says:

White people say nigga all the time in Mississippi

khalid channel says:

*what does a nickle mean?*

ZINGH says:

go back to india

Prince Rhem says:


@Kenahns says:

I’m pretty sure that’s not the hood

masterokaslt30000 says:

This, so called prank, is about ILLITERACY? LOL

chaos8585 says:

Nigger is just a word. The only time it holds any power is when someone
reacts to it. If people were smart they would not react or call attention
to it when they hear the word spoken. If people don’t start opening their
eyes and clinging to such petty issues such as this, then racism will never
go away.

Jeff Adair says:

Not funny,

Harun Kabaran says:

Yea I’m white. But I like blacks more than whites.

Andrew Wegener says:

I’m tired of all these reposted videos for views it gets really old

Rafael Mendoza says:


Ruben Peoples says:

Shyt faker than soflo fagtonio

Brittany Chandler says:

do the same prank but a girl saying it

Kendrick the GOAT says:

Wow i laught so much ….. not

piraat6666 says:

this guy deserved a punch

itsfoursome GFX says:

Why do people get upset when they think you say nigga when they can say it
every other word. I don’t get black people if they think everyone is racist
they should stop saying the words themselves 

221Dw says:

What’s so bad about saying a nikel?

Must be an American thing =s

DeAndre' Flyboi says:

Damn, these white boys aint get shot yet? Welp there’s always next prank

yeah buddy says:

Nearly got beat up lol

*Stoned Unicorn* says:

more retarded intros we like it!

Morbid Mutilation says:


Logan Grimmett says:

Guys look! An actual prank!

Courand 07 says:

XD dumb niggers

Tmas805 says:

With all thats going on in the US. Not smart doing this now and ever

Jack Sommers says:

He is awesome stop saying he’s not

HitEm WithTheScene says:

IT’S A PRANK! IT’S A PRANK!! These aren’t even social experiments anymore I
hope these vids keep getting dislikes complete booty dick…

Nathan Patel says:

What’s the outro song?

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