Prank Call GONE WRONG…But Gets Hilarious

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Jared prank calls as Brandon and asks to speak to James. The mother thinks Brandon is her son James.. and Jared just takes it from there.

P.S The name “James” was said 36 times throughout this call

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Airam Alexia Martinez Soto says:

Who else is watching this in 2015 ? xD

Friday Night Cranks says:

Watch our newest video where we prank call Bryan Silva from Vine

SonicRealms says:

“I’m with Paige”
“Okay where is she?”

Lailah bus says:

do you guys not realize this video is 6 years old……………?

Mikey Jaime says:


Hanji Zoe says:

★Attention Commenter’s☆
If you are going to write something like “what a terrible thing to do! That
mother was worried you are going to lleH!”
Then know this…


Livin4Skating says:

I counted how many times the mother said “James”
23 dang times

Keith Cook says:

you son of a bitch. That was my mother you are making fun of. She has
dementia and she get’s confused. The truth is that my brother drowned a 9
years ago, and you did this to my family. My mother still walks around in a
daze talking about James, and this is the thing that you call funny?!?! How
dare you make light of our family situation!!!

Just kidding

Benjamin13352 says:

What does this woman have short term memory loss?!?!?

Carlos Ventura says:

wtf is this….

Fordragon Folley says:

The first 3 minutes of this video were almost as funny as they were immoral.
The last two minutes werent even funny.
Mothers worry about their children more than you can imagine.

hello hello says:

Prank call these bitches 240-708-6717 and 703-869-3149

FallingFeather says:


Skateboardgaming says:

Like if you are watching in 2015

Emily Rose says:

her brain totally blacked out

Raheel Shahid says:

Mom: Who, who is this?
Brandon: It’s Brandon
5 seconds later
Mom: Who is this?
Brandon: ITS BRANDON!!!
25 seconds later
Mom:Who is this?
Brandon: I SAID I AM BRANDON!!!!
Mom: Where are you James/
Brandon: I AM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!

Savannah Wren says:

Was James ever found? XD 

gastro pants says:

why cant we skip these shit ellie golding adverts


It’s Russell Johnson!

brent dL says:

you might as well have told her you people were going to kill you and
slapped the desk to simulate a gunshot..
did you hear how worried she was?
not funny, yo.

Michael Taboada says:

Dude your fucked upXD

MachineGunMouth says:

White people… fuckin weirdos. This shit was dumb as fuck

Mund yo says:

I remember watching this when I was 10 years old and now I’m 16 and I still
think this is a good prank video

JuggsIs DaBest says:

You should have said: “Me and Paige got high, and did stuff with

Landon Yamada says:

You are messed up man. That’s not even funny.

Gaming Recorded HD says:

bro this mother is the one thats high not james lolol shes just… she has
brain damage

Matthew Bryan says:

Brandon:This is Brandon I’m looking for james
Brandon:Yeah I’m looking for James!
Mom:Who is this? 

susan daly-znalezniak says:


Mark Wightman says:

Hello? My names Brandon. James where are you? My names Brandon. Who is
this? Brandon. Hello? James where are you?

amalfimike says:

He’s lucky that James didn’t actually go missing for real that night. Could
have been awkward….

Nora Iconiq says:

wow not everyone can get away with pretending to be the son of the person
your calling.

Paige Wagner says:

Lol my name is Paige 

Brandon Thompson says:

I swear I was just looking for james 

Jessie Duke says:

im sooooooo confusledddddddddd

Matheu Kemp says:

hahaha overprotective!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuddle Buddies says:


destinyawaitsx3 says:

aww man I use to love the pranks that Jared and his cousin did!

NedAndLangusGames says:

i think his mom was high

Kresten Kelaher says:

remember the part when he said something funny?
yeah i dont either says:

Laughing so hard.

Katie Bannworth says:

im watching this in 2015

Bassam Yaghmour says:

You could at least tell her it’s a prank. It might have been a
transformation of the family’s policy…..

Sar B says:

who else is watching this 6 and a half years later

snoopatomicdog says:

One of my favourite YouTube videos. I’ve watched it so many times. Love it.

xTermination says:

Is this james? No this is patrick

NFL Fan For Life says:

Like if you’re watching in 2015

Reed Albright says:

He sounds like a young Ray Romano

Darren Jones says:

Making a parent worry for the safety of their child. You’re a dick pal!

epicpartyguy 123 says:

2:31 that was fucked up dude

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