Pee Prank On Sports Car GONE WRONG – Piss Pranks – Peeing In Public On Luxory Cars

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BannedFromUtube23 says:

LOL ” this car is worth than your home bro” that is a 2013 camaro SS
which you can get for 20k new. and about 10k used. And that’s a shit car
too lmao

Antonio Herrera says:

You go that way and I go the other way haha

BlueBandit - Bandit Community says:

I love how he sprays more on it while running 

Stefany Spoon says:


Isaac Gamboa says:

why you run? man up your the stupid one to butt in

ChaosFaction Gaming says:


iiDiamondSwordii RGE. says:

wow bro. clean it! clean it! XD

Devon Marshall says:


Patrik Ekman says:

ha ha, I would clean it, using the rest in the bottle

Nick Ruck says:

Haha mad bro?

Pranks Tube says:

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