Pooping on People (PRANK GONE WRONG) – Pranks in the Hood – Public Pranks – Funny Pranks 2014

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funny pranks & public pranks…Pooping on People (pranks gone wrong) – Prank in the Hood – Funny Pranks – Public Pranks 2014 ➨ ENTER THE GIVEAWAY ➨ https://gleam.io/mp7Xc/ultimate-giveaway

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Pooping on People (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Prank in the Hood – Funny Pranks – Public Pranks 2014

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SoFloPranks says:

Pooping on People (PRANK GONE WRONG) – Pranks in the Hood – Public Pranks –
Funny Pranks 2014

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY ➨ https://gleam.io/mp7Xc/ultimate-giveaway

Jason Jones says:

This was a dick move. This could of been a good prank but getting pudding
on people’s clothes and shopping. I would also be pissed off!!

kool9927042113 says:

How did this go from a gaming channel, to a community prank channel?


does this dude just steal pranks video from other channels 

Enclave Soldier says:

Was that real ? just wondering because it looks hyper realistic … Just
saying .

Cboyyyy13 says:

Yup it’s official. I’m unsubbing

Arran Williamson says:

Getting the guys white trousers was a dick move

pulkit vashishth says:

This guy is fucking loser !
Just stealing pranks from other channels and the worst part , he can’t
execute them in a funny way , this channel sucks ! 

gabe strick says:

Da fuq this vid was made by quiet assassins 

Handsomebeantv says:

He look just like romanatwood

YoungClickClack says:

This prank was SHIT

JerzeYxKinG says:

Lol i remember wen i use to look at game glitches in this chanel idk wtf

LucariSwag says:

I want the computer.

Myke Sng says:

If it was on me i would have kicked his dumb azz.. this aint prank this is

Keishiro (Andx56) says:

Why did yall do that on peoples shoes and pants…

Sf 49ers says:

Dude you need to stop taking other people panks like for reals tho

Akak Ha says:

Hey man u should make 1 of yourself since you look like a turkey haaa

Самюэль Лиддел says:


John Hershey says:

How were so many people okay with this lol I would freak out

Estebomb says:

This guy literally earns money off of others peoples channels, I can’t wait
until he gets this channel shut down for stolen content 

GEN JT says:

This is not even a prank, it’s just being a dick by spraying stuff that
stains on people’s clothes. You guys are purposely trying to hit them

OPTSXFilosoofis says:

So funny hahaha do more of these

Ryan Guitar says:

what’s with the cross, man?

james paterson says:

This guy is a legend 

Arsenal FC Editor says:

He is getting money for uploading other peoples videos. He’s such a scumbag
all he does is sit at home.

LuFFy- iB says:

first coment

Riz Tg says:

14th comment ehhh

Elizabeth Sanyaolu says:

I would beat the hell out of him

Zaman Masih-uz says:

Fuck u other peaple even has the fucktard 

TheZombiekilla2 says:

Fifth. Also, hilarious CRAP right here! Oh I’m punny xD



Tyler Smith says:


ignacio garcia says:


Lee Griggs says:


Singing Sofia says:

Oh man i hope that they were not wearing new shoes

Robert Luque says:


Suzy Grant says:


TheZombiekilla2 says:


Muffinthemelon says:

That’s out of order

Rated Pranks says:

Suggest some pranks?
If this comment gets 100 Likes,
I will do the reply comment prank with most likes says.

R▲dicals says:

Hardest challenge ever ! Count how many “pranks” are in the title !!!!

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