Pregnant Girls Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

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Blind Man Poops In Display Toilet:
Unstoppable Alarm Clocks Gag:

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

You’re pregnant? That’s AMAZING! Not because you’re about to pop out a
beautiful creature who you will no-doubtingly love and care for all your
life, but because that it AWESOME ‪‎prank‬ material! Behold, our best-of!

Redback Breeder says:

This show always makes me smile. Feeling shit at work cuz of my manager but
this show still puts a smile on my face. Please keep up the good work.

Dyonus says:

I’ve always wondered: what does that handshake gesture mean?

Matt McKinnon says:

This show is 10 times better than Candid Camera! 

Timsy singh says:

hahahaaaahhaha these people are seriously crazy.

haloShAdOwSnIpE says:

Every pregnant woman means a guy came in their pussy.

Henryk Simka says:
Rajiv Krishna says:

The first one would’ve traumatized me if that happened for a woman in real

MrZer000 says:

Some of these pranks seem to be very current. I subribed to you for years.
How come i never saw them before?

omenakookos says:

This is so sexist to always talk about pregnant women. Where’s the love for
pregnant men?

Subhav Sharma says:

Kids in Africa could have eaten all those babies.

Jacky FLECHAIRE says:

rions 1 peut , ça peut pas faire de mal !

Hailey Petrowsky says:

Well the first one

TheDutchAssessor says:

And nobody wondered where the navel cord went in the first one, huh? :p

aakksshhaayy says:

where do they come up with these ideas lol

Lee Howling says:

I so want to rim that blonde 

PrankandSpank says:

Crime has risen by 50% by all “pregnant” women who watched these pranks.

NawidGamer says:

a born baby does not have hair

Hackico Boulder says:

very good this video, keep it up

Renard Carroll says:
zanjabeel says:

Why are there Muslim prayer mats on the wall at 3:12 hahaha

Agotos Duona says:


Roland Mitchell says:

Stupid shit not at all funny

YouNoob says:

Too many MILFs in one video 🙁 can’t handle this *ABORT ABORT*

mateszka2003 says:

my cousin is pregnant

treestump flyer says:

is the girl on the stretcher Marie’s sister?

ASFALT21 says:

The last bit is the biggest mindfuck for the drivers haha

زايد زيد says:

الاسلام ليس له علاقة بلتنجيم
ليش حاطين سجدات ؟؟؟؟

Birol Akkerman says:

*Peşpeşe 5 Video..*

Pregnant Girls Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

عبدالله الموحد says:

Who is the father Marie-Pierre?!

AEMAR SAMr says:

1080p 60 FPS please

Mario Lofreda says:

I love all these gags from the very first time I saw the first gag then I
kept on searching for them. They are simply great. Keep it up

Slime Bunny says:

Imagine you being able to sneak stuff out of a store by hiding them in your

Pepe Quiralte says:

De parto.

Kevin Barcia says:

Venga estos video molan felicidades siempre me hacen reír .saludos desde

Anderson Ambrosio dos Santos Ferreira says:


Nika Rogar says:


Hypergraph says:

i don’t wanna click ear.

John Johnson says:
Cakey Caker says:

Omg… 0:36

Aasim IRSHAD says:

you guys are always awesome..always makes me LOL. <3

Manuk D says:

Show the reactions man wtf 

Malik Fayyaz says:


Georgi Nikolov says:
Dev Kamal says:

Tell me one thing, are the prank victims paid any money?!

Rora Roman says:

XD jejjejejje

kinglaugher says:

It would be cool to see more like these 😀

Would be funny to have the twins like go to a restaurant and come back out
like a minute later with a pregnant belly

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