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DARKFLO | PvP & Fun says:

I want 2bilion likes on my post :D

Marvel_mercedes says:

Who else is watching this in 1916 during the Great World War as a Serbian
soldier under Prime Minister Nikola Pasic? I gotta go before i get my head
blown off by a French M17

FearlessFlourish says:

Jesus can walk on water.
Cucumbers are 90% water.
I can walk on cucumbers.
Therefore, I’m 69% Jesus

Roni Eroglu says:

How this vidéo can have 1 000 000 dislikes ? there is only 200 peoples at

Hyberstrike says:

How can this song be 4min long then there is only 1 in the world? WAIT
WAIT! 4-1=3 3=illuminati Hitler got captured by illuminati in 2013. In
year 1337 Elvis disappeared 3+3=sex sex=getting fat Girls cant be fat.
Justin Beber is not fat=girl HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED????

Wazl says:

7,000,000 ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loominaughty says:

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company that gives away tons of iTunes, Amazon and Google Play gift things
(however you call them haha) that are worth quite a lot, all for nothing
lol. Here’s the link to the promotion :
Enjoy! 😀
Hurry up though if you’re looking for the Google Play one, they’re only
giving 500 of them, grab ’em while they’re hot xD

Aineias Za says:

Am I the only one who is checking the video just for the views???

Legit Dude9 says:

Like this comment if you’re watching this in 2015!

Travis Thundercloud says:

For everyone who is confused, there are almost 8,000,000,000 people in the
world. There are over 7,000,000 in New York City itself

Colin Stevens says:

The comment section on this video is pure mayhem 

AlphaBluYT | MCSG and More... says:

Like if you are watching in 2020!

Red Bricks says:

Can anyone sub to me just because. :]

Connor Landrum says:

i dont even watch/listen to this any more i just come to see how many views
its gotten since the last time i checked.

germanname1990 says:

If you want to watch a music video that’s going to make you keep saying
“Holy [BLEEP]!” numerous times throughout, this is it.

Jai Chapman says:

How could this have 2.2bn views when there are only 7.2bn people on Earth?
Checkmate Atheists. 

Broer W says:

Holy fuck i just hit 2,241,565,043 fucking views THATS INSANE!

Lu Dallas says:


SuperJake169 says:


I have traveled back in time from the year 2092. Time travel was/will be
invented on 04/06/2092 and I am posting this on my old “YouTube” account
from when I was a young man. If you can do the math, you will realize I am
very old. I’m ninety-six years old to be exact, as medical advancements
have resulted in the current human life expectancy from my time to end at
the age of one hundred and three (according to official government
documents). Stephen Hawking has just been informed as of two minutes ago in
your time that his theory/theories of time travel were correct in a general
thesis-based sense, but there is one thing you should know that might speed
up the process of discovering time travel. I would know, I was the world’s
first “official” human test subject.

1. Black holes exist. Of course most people know this already, but educated
scientists should look to this aspect of the theory/theories of time and
space as a means of opening up portals.

I hold many secrets and different strains of knowledge, trivia, and general
information, most of which I cannot share with you, but some of which I
can. I chose this video because I traveled back in time to February the
15th in the year 2015 because of a significant event that happened in my
life on this day, and this video was the most viewed piece of media at the

Here are a few things I can tell you:

The Internet will die in the year 2077. It will be replaced by the Ectonet,
which is a virtual God that sees, hears, and intelligently comprehends
everything, while maintaining the ability to make human, moral choices, and
even feels human emotions.

In the year 2055, it will be publicly announced that a specific,
human-tested cure for cancer of all kinds was found in 1983 near a southern
region of the Amazon. Corporations fought over and bought the cure from
each other multiple times due to a lack of trust amongst themselves.
Therapy and treatment of the disease is more profitable for them than
selling the cure would ever be. The exact cure has yet to be released into
the public, but I will return to your present day with it once I travel to
(my) future to discover what it is.

Extra-Terrestrial beings will contact leaders of the planet’s Power
Countries (France, New Soviet Republic, England, Canada, Spain, and
America) in the year 2078, soon after the invention of the Ectonet. They
have yet to officially visit the planet, but all we know about them is that
they reside on a life-bearing planet an estimated seventeen billion
light-years away.

You may have noticed I mentioned “New Soviet Republic” as a “Power
Country,” and this is because Vladimir Putin will inspire Russia to return
to its communist past. A new Cold War will emerge between the “Power
Countries” amidst this and will escalate even further after the
controversial invention of the Ectonet. Russia will officially become New
Soviet Republic in the year 2060, just seventeen years before the invention
of the Ectonet.

I will be back.

Fia S says:

Like if you’re watching this in 600 BC

Justin Peden says:

Nearly 1/4 of all people on the planet have sadly seen this video….absorb
that for a secound.

Jony44 says:

Who is also watching today ? xD

HerpyMcDooves says:

how can there be 187? like? if there are 38 poeple on planet ?
obama…? isnt telling us somehting
#illumatni #jewsdid911 #freeweezy 

Victor Schneider de Ávila says:

This is the best music on world!

Cruhzz Bruh says:

Gangnam has 7 letters Style has 5 letters. 7+5=12. Psy has 3 letters.
12-3=9. 9/3=3. 3 sides on a triangle. Coincidence i think not 

YouTube Music Key says:

2 242 622 281+ views

Александр Даниленко says:

Пиздец… более 2-х миллиардов просмотров…даже боюсь смотреть))

Barbara Borchers says:


JTHProGamer says:

There are more likes on this video, than there are views on 60% of all the
videos on Youtube. 

Unknown says:

I have a dig bick.
You that read wrong.
You read that wrong too.
You read that again to make sure I’m not messing with you?

James K says:

How can this comment have 100 likes if there is only 3 persons on earth?

kittycatcat2006 says:

it’s funny the people who come on this video just to see how many views it
has are adding another view to the video. 

류세은 says:

같은한국인으로써 정말자랑스럽습니다ㅎㅎ아직까지 댓글달리는거보면 진짜대단한듯ㅎㅎ 계속좋은노래내주세요ㅎㅎ I am so proud of
being Korean like him. 

Der Herr Daniel says:

2012…. schon so lange her?!

PotatoNation says:

!!!!!!!!THIS IS A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets see if this post can reach Comment Cap
and 1,000 likes OK GO!

Madi Ray says:

This video has 2 Billion views. OMG That is so freaking crazy!!!

killer_bigpoint says:

Help me get 1 million subs by tomorrow and i will jump out on ice only in

Alexis Smith says:

Is the person that was wearing all yellow a girl or a boy?

Muntasir Mehran says:

This video became a viral legend

Grin F says:

today sunday 15. february 07:59:50 2.242.979.096 views

Nukepro says:

Kennt das noch wer?

Rami Sobhani says:

What if gangnam style didn’t exist?

Claire Anne says:

i’m always remember this song. because of my college life 😀

Djordje Janicijevic says:

Did someone else saw the girl on the left at 0:41??

Too Punny says:

Turn off the audio and watch the video

рахит дура says:

кто любит тяжелые наркотики,лайкаем

Riley The Flaming Wookie Cookie says:

0:1:54 I wonder how many times it took them to film this part without the
two of them bursting out into laughter! XD

blonde brunette says:

What is even the amount of views ,I can’t pronounce it

ThalesCraft l PvP and Textures says:

Tem br ai ?

tuber856 says:

this video has more views than popular youtube channels like GMM hahahah,
how much money has the one video made by itself.

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