Picking up girls with Stutter in Lamborghini Prank

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Picking up girls with Stutter in Lamborghini Prank

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Erik Infante says:

You should spit them or say that they are gold diggers and say “f*ck you”
and go

Kakashi Hatake says:

Should of taken advantage of them with that car.

jay s says:

Once again this proves that girls are gold diggers, average guy walks up to
them an they don’t bother to even try getting to know him, but once they
see that same guy driving a nice car or think that he has money, their
whole mindset changes, looks or nothing else even matters to them, as long
as they think they could try an use him for his money, make him buy them
shit and spend money on them, thats when they’ll make the guy think they
want him, smh; females could be really fucked up, Chivalry is dead….

Slenda Mon says:

Umm, can you take this video down? This offends women. #Feminism

Gurpreet Gill says:

I would have ran over that bitches foot….

Brandon López says:

i wouldnt even take their numbers fucking goldiggers

Tomgk Comedy says:

Thats Racist.

jj jones says:

did these niggas really just put ONE reaction in their video,like wtf? stop
being fuckin lazy

dbosss86 says:

Seems like this channel is all about having money and ouuuu look at meee in
my fancy car. Pathetic.. I feel sorry for your mother (Asian cashier voice)

ClutchNastii671 says:

*You should pull up to girls in that car and say “hey i know this is
straight forward, but you mind hopping in and giving me road head?” and see
how many girls say yes lol*

IDK What my name should be anymore;-; says:

I’m beginning to think all women are like this. I have seen to many times
where this has worked. If you have a nice car they already like you. Sucks
when you not rich like me.

Ben S says:

You said it was the same girls but you asked them their name again

Bergen says:

Fucking bitches. Never call them back. Fucking gold diggers

Kim Jong IL says:

I have pimped my pen, on cold Michigan nights
and the bitch didn’t freeze up on me, when I wanted her to write it
I have pimped my pen in the hot California sun
and the bitch didn’t drip, smell, or run
as she turned the trick pages, from looseleaf to zig-zags
I have pimped my pen and she is number one in my stable
for I have yet not got a refill, for her
I love her that’s why she keeps, performing for me
I have pimped my pen… and she is number one, in my stable
Pleasure, is the treasure that the girl sells all day
Pleasure is the reason that she brings daddy his pay
Dedicated the hoe, dedicate for sure
Dripping willows on satin pillows
Love is being checked, from a hoe
Dead presidents still getting their fuck on
I’m so happy because ain’t nothing like a lollipop
that gets sucked, ALL day long
A tangy, little candy drop
I love it when she brings me the pay
Dedicated like everyday… to the sunshine
Yeah my hoe brings me mine
For like she says she does
And I believed her when I accept it
Yeah I got pimp bones in my body
and I rock them, like la-di-da-di
I rock them, mighty hardy, like la-di-da-di
I got pimp bones in my body

WillYouLaugh says:

I really thought deeply about all these gold digger videos ever since they
were released. I don’t think it’s a completely horrible thing anymore after
thinking about it deeply. Guys do this too and I think it is not 100%
because they are superficial. People respect success and achieving success
in life and an expensive car is a form of that. The girls had no idea who
you were with an initial approach like that and you could have been a
homeless man which is why I think they would disregard someone but the car
brings some initial value for them to actually consider you

Alexander Arndt says:

Hey +DreyAnVic did you give +YesFunnyYes the permission to use your video?
I just want to make sure that the right person gets the attention who
actually created the prank. I’ve seen that YesFunnyYes promotes pranks,
commericals and shit but I don’t know if they got the permission to do so
because only the Standard-YouTube-License is displayed in the description.

Uhgene Ignorian says:

next time you do a stutter prank you should make the music skip and repeat
it like a broken record would be really funny and fitting lol

konjunktion26 says:

more proof that all girls are stupid whores

FoolinTv says:

Lol women these days 

Total Impact Gaming says:

You shouldn’t call those girls, they are gold diggers, but knowing you, you
probability did.

Alyssia Johnson says:

Dats a shame dey some thirsty ass thots and I would’ve been Like bitch go
on some wea

Geovane Moraisx says:

Please man, make more prank with cars +DreyAnVic 

keep smiling :-) says:

it shows ow fucked up our society 

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

Calling women whores? You gain my subscription again! Haha

The Acanthus/Plinth Type says:

FUCK AMERICANS, how dare you disrespect Arabs!

Mistic Mike says:

Just wanna say that a stutter and Tourette’s are very different things. I
loved the prank though

AXEL201211 says:

i wonder where they get those cars

gentlemonsterkennels says:

Nothing wrong with these girls. It’s evolutuon. Females used to go for the
biggest strongest males before they could provide food (by hunting) and
protection. Animals go for the same thing when they choose their mates. But
now, being big and strong means nothing because there are laws, security,
guns, etc. Now, it’s all about money. And women want a mate that can
provide financial stability. Nothing wrong with that at all. I see them as
the objects that they are. I love me some bomb pussy,asshole, and titties.
I love these girls. Easy to bang.

TheStockTrader says:

“ma nigga”- Denzel Washington voice. But, seriously, your videos are dope
as hell bro. Lookin forward to the next. Are you gonna do a meet up anytime

Luis Mendez says:

wtf if they were the same girls didn’t they recognize you? 

Gla Dos says:

Fucking shallow ass girls. I thought the stutter was adorable 

insomb says:

Just run them over

bob sagget says:

please more reactions 🙂 i really like your longer videos

Jesse Valentine says:

should have put smoke in their faces!

James Delgado says:

The best woman is a woman who wants the D before she sees your car.

Jose Rivera says:

Try not to lag while talking next time 

SpeTheof says:

Lel, those bitches!

Stefan Stankovic says:

Faith in humanity lost.

NolA BigFan says:

I have zero faith in women.. we were raised to think women are sinless or
angels and men are cheaters and lairs.. who came up with this bs.?

Soran Ahmad says:

Any one knows the name of the song ? Plz

Sly Cooper says:


Culé Junaid says:

These hoes ain’t loyal

Doug Pandolfi says:

Not saying the girls were right in any way but guys saying all girls are
gold diggers, it’s not like a guy wouldn’t do that if a girl was driving
that car. I would love to see this prank the other way around.

AC Ambegia says:

people need to accept the reality, being rich is attractive to women

AlsafadiReplicas says:

Can someone please tell me what’s the name of the background song

The Wrong Video Guy says:

This is not legit until you test it on at least 10 pair of girls!

KarateTiger96 says:


Kali Raw says:

Lmfao copied vatliy.. Get a life

Sofiii Criaturita says:

.daa because you stutter so much? : / Some women who cares about money
makes us look bad that you think many will Nose : /

Kyle Abrams says:

Unfortunately this video was honestly not that funny… A bad spin off of
gold diggers prank. Looking for ward to more original videos from you!

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