Popcorn Pranks! – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

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Surprise Clown Attack!: http://youtu.be/rTDfUypoz7A
Girl Pees Like Man: http://youtu.be/QHIx169-e-E

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

Popcorn lover? You’ll love these set of INSANE #pranks WAY MORE! We
actually did not even know we had so many gags involving popcorn until we
assembled this art piece! http://bit.ly/1GLMCXI

SimpsonsReviewer says:

Did they clean all that up each time?

Apostolos Verg says:

PLEASE backstage videos PLEEEEEEASE

Phương Vĩnh says:

I love popcorn. This is a big waste LOL

Merlyannrose says:

i agree it’s waste popcorn but they did for you people watching

Hannibal says:

Great gags 😀
But too much popcorn wasted 🙁
Kids in Africa should eat all that popcorn

Miami Ninja says:

Really big waste, but all of the people in the comments section probably
waste more electricity, lol

Sabina Surmaitis says:

Well now I want popcorn

Sander Broadcast says:

OMG kids in africa could have eaten that delicious microwave.

brandon wilkie says:

Best funny prank

niamh doyle says:

Lol their faces tho 

Abygail Garcia says:

Nooooooooo!! I want popcorn!! What a waste! :'(

lionel messi says:

The third one was funny as hell

Asya Ciftci says:

I’m going to eat popcorn after this video

Stanislous Figlarz says:
Patric Coninx says:
Vika10 says:

These were probably messiest prank done by JFLG… 😛 I mean, it was
probably a lot of work to clean up.. 😀
And the last one is my fav…people’s faces/reaction to this “crazy
scientist” and the popcorn actually coming out – priceless! :D

Marc Jefferson Sta. Romana says:


Moses Quinones says:

Great, now I want some popcorn.

ωιlŦεƦ ƦιυεƦα says:

1:03 1:08 4:38 6:09

TerrorGGames says:

acabei de ler um “apartir de” 1:16

キンバリーバウアー says:


Jhan Jar says:

People are starving on this planet, and they can *dispose* food for a

Li Harris says:

That was some funny shit!

Ákos Szabó says:

01:04 hmmm…delicious :D

Nikitoz333 says:

does Nadia have instagram??)

maha77 says:

this is horrifying, there are children in Belgium that have no popcorn to
eat, and this shameful wasting is just awful

Arzos Euw says:

what a waste i could eat them all ):

Alex Unity says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

josh hay says:

Such a waste of popcorn 🙁 but still better than howtobasic 

Ebola Menola says:

mmmmmmmmmmm 60 fps

Redouane FReeZer says:

Children in Africa would have enjoyed that popcorn while surfing the
internet !

jbird1777 says:

LMMFAO! The first one made me cry! :D

Дмитрий Миленький says:
Ali Al-halal says:
AGEMO says:

2:26 she got it – smart and cute <3

raeid hassan says:
Hailee Dennis says:

That girl is pretty

Kun Zhu says:

whats a waste,think about the north Korean

Scheut says:

Always make me laugh, thank you.

GayGeekGamer says:

Free popcorrns!

Josie says:

Kids in Africa could have eaten that popcorn. 

NinFir says:


몽몽이몽 says:

……. hi

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