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Sexy Girl Prank on Omegle – Funny Omegle Pranks
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16 Bars –
Bounce dat Bitch –

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AsKaGangsta says:


Nekropl Sub says:

Кто круто! Продолжай, и заставка просто супер, like!

AzGarot says:

When a sexy girl doesn’t next you on Omegle you know something is shady..
It’s Aska trying to get you naked!
Truth be told.. I’d still fap!

Pervert Pete says:

Fuckin fappers

PsychoGaming805 says:

Dude this is hilarious af!

Karma says:

I just fapped while watching this video, when you said YOU SHALL NOT FAP I
took my dick out and fapped! THUG LIFE

Blubberhirn1999 says:

I love the timing when the girl types something then you do too 😛 and
after every text from the dude the girl had the right facial expression xD
poor dude thought it was real. Nice video man :D

Hostile Gun says:

dude you are the shit! love this new idea you came up wit, and computer
love is killin me bruh HAHAHA YOU SHALL NOT FAP!

TSR Fitness says:

I never see when I go on Omegle give me a heads up man :)

cheap akis says:

Another video by the best youtuber

TheTekken21 says:

why go on omegle to fap when you have pornhub these idiots set themselves
up for failure lmao YOU SHALL NOT FAP!!! 

Cavid Aliev says:

Аххаха)))) парень пошел повеситься))))) далбаеб еще доказал что он делает
куни!)) аххахаха

bubbalance1 says:

too funny love your videos :D

Jack all says:

0:20 Whats the song name bro ? ))

MrForgot says:

Cyka hello из России мать твою! 

Dennis Reed says:

Wait who is that girl? I need her name for research purposes

Jalen Stekelenburg says:

Army cat sais you can fap, but do it before askagangsta interrups

"DJESS" says:

You’re like hella awesome dude

Jake Heartstrings says:

Ахах, ну реакция очевидная: сразу офф…

Наивный Школьник says:

Что это за херня? Почему ты парадируешь русский. И кстоти,ти ни сможеш ето

Hotaru Akamatsu says:

my life is little bit better when I watching my favorite youtuber. 🙂 nice
prank Aska))) i love it))

Samp Rulit says:

Do you speak Russian?

MO GAINS says:

Askagansta I think back in the day you would of caught me too. The funny
thing is I would tell you put back up the girl. And the faping shall
continue. Lol lol. 

GONZALO 777 says:


Miranda Pardee says:

Why did that guy skipped when he saw sexy AsKaGansta? I guess he doesn’t
know sexy when he sees it.

Abygayle Wood says:
Creepy poet says:

Where do you find all these big tittied girls on the video? Aska you have
made serious research to give us the best ! :P

Айдар Гарифуллин says:

hello cykablyad:D

MrGalaxy says:

Haha wow that was great timing and everything.!!!

Adam RemasterizadoHD says:

I see your videos from spain 8) 

TheTiGeR792 says:

Please do a five nights at freddy`s troll again

VuurwerkTeam Volendam says:

Under 18550 club! Finally made it!

Leo Dimitrov says:


YOitsBob says:

lol legend

Hunka Army says:

Lol amazing content i dunno why you don’t have 1 million subscribers yet :D

Wesley Telders says:

Under 301+ club, finally made it!

MrHardCash says:

LMFAO! @ that guy! … And the timing was perfect too. XD

HQ Snazzy says:

Dude that was awesome and well done the timing of the video with ur text it
was just amazing and really believable keep it up you are awesome ;D

MrMishka The Bear Reserves says:

American Gangsta loves Russia.


1:14 hahahhaa

IchSagNichtsDazuUnd says:

It would maybe be funnier if you wait until thex show ‘more’. Kinda gross
but maybe funnier

Devi says:

So..your just making these for money and funny or you are pervet.

Phosporen Briggs says:

Its looks soo reall

Trey Tawfiq says:

U should do anotder justin beebs prink :D

Anisaxox says:

Your videos are amazing Plz reply I am a huge fan I never get noticed

ItsDaniel PvP says:

You Shall NOT! FaPPPP xD

Bru h says:

Sir, You are an Awesome Motherfucker!
Subscribed ^^

Ahmed Marguoum says:

nice video :)

Baxxy Gamer says:

Girl: show me ur cock. Man: No u first. What girl should say: I don’t have

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