Nerd Making Friends (1st Day of College)

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Apostle Bailey says:

Woah! There’s a nip slip at 4:08 look before they take the video down! And
they’re probably being nice to him because they think he has a mental

Alex Ivester says:

Did anyone notice that other guy trying to troll people a 4:35

wildhogz000 says:

thats a mandarin, not an orange

Mariel Z says:

we do this to avoid being the first one shot down if the weird guy goes on
a killing spree

zepknot says:

Omg this made me cringe so hard

Ken Soto says:

That was so simple and its so hard for me to make new friends in collage.
Actually my third week in Collage and…0 friends, I guess I’m to shy and
lonely 🙁 used to it,anyway…

sentafria says:

Whores, i’m 22 years old and i never kissed a girl. I’LL KILL YOU ALL

Genocide Lv says:

I didn’t expect everyone to be that friendly (even if they faked it)
It’s a lot different than what you would see in most highschools, at least
the ones that I’ve seen.

MdS T says:

PAINFUL to watch

Bombitas18 says:

Bruh!!! How did I just find your channel!? I’m also from Tempe and a huge
fan of YouTube and youtubers such as RomanAtwood, VitalyzedTV, and many
others that prank but I just recently saw a post from Futuristics Instagram
and checked you out and I definitely enjoyed your work! Subscribed! And I’m
also into filming and editing so if you ever need a second camera guy I’m
your boy! I’d love to work with you Man! Keep it up! 

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