NEW The Best Vines of 2014 | The FUNNIEST Vines of The YEAR (OVER 1 HOUR)

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Clint Ethridge says:

That fat retarded white kid needs to quit doing vines. They’re so fucking
retarded and he’s stupid.

Angel Hernandez says:

Who watched all the entire video?!

EpiJolt says:

I know 10 things about you:

1) You’re reading this.

2) You can’t hum while closing your nose.

3) You tried it.

4) You are smiling.

5) Just kidding. Nobody smiles at this trash anymore

6) You realize how overused this retarded excuse for a comment is.

7) You aren’t smiling or laughing, because this comment is overused.

8) You realize that there are only 8 facts, because that’s so fucking
funny, right…? No? Thought so.

Delilah Iecho says:

Did anyone else watch the entire video except me?

mega Lucario says:

I hacked this comment you can’t like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gabby smith says:

omg!!!!!! 30:30 SHINee!

GoodTimesWithAhmed says:

60% of the comments: Whats the song at…
25%: Haters and Defenders…
15%: Nice people and Complements..
Am I the only one seeing this? 

Patrick Star says:

Ok the fat kid really needs to quit vines.
It says “funniest vines”. Then the fat kid apears, on that moment i knew:

birthdayboy04 says:

I wonder when people are actually going to realize that 9+10 is 19.

http#14games says:

That fat kid needs to stop doing vines they are so fucking lame he needs to
sit down whit his lame ass vines and go sit the fuck down and play on that
very first Xbox wit his cheap white ass everyone’s vines are better than
his always because he always has to try to be I wish someone would tell him
sit the fuck down sit down bitch fat motherfucker

Alejandro Sostre says:

What’s the name of the song in 53:27?

matthew noah says:

Stop with the stupid fucking beat boxing shit

Amy Dorsey says:

That stupid girl dancing needs to quit! She fucking sucks and nobody likes

Rocksmith Pdl says:

that moment when you try reading the title of the vine but the vine is
already finished. Anyone?

AwesomeRaichu says:

7:17 Me when Rose Tyler was trapped in another dimension

I was so sad :C

Halle Shewman says:

For. The one with the girls that can’t play video games that’s not true
for all girls I’m a girl and I love video games and I want to be
professional video gamer when I grow up

xSketchii says:

Max looks so different without his glasses tho.

Olivia Osullivan says:

12:44 is us +Mia Cupcakesx 

Bewitched Eye says:

hello kitty death note. Should be a second series xD

Talia Smith says:

This so funny and stupid

Lauren Kacey says:

10:17 whats the video?

Hunter W says:

Jesus that Summerella bitch is stupid as fuck

BlazeLordProductions says:

Song at 1:10? If you say darude sandstorm I will stab you. 

Dragonwolf jimenez . jr says:

NEW The Best Vines of 2014 | The FUNNIEST Vines of The YEAR (OVER 1 HOUR): so fucking funny X’D

Nua Luit says:

Does someone know what the movie at 19:29 is?

Pat says:

“I’m only slightly terrified.”
Shit, I’d be screaming xD

Foxy The Pirate says:

You just kept rewinding the vines and u thought nobody notice

Autumn Kalista says:

28:59 I swear, I can hear “Sarah’s song” from “Legend Of Zelda, The Ocarina
of Time”. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? No? Just me? Alrighty

joshua aguilar says:

They need to get rid of that dumbass sumerrella lady she is so damn lame.
She thinks she funny with the way she talks and the way she does her lips.
Get rid of her .:)

Blind Aliens says:

I’m gonna make a vine called Flippo lucky and when I finally pull that
lucky cigarette out I get a message from some sexy girl music go ahhhhhh
got my swag on

Robert Vaughn says:

SWEET SCHOOL IS CANSLED TODAY (btw I don’t give a fuck if I spell something

okiok woki says:

Have a nice day everyone :)….

Sara Ghabeli says:

At 41:23 he drank VOSS water. Norwegian product #NorwayRocksYall 

Amaya Hall says:

this is annoying but what is the song at 33:00 ive heard it and it’s
annoying that I don’t remember what it is

Nina Garcia says:

17:31 Funniest vine!!!

Classic Gamer says:

i like the my little pony part. funny as hell

J'Quan Mueller says:

Song at 1:12:51 ?

Steve Duplantie says:

He’s got baking soda… Baking soda.

Jamal Goldstein says:


Shenea J says:

45:26 is literally the *FUNNIEST* vine…. #imdyinglaughing 

XAntssX says:

Does Drea Knowsbest only do “Ratchet Boy” vines because she got offended by
the girl ones?

zayne laidlow says:

worst Viner: Alex Ramos (he’s just fucking gay and needs to quit he’s like
a faggot version of Destrey)
Best Viner: David Lopez (we all know why)

Gummydrop Swift says:

**not paying a whole lot of attention to vines**

*0:16:03** WHO?!* oh… just some kid on the video..


Best one:
“You speak young thug?”
“I took a course at Devry!”

Oliveoilog says:

How come there is no Lele Pons?!?

TheDukuTree says:

I kinda fangirled at Taking Back Sunday at 17:18

music lover says:

cat got ur tongue is a sex joke 4 me & my dad cuz our names r charles
arthur thaden lol hahaha

Dillon Nott says:

1.11.54 song? I forget 

Parker Nease says:

that face doe 7:07

Official Prince Boomage Storm says:

ugh I f*cking hate 21! The next generation is gonna be full of stupid kids
cause of stuff lime that

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