Palm Reader Prank – Funniest Videos

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Palm Reader Prank – Funniest Videos
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Lego Buildings Rewiew says:

What the name of the song ?

Angelo Bravo says:

The one with the green was trying to make out with him 

Purple Duckz99 says:

First and good video

Micah Chiligiris says:

I know how im going to get my girlfriend

SkizzlePiano says:

Did i just get rick rolled in 2015?

DocumentaryNetwork says:


Caleb Te Hira says:

Lol when that song came on I was like mother f***** I just got

predatorjct says:

That fucking rick roll AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHG

Dom Calabrese says:

aka how to pick up bitches 101

ThePyroTeamFDN says:

reminds me of the guy in Terminus

Daniel Nesterenko says:

I think he aced the Pomp reading 

justin curtis says:

Next time have them read yo dick with they lips haha:)

Luis Florián says:

Light Blue one wants the D

Chuck says:


BAE State says:

This guys way better than the other guy 

Bossss says:

We all just got Rickrolled

D7oOom5115 says:

song 0:08 ???

TheHeistTurtle says:

this 1 comment is pro

justin ludwig says:

He has a funny face

Ali Bassirou says:

Yes im first

SamZone007 says:


Joey Van de wetering says:
Tidad Enlèblokla says:

L.A ?

Anthony Cardoza says:


Legits75 says:

Damn he’s smooth; and attractive too..

EXGaming57 says:

funny AF

Lucky boy says:


Lego Buildings Rewiew says:


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