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I called a guy who was selling his Acura TSX, he absolutely hates getting low offers for his car. He ended up being pretty drunk and racist so I had fun cycling through a few different characters of mine 😀 Please be sure to share the animation with your friends and hit the Like button if you enjoyed it!

Prank Reveal – http://youtu.be/98nuk2vdt6w
KFC Ultimate Rage Animation – http://own.ag/VJ

Executive producers: Russell (OP), Sam G (@samop23), Ed W
Animation provided by Sam T (@EbolaWorld)

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Ownage Pranks says:

Can we get to 30,000 Likes for the animated debut of the African
character?! ;D Thanks for all the love and positive feedback on the

RaZor says:

Im not really surprised that a congressman has a racist son in the KKK.

These are our future leaders america..

Egg says:

KKK vs Chinese Mafia. I wanna see this shit I fucking love racewars. 

Viral Clips says:

most white people are racist seems like its in their dna 

Tymetwister says:

The Liberian Ebola guy should be a new member to the OP crew!!!

Joeycfilmsgames/Joeyissexy says:

The congressman was probably republican, because they are ALL racist
scumbags AND all in the KKK!

Misty Turner says:

Racism is garbage, it ruins lives. This guy is a complete moron. 

shanks me says:

who would brag about being in the KKK im white and even i hate them sheet
wearing faggots 

r2c123 says:

Steve Scalise is the congressman, his son is Harrison Joseph

LeGod James says:

The congressman is Steve scalise or James Phillip Womack spread the word.

Rekt says:

It’s funny how the KKK were a branch of the Democrats, and the republicans
were the north who ended slavery…I like how retarded people act nowadays
without doing some studying of history. I shit on all of you, and I’m not
even republican. 

Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

If someone protects the identity of a racist Congressman, is he
(indirectly) encouraging racism?

Eventuality says:

To be fair, it’s possible he’s not racist and just said this shit to incite
anger in the guy that was trying to underhand him in his car sale.

p.s: all you motherfuckers spelling racist as rasist need to go back to
school (preferably a nice white one)

crazy black guy with guns says:

white boy his throat if he said the N WORD


BUT WHEN TYRONE CAME he was scared and didnt even call him a nigga – he
says stop calling me 

MrK7tv says:

I dont have anything to comment so heres a recipe for pancakes


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2 large eggs
300ml milk
1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil, plus a little extra for frying
lemon wedges, to serve (optional)
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then whisk to a smooth batter. Set aside for 30 mins to rest if you have
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Ownage Pranks says:

This is probably my favorite animation to date, pumped as shiiiit to
finally have this up for you guys!! Please remember to show your support on
these animations by hitting the Like button and sending the link to your
buddies 🙂 More epic animations are in the works!!

patsfan1244 says:

If someone curses me out and has an attitude with me I am going to be
racist. This man did nothing wrong in the call at. Yall liberals can keep
thinking racism is some sort of evil but it isnt. Go screw yourselves

Certified MUA Dijah says:

this isnt even funny tho

Origami Cat says:

░█░░░█░█░▄▀░█▀▀░░░░▀█▀░█░█░█░▄▀▀░ FOR RUSSEL

I'm Kevin says:

We’re all racist in a way. To completely remove racism is to challenge and
change the nature of humanity which that alone is impossible . Either way,
racism is bad but please, to any of yous thinking you arent then you’re a

Jaxson Clark says:

Stop Calling 435-722-1164

DerickTherving says:

Hold on…so his son is racist…So that means his dad is?

This is the kind of logic you idiot Liberal Statists use huh?

redcomic619 says:

To be fair, this kid is probably not a real racist. He’s probably just
talking a bunch of shit because he thinks its funny. Growing up in a white
suburban community, this was typical of many of the sheltered kids. They
would make a bunch of racist jokes and pretend they hated everyone, but
when it came down to it they were fucking black chicks and trying to be
down with black dudes. Notice how this pussy didn’t say anything about
Tyrone when he got on?

But for the good of America, this guy should be exposed.

MegaN00b619 says:

You know what usually I’d just laugh and go my merry way. But this
*bullshit* has got to fucking stop. Pussy ass bitch thinks “Daddy’s a
congressman, I can say and do what I want and never deal with consequences: *NO!
Fuck you, fuck your dad, fuck everyone who thinks a goddamned title makes
you fucking better than everyone else!* Nothing but a little shit stain
that got made ’cause daddy is a fucking politician. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT! *FUCK

I honestly wish you the best Russell, but you lost a subscriber. I know it
don’t make a difference, because I’m a normal. I’m not important. I’m just
another number. But I’m still sick of this shit, and I don’t feel like
playing along.

HugTheBear55 says:

I’m not racist.. I get along with all sorts of people.. I only hate

Sami H says:

Racism is a behavior, not considered under Morality.
Behavior can be taught (like respecting elderly and traffic signs and so
on.. Morality can’t be taught or even explained,tho is instinct derived
from awareness… like if someone sacrifices his life to save others..
So by knowing that, do we should put all the blame on the racist or part of
his behavior is held responsible by who educated him?

John Pierce says:

What the guy doesn’t realize is he would get easily fucked up on any
american street if he said kkk

TheMooseMen says:

Here’s a number to an online scam group, call them and have some fun

Tony Taka says:

Keep on making those videos man! You’re fucking amazing at it! Do more
videos with Rakesh, Juan, and Tyrone, my dawg! I’m black and I’m trying to
get Tyrones voice down. 

Pvaultingfenderbass says:

Bet this guys dad is on the “red” side of congress, if you know what I mean

Israel Torres says:

My friend Roger just died. Maybe this video will cheer me up.

Adam Nieuwenhuysen says:

Okay i get this is a prank, but fuck this guy, seriously? Sure it wasn’t a
good offer but..did you really have to pull the race card immediately?
Stupid fuck…

Jakromha says:

I am not sure, but I seriously think being part of the KKK is illegal. If
that’s the case, you should reveal the footage. You Americans need to
change and getting a story about this congress man’s son and bad parenting
may help a little.

300tank says:

It’s funny how he is ready to pounce on Chinese man but holds back comments
to black guy never called him a nigga Just the small 4′ Chinese guy 

Sally May says:

The KKK are just pathetic faggots who hide their faces with those fucking
sheets and probably finger each other’s assholes underneath them.

What a bunch of faggots. They need to be exterminated like the fucking
maggots that they are! 

Richard Vargas says:


J Anderson says:

I’ll take some of that “Buk Light” beer in the back round please!!

IamKuffarFalseFlagMe says:

ooooooh, race baiting, in america, how original, just cause someones a
particular race don’t mean every fuckers gotta like them. As EVERYONE
KNOWS blacks are the most passive racist people one can meet, its a
default they feel unashamedly deserving of, and actually encouraged in
todays backward society. A glance at official undeniable black on white
crime statistics confirm what most already learn from life experience, yet
feel pressured into saying otherwise, as is all too evident when viewing
the warping of truth by your ”anti white” spineless libtard media
outlets and race baiting government.

CParis Kay says:

“I’m part of the KKK ” … ?

Daniel Redman says:


Henkjan Steringa says:

Could you do a jamaican character? some reggea jamaican brother?

Jacob White says:

there is no way that this guy is a congressmen 

makomaro says:

Make a Russian character 

Jagur360 says:

“The kkk fuck with everyone.”
If you know what I mean.

thomas83lin says:

Would definitely love to see more of the African character!!!!

kyle mander says:

I thought KKK stands for KoolKidsKlub

MadBurrito x says:

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!

ElleSophi says:

Is the KKK not illegal? Genuine question, I thought it was.

romaneasca tsara says:

”go back to wherever you come from” !!! shit !!
It’s you who are also an immigrant. What are you talking about ?

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