N-word Prank (Pranks gone Wrong) – Pranks in the Hood – Funny videos – Best Pranks 2015

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JoeySalads says:

Give this video a LIKE if I should do a Part 2!!!

Jerry Curls says:



Really?? Reactions are not narural…i mean… is this real? 

JoeySalads says:

Does this video make me racist?

maca9413 says:

Joey, you are NOT roman

Riley Duffy says:

They react so bad to a racist remark and white people don’t even care if we
get called white trash or something like that.

rosekilledjack says:

Is this real or staged? I can’t tell.

boperez15 says:

omfg they revert to violence so quick… what happened to words lmao

gavinsmitty23 says:

This is so real



Reconcile mE says:

funny idea but do it for real not staged!!

Harry Rispin #Devvo #Get Shanked says:

being a pussy and crying “ITS A PRANK” doesnt make it ok

iLove CTFxC says:

He’s just saying nickel…. Why do they get so angry? It sounds nothing
like Ni**er or ni**a.

josue marquez says:

How tf do u get nigga from nickel? Especially after he said it to them the
2nd time 

Gigi Dumbrava says:

Now this prank I liked. I want more pranks in the hood!!!

T Green says:

These kind of pranks are so 2014. When OckTV stopped it was officially done
with. In 2015, I’m pretty sure this is just racist..

blocpartyrocker says:

lmfao some guys turn into the coolest people afterwards

legalkillerkev says:

You pointed at the nickel on the ground and those last guys still attacked
you, wtf? Fucking savages.

Jelena Milosevic says:


available343 says:

That’s the first time I’ve seen someone say “It’s a prank!” in time

Marcus _ says:

The heaviest one looked like he was 5’10” 170lbs how about you smack the
little anorexic swagfags in the mouth and tell them it’s a prank instead of
running and to get their ears cleaned despite that ghetto ass healthcare.
Do this to educated black people you’ll get a different reaction. 


Obviously staged gtfo

JustinSTeam2 Airsoft and Gaming says:

lol nice video

twitch.tv/timeontwitch says:

Is that at the Venice Beach?:D

667mumble says:

You’ve got some really big balls to do that

vamp666ism says:

Congrats on looking up a roman Atwood prank

airsoftsupersnake says:

Only black people can say nigga?

sheazo TK says:

Original… not

Karu says:

Joey I think you meant to say “a nigger, lets go hang it and cut off its

David Smull says:

There’s a nigger on the floor

CodyRoeder says:


nismoman420 says:

Proving blacks are violent and racist at the drop of a hat. If a black guy
said nickel n obody would care. They act like this and still think they
deserve equality.

Southernboo2 says:

Joey is gonna get killed one of these days

Vince Fleming says:


Aviator11 says:

More hood pranks and black shanks YT “pranksters” do for views. With all
the ideas out there, you choose the most piss-poor one…How many of those
blacks grandparents to ancestors do you think died while hearing that word?
quite a few I would bet.

Richard Campos says:

Am I the only one who thinks this is messed up?

Johnny Elson says:

Black people are racially senisitve little bitches lmfao

Hamm_Sandwich says:

Nice one 

Oli The Sweed says:

Why are muricans so violent 

psnisy1234 says:

It would’ve been funnier if he said “my nickle” or “that’s my nickle(s)”

Momchaz1 says:

Typical nickels

Tariq Muhammad says:

What did u say about muslims

matthew siganoff says:

Notice how he is only pranking black people. 

Andrew Schmidt says:

I like how it says “gone wrong”. How could that have gone right?

ffdp28 says:

MAN! i thought these pranks i see on Youtube were real! this guy came up to
us at the Basketball Court and asked us if he can do this prank before it
was recorded lol pretty cool were in the video tho

Dylan May says:

1:20 ”Theres a nigger right there”

Summerfairy Plays minecraft says:


Super chew says:

That wasn’t very smart to say “you heard me a nickle”. That’s provoking and
that doesn’t sound like you actually meant “nickle”

Zaina Nijjar says:

So what was the prank?

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