Painful Nutshots Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

GENTLEMEN! You will get this compilation better than anyone else! Sometimes
the price for an awesome prank is …. pain in your nuts! Ouch!

Random Commentor says:

The kid at 4:00

Pixel Kirby says:


『ぷちの』不定期動画投稿系男子 says:




Narek Avetisyan says:

Last one was the best!

Sparkle Butt says:

so glad ponies dont have nuts

Kakarot says:

6:23 the black guy sure enjoyed that nut shot.

Rodrigo Selis says:

the fat man have no balls! lol

Vika10 says:

there are so many weird people out there….that no one even questions why
would anyone want to “capture” a nut-shot on photo…..))) xD 

Petey Lavoy says:

THUMBS DOWN !! Kids in Africa could’ve eaten those nuts .

faizaan Ahmed says:

Lol look at it is wery painfully!!!!!!!!!!

Joan Cuthill says:

Excellent my friends. Thank you to EmC for the share. God Bless you all. ♥

Gust Gost says:

Fucking hell unskippable ads.
I don’t care that Neesha doesn’t have access to the Internet 

oidoldol says:

So…what happened to some of these crew members? Why aren’t they in the
new gags anymore?

Orion Red says:

I like how one of the songs was ‘Take me out to the ball game.’

Kiense Ardevol says:

a thouscarapollen le gusta esto
Dudo que alguien me entienda pero hahahaah

John Dewllow says:

The last one was the best and the young blond was pretty pretty!!

Product933 says:

I just let off a nutshot watching xvideos 

TheJoschi2000 says:

0:48 St the Tree

Smile Lps says:

Jajajaja y la gente con cara wtf ?!xD

方俊贵 says:


Blue Tube says:

Best i love it!

Sean Hartley says:

Lol, so annoying when she says clit ear! I be like, I ain’t clicking
anywhere. Don’t make me? Ugh

Wdubb Dabe says:

the lady at the last scene is cute.

Anonymous says:

This movie is perfect!!!
I’m happy now!!!
Thank you!!!

dgs .astgh says:

i LUV the BIG GUY! 😀 he is sooooooo FUNNY OMG

Counteris16 says:

The last prank just had me crying of laughter xD 

Jay Dubs says:


Nick Papa says:


Jojo143541 says:

that man has some steel balls

يوسف محمد says:


Master Manipulator says:

I click for the cutie on the right :)

Elodie24 says:

Vous parlez français non?

Steven Evans says:

Ouch!!!! Bet his balls and willy hurt for weeks lol :)

Mohamed Hafeel says:

funey is this

xxxxxxxxx127 says:

what about cuntshots? xd

X Sooss says:

حلقه مخيسه
بس العجوز الاخيره عجبتني

Matheus Barbosa says:

tem br aqui

Ashley Flores says:

The kids 00:47

Jan Beckmann says:

Look on the three at 00:48

Risky Normal933 says:

5:25 that annoying wife

KyMel CZ says:

0:48 here is squirrel :)

FunniestClipsTV says:

how does this channel has a 2 billion views
I’ve got just 10k !!! and i have been on youtube in 3000 years!!!!

Софа Панда says:


Random Zoigz says:

Balls of Steel!??

jyoti prabha says:

They are amazing!!

Josh Blaze》》》 OFFICIAL says:


Jim Weaver says:

Lol thank you :-)

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