REVENGE 10 – Organ Theft Prank!

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Last time Erik scared the hell out of me with Girlfriend Suicide Prank. This is my HARD REVENGE!
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Pomsta 10 – Organ Theft Prank
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Miriama Yahalom says:

Are you fucking stupid? SLEEPING PILLS CRUSHED UP IN HIS ALCOHOL? You could
have easily killed him. Fucking hell.

Katzedem says:

It would have been more funny if they actually took his kidney.

imscarlet says:

i dont mind but that was kind of harsh, when he removed the tubing his
helpless mind thought his other organs will literally fall !! so the pain
is real like your fucking organs falling !

roflcopterkklol says:

This was just… i am lost for words, how do you come up with something
that perfect?
He experienced true terror.

Dana B says:

alcohol and sleeping pills can kill someone… you are lucky you didn’t…

Brittney Pratt says:

what i dont understand is… they do these pranks ALL the time, you’d think
they would stop falling for them after awhile, dont you?

CrimsonSkyz says:

What a fucking idiot, that many sleeping pills can kill you.

Yvonne Herring says:

Omg your lucky he didn’t die for real. O.k. Stupid people before u decide
to give someone sleeping pills with alcohol or any other pills with
alcohol, DONT! Idiots ! How could u not know to NOT mix those pills with
alcohol so there really are people in the world who are complete small
school bus riders! How seriously life threatened that was

simon herdek says:

ty pomsty začínají být drsné

FierceFox444Gaming says:

Wait, is he actually like in pain? when he wakes up it seems like his
organs actually had been taken out of his body, because he was in shock.
was he actually like hurting because he was in shock, or actually like

Kim Jong Un says:

Every time they pull a prank, no matter what it is, there’s always those
people in the comments who write about how horribly wrong it could have

Konador Auchindoun says:

wat if he like woke up as da hulk right, no fear so he saw his surroundings
n wen da doctor cums in he freakin grabs his organ n smacks da doctor in da
eyebal wit his organ den steals his needle n jams it up yur freakin finger
nail, den he goes full on aids hulk mode n rips da dam sink out of da dam
wall n throws it at u as u bakpeddle out of da bathroom n of course like in
a action movie dey gotta be a window where u backpeddled 2 so da sink hits
u n u fall out da, lets say idk 800 story building sounds reasonable n den
he stands over da broken window n be like, hell, its about time

jessy dee says:

Prank or no Prank, The stupidity of man has gone beyond it’s
limitations,,There will be a fatality someday,,,,, 

Perry T says:

if u were American he would know something’s up cu they spelled sergeant

ViralBrothers says:

NEW REVENGE IS HERE!!! (Pomstaaaaaaaaaaaa)

ShotgunVsHeart says:

funnier if they spanked his ass for a while and left condoms (filled with
some gel) around him and made him wake up with his pants pulled down
exposing his ass…

you know, and just let his imaginiation do the rest (,x

or maybe use one off those numbing gels on his ass and leave a note saying
“sorry we ran out of condoms you should probably check yourself for stds”

ranker4 says:

So many dislikes….why are so many sissies in this world? Oversensitive

SquidmasterStudios says:

Okay, so, not only could the sleeping pills ACTUALLY killed him, that
amount of stress isn’t funny for anyone. He could have easily had a heart
attack, and there is psychological damage associated with shit like this.

Genghis Khan says:

the news reporter’s eyebrows look like two sperms facing off

oOcitizenOo says:

Actually it wasn’t funny at all. Mixing pills and alcohol plus such a great
shock could led to the heart attack

Sixtyz muzik says:

Now I see why you are still with your gf… You are both psycho lol I think
your friend had a panic attack though

DanielMR13 says:

You could kill him but thats the funny part! 

Blaze Blackblood says:

XDDDD Eyeless Jack should watch this >:D

Jack Griffin says:

Lol! Sneaking drugs into his beverage. That’s some James Bond shit right
there! XD

Dank Cherry says:

lol stop crying faggots it was funny

husky19864 says:

to everybody that liked that prank or/and gave bottom up, i wish someday
somebody do that prank on you, i wonder how would you react and would you
be still thinkin its a great prank huuh ?

Let's Touch! [Deutsche App-Let's-Plays] says:

This can’t be a real revenge, because the other guy will know that the
second one is going to take revenge on his prank .. ^^

Micah Putman says:

This is one of my worst fears. I would’ve probably had a heart attack

Alisara Bosconovitch says:

it was funny , but this man exceed too much , your pranks are gone too far

will davis says:


LakituLP says:

hey guys, that´s not cool :D

Samantha Sharp says:

Dude i would be shitting bricks that is NOT COOL. He looked like he was
legit in pain even AFTER he realised it was a prank… what did those
drugs do to him??????? 

Czerwonymike says:

Yea the only way you should even think about doing that is if they sign a
contract saying you can prank them as bad as you want even risk their

Zambie Bambie says:

Since the the victim of this prank thought that the “news” was actually
reporting organ thefts, it was pretty beliveable.

XcccVcccX says:

Damn this shit is extreme

badmuthasuka says:

This nigga took pranking to a whole other level lol

DachsMitLachs says:

him, fucking retards… i dont want to life on this planet anymore

Le Mannequin says:

Fuck I feel bad for him, ugh that was horrible :(

Dakota Daluise says:

Why was he screaming after they told him it was revenge? Was it the ice?

sofii bonardi says:

great video I subscribe Greetings from Argentina! I hope you have written
English :)

sff says:

bro…i would never be friends with these people. good GOD. that is fucking
horrifyingly traumatizing…did you see his face at 3:42?

Aj Williams says:

Holy shit dude!

Ronaldo Torres says:

Viral brothers…very very good…!!!
Muito boa essa pegadinha…kkkk…

marquez omar says:

I cant believe he believed that. It must be horrible

JayJay'sProject says:

is this czech?

Natsu Salamander says:

It LOL like a scene straight outta the movie Saw


you are ill motherfucker this is not a prank

Jeremiah Gutierrez says:

How the hell did they make his side hurt,was it the tape 

alex perez says:

Plot twist: he actually stole his kidney

Jason Theodorou says:

Only something like rohypnol would knock you on your ass like that.

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