New Best Scary Pranks Compilation July 2014

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Extremely Scary Ghosts Elevator Prank Commercial
Scary Ghost Elevator Prank
Scary Ghost Pranks

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David Haynes says:


malunamaba says:

for this little child is not a joke. Why they did that with this child ?
Its mayby traumatizing for the child , is just unfair. Very bad idea .

maxTank Guardian says:

Its always good when the husbands in on it and that is really funny

aciarduce says:

Him and his gf Penelope. Still a better love story than Twilight….

Filip Brylka says:

3:31 “Welcome I have ginger hair AND NOW YOU SCREAM!!”

99knight says:

who the F*** name there kid Julius 

Kyle Schrader says:

If I saw a little girl like that in my house I’d find a freaking Michal
Myers knife and I’d stab a bitch

georges suzanne says:

super marrant!

mossy1 says:

Aaaand Julius is scarred for life. 

ShinozakiED says:

I laughed so hard during the mealworms prank xD

Justsayin Justsayin says:

Another “new” repeated pranks reel from 2012 pranks, misleading title.

Khemaies Kasmi says:

New Best Scary Pranks Compilation July 2014 :

Samantha Gomez says:

I like at the end the guys was like “Its only my girlfriend Penelope”

skitzo hard core says:

New Best Scary Pranks Compilation July 2014:

Isaak Kerley says:

I’m going with David Haynes but couldn’t take the knife and tape it to the
broom so you don’t have to get to close to him or her.

Nishanth Nish says:

Where is the prank on the Thumbnail :(

Nasha Naufal says:

Jeez that last creepy doll would even make me run like hell or cry too

Ronald Hanlon says:

Most of these people when confronted with a life-threatening situation will

Leia Moonlight says:


ChrissyPetty1 says:

i laughd so hard!!!! i peed my pants ALMOST did

Jonas Rasmussen says:

3:33 LOL 

legionify says:

I am really proud to inform you that i disliked this video thanks 

RAJJYOTI Bhattacharjee says:

Scary Prank

Teresa Elektra Tempest says:

Those who scared the toddler should go to jail. It’s very bad for the

Destinee Olson says:

This isn’t scary at all people and you’re trying to make it scary but it
isn’t scary at all like I said in the begining of this comment

L Wertz says:

this is hysterical !!

игорь чепасов says:


Viridiana Ruiz says:

New Best Scary Pranks Compilation July 2014:

Bexy Evans says:

Lol, “That’s just my girlfriend Penelope.”

きたやんエンパイア says:



Kellie Kelley says:

Phenilife is pretty

Elianna Mateo says:

Cool but not to the baby like no

Extreme Hunts says:

what is so new about it, fucking hole, these pranks are here for ages so
dont waist others time and go in your hole

Brad Raphael says:

New Best Scary Pranks Compilation July 2014:

Mitch Lewis says:

it is so wierd how they think a broom would save them compared to a gun or
a knife because the only thing a broom could do is maybe knock them out a
gun or knife could kill

Isaak Kerley says:

After couldn’t is you.

sonnia sanchez says:

esta bueno el video

Jack cause says:

They are all queers 

mohammed al araqi says:

its funny i liked it 

megan romon says:

that a really funny video of scary pranks

nyasia taylor says:

I like it that gay

Connor Castaneda says:

Oh god haha lolo!!!!


what is your name Michael conte what minecaft Noch Editör

Mariane Bayeta says:

I’m only eleven but I really like pranks but my birthday is on Monday yey

Bernard Thompson says:

New Best Scary Pranks Compilation July 2014:

Marlise Whiteside says:

Omg thays scary

Federico Mercado says:


Melissa R says:

I did this one time in the store’s

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