Pulling Up Sagging Pants Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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Pulling Up Sagging Pants Prank in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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King Alejandro says:

You can’t touch people without their permission. That is such a violation
and disrespecting peoples boundaries.

Yvonne Ivy says:

God you people are asking to get shot… just because u want views doesn’t
mean you have to put ur lives at risk 

Hej Svej says:

Black people used to fight lions in africa, today they fight white
prankster kids in the hood

DoesNotExist305 says:

I want to know how the fuck you got out of the last situation. 

hypermetalsonic says:

Gun thing staged. Cleary was too pussy to pull up any pants after getting

Bryan G says:

I’m white. Any fucker who says the black ppl are in the wrong for slapping
these dipshits are wrong. They deserve every hit they get

Fae Aisa says:

I never understood why people do the sagging pants style. I read that in
prison it is a sign you want it up the ass. If that is true then a lot of
guys walking around in sagging pants are unintentionally saying but fuck

YokotoJr says:

I love the kid with the mlg shirt he is so 420 mountain dew dorritos
noscope pro dawg #cod4life

J SH says:

i hate those fucking gay ass intros with the childfaced iranian faggot
talking about his god damn great prizes or deals or what the fuck he talks


Who the fuck was that nigga with red pants that slapped him?? He didn’t
look like he knew the other guy! He slapped him and carried on like
nothing.. Did he just slapped him randomly?

sunrisesurpise says:

I think we all knew that ending was coming.

3Pacrism says:

This is not a comment like the other racist retards in the comment section
say but anyone heard the gunshot in the end?

Max Waters says:

Fucking pathetic how these ‘gangstas’ carry around guns because they’re too
stupid to not stop shooting each other because of ‘turf’.

Brandon Hawk says:

dude in red pants didn’t even know other dude lol

Sam McCrory says:

When I read the title of this, my first thought was: these people better be
packing otherwise they’re going to have some safety issues. I was right.

Jonathon Aguilar says:

I hate niggers, but I like black people.

Alzz Menn says:

White Americans are the clowns of the earth, so fucking stupid, but
entertaining as fuck!

Taylor Suarez says:

I mean I would freak out and tell someone to fuck off if they tried to pull
up my pants but that one idiot who attacked him went too far. There was no
reason for that. Especially since he was already on the ground and running
It’s ignorant as fuck and (I know I’m about to get backlash) it’s a reason
why prank shows don’t use black or “ghetto” people in their pranks. They
don’t know how to take a joke.

Stater Zimba says:

Black and Hispanic people are accountable for 90% of the prison population
as a ratio. There are 90% more black and Hispanic people in jail. They are
the problem behind this country

KevinProdigy says:

Just because you do this to black people it’s automatically called the hood

micktrice46 says:

Somebody shoot this nigga

TheGarfieldxx30000 . says:

Black people are racist!

kJay says:

I would have called the cops BC he had a gun bad people very bad person

low key says:

that 3rd guy is chill as fuck

Jason Rothfeld says:

So what happened with the gun lol?

flightjam says:

Yeah you better be sorry to the last guy. You gonna get yourself killed
doing these “pranks”. SMH

Benedict San Diego says:


astroboirap says:

typical negroes

Cassandra Tyus says:

Lmao…black folks sticking together.lol

Dave Carlson says:

Holy crap you guys actually talk like that down there. lol 

Ramar Tarantado says:

The first guy in this video where are you from??

John Skelliott says:

r u trying to get your self killed

Glenn Haygood says:

I hope they all die.

amk jons says:

Wtf is with u muricans u wearing pants like that?? Nobody likes to se u’r
fukin underwear u look retarded walking like that on the streats like fags.

Ultimate Entertainment says:

Can we watch one where black people tell white people to sag their pants
then try to pull their pants down a little.

AnDeion Hoopla-Davis says:

Rofl yo my mans got hit hard

Jordan Johnson says:

This dude is going to get shot one day

CnarFor says:

Saggin pants=invitation to get raped in prison

Tyrese Res says:

Yo a nigga had gun in his pants g nigga got shot 

Bahehs Aldeen says:

Wow, the last guy with the pistol

spiritualknight123d says:

Fleece Johnson can fix that sagging problem guaranteed.

jace schaaf says:

Did he get shot at the end

Mataiasi Vaomotou says:

Ask first “why do they sag pants ” or else pull them pants down then run
for your life haha

Eric Haskins says:

2:31 at that moment that guy knew HE F*** UP

maria brown says:

1:25 i died

Legit Username says:

2:32 was that his phone?

pro chiha says:

I hate hate u with a pation a burning hatred for u I hate u die in hell
cave man

Jeff seeley says:

d he get shot

Nick Rosilio says:

did he actually get shot?

Walt Dies says:

Typical nigger society.

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