Pulling Pranks with Bella Thorne at The Grove in Los Angeles—Teen Vogue’s The Cover

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Bella Thorne may be a talented actress, but can she cut it as a cupcake decorator, an American Girl Doll hairstylist, or as one of Santa’s helpers? And can she do it without getting recognized? Teen Vogue puts her to the test!

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Pulling Pranks with Bella Thorne at The Grove in Los Angeles—Teen Vogue’s The Cover

Starring: Bella Thorne


Grace Amazer says:

OMG this is the best Teen Vogue cover there’s been! 🙂 Bella is SO

kristen Ricci says:

This made me uncomfortable 

XclusiveChiq says:

This whole video was awkward

DeannaStar7 says:

Bella Thorne is so funny and sweet! This was really cool getting to see her
do all those jobs! Loved this video!

tyraskids says:


Sandra E says:

Hahahahahahah (,: We could totally be best friends ♡ And shes beauuutifuul 

Cathy Cabrera says:

This video was hilarious !!! 

KailahLeeBeauty . says:

aww bella is so cute! 

Pasha M says:

love you to bits bella

Naomy Jakab says:

I love her so much! 😀 <3

ttlover(: says:

bella’s sooooooooooooo funny!

mathis daydreams says:

omg she is so funny!

TheGlitterBlog says:

she got so much Botox 

Rene Lopez says:

+Bailey strickler +Madison Hess

LalalaVEVO says:

Bella is so pretty

Savannah Muniz says:

What the lips 

Yessika Horan Styles says:

Ahhhh ^_^

PhoebeAGDolls says:

Yes she is so funny love you Bella

Emanuel Morales says:

Bella thorns 4 life

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