Norman Reedus prank on Andrew Lincoln is HILARIOUS!! The Walking Dead

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Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead were in Japan in January 2014 to promote the airing of the show’s fourth season there.

Norman is somewhat of a Japan expert compared to first-timer Andrew and he plays a prank on Andrew that’s just too funny!

Norman says it’s retribution for something Andrew had done to him…
ain’t payback a bitch!!


Jess Castellanos says:

Rick changed his voice like twice in a matter of seconds from British to
southern ! Lol

War Pictures Entertainment says:

Press 4 multiple times …..o__O 

LoneRebelX says:

huge bromance on screen as well as off :)

Chandler Carlton Riggs' says:

Lol Gotta love Norman 

Totem says:

When she missed the high five… OOOHHH THE CRINGE!

The Pink Fluffy Unicorn says:

“Where’s the toilet?”
“Over there”
“Where is the toilet??”
“Over there..”
That’s probably what went on in the waiters mind

Marta Arroyo says:

Good prank.

Jugdjay says:

Rick… stop pointing that gun towards Norman

Sarina P says:

1:03 even celebrities such at high fives

Izumi NoFue says:
Angela Ray says:
NaKa Ji says:

GAAAAH, They’re trying to speak Jap. and it’s almost close.. Gj anyway. Psh
and I can’t watch interviews that I feel is going to be awkward so I didnt
watch the whole.. I’m cringing.

Valerie Morales says:

Norman Reedus prank on Andrew Lincoln is HILARIOUS!! The Walking Dead:

Alfonso Romo says:


DeltaSpartan says:

Nobody told him where the toilet was

EpicNinjaGamer says:

Konichiwa, Daryl-sama! Konichiwa Rick-sama!

Jaelynn Yupanqui says:

Good prank.

Lynn Connearney says:

Norman…What a jokester! Lol
Norman Reedus prank on Andrew Lincoln is HILARIOU…:

Philip Heaven says:

I take japanese, so I saw this coming.

Victor Nicholson says:

Why does it say FOX under the poster when the show is on AMC

Barbara Ferrari says:

I laughed since the beginning ’cause I actually know some japanese xD
Norman I love you <3

AKABoondock19 says:

I love this cast so much

Victoria Lemos says:

OMG xD Laughed so hard, LOVE you Norman Reedus! :D

JustinXxCOOL says:

“Thank you, for allowing me to be here.” is actually: Watashi wa koko ni
suru koto o kanō ni suru tame, arigatōgozaimasu. (In the English alphabet)
and 私はここにすることを可能にするため、ありがとうございます。(in japanese). So uh, Andrew would have
had a hard time saying it.

Shaela Duval says:


ITS2forT says:

It really wasn’t that good XD but I’m biased

Ami Dugdale says:


Fire Wolf aka Kat. s says:

lol I am a big fan haha wares the toylet

Eldev-Ochir Natsagdorj says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Amelia Louis says:

konichiwa :DDD

Alexis Ferrell says:

I made a family tree and I’m related to Norman reedus my grandma found out
becuase she had a picture of him grandma with her mom and they were
sisters… I think something like that

Ryan Campbell says:

The Walking Dead isn’t as good as Z nation on syfy 

RevGaming says:

Their bromance is so fucking awesome ❤️

phoenix Maltman says:

Never known Norman to smile so much
Still love him though

Jaia Sagmaquen says:

it takes a team to scare Norman but it takes one Norman for an awesome
revenge prank xD

Emily Bodie says:


Antonio Carlos Fontes Filho says:

OMG! The most hilarious video that i ever saw … NOOOOOOOOT!!!

EstudiosBerretas says:

Together are awesomes! and he are brothers

lubby89 says:


The Hell Angel says:

Andrew really need to make his appearance on the new Silent Hills too along
with Norman

DomnoSaur says:

Does anyone else have a huge man crush on Andy Lincoln? Not in a gay way
.Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Spencer Fernadez says:

OMG Rick and Darell form the walking dead for got how to spell darell’s
name derp but stalky they r awesome ppl and I LOVE WATCHING THE WALKING

The Last Breath says:

can you feel the love between them

Terry young says:

Andrew Lincoln alias (Rick Grimes) isn’t British he’s Australian :)

Peter Schön says:

You could actually think they are brothers the way they prank each other,
they kinda act like brothers, brings me to the scene in the show when rick
ask if beth is dead, and daryl says she is just gone and rick then calls
daryl his brother

Andrew Collins says:

When I heard what Angrew said I’m like.” Wait did he just say toilet?” You
know since Japanese has a lot of foreign adopted words. Then Norman
confirmed it XD

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