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I called an old lady who lives in a largely Hispanic neighborhood and insisted that she sell me her home for me and my extended family to move into. Her nephew sent me this prank request and said she isn’t very fond of the Hispanic people taking over the neighborhood and refuses to sell her home. I called as Juan of course lol. Help support these animations by hitting that Like button and sharing it with all your friends! Thank you all for your continued support, I’m excited to work on more of these 🙂

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I uploaded an amazing songified remix of this prank, you have to see it!
http://own.ag/jC I might try to make a some random songified remixes of
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you sound just like a mexican lol

RedHairedRiot says:

Two million dollars? Lady. Give it up. Move down the shore in retirement.
Come ON now.

kola Pollo says:

Does he have a video where he reveals to the lady that its a prank????

Tam Anon says:

Cousin Tyrone (he’s adopted)

GamingDoneProperly GDP says:

One of my favorites by far

Kakaroach says:

0:42 *smoking goat passes by*

cromusic ibra says:

2:14. someone please tell me, what are the names of the redhead guy and
the one beside him? (unless that’s Abdo, i know him).

Lee Farmer says:

She was nice for an old American!

yakza5 says:

This is a bad spanish impressions every one of yours is good but this one,
I’m hispanic so I know, our accent is very strong

That Guy says:

Didn’t find this very funny, it’s just childish humor. Annoying someone
until they get angry isn’t that appealing to watch or listen, really.

DestructiveDave1900 says:

LOL, “Burp!” at 2:28 xD

SALO or The 120 Days of Sodom: I can't eat rice with my hands like this... Then eat Isht! says:

THis is weird.. is this really a “thing”? 2 nights ago, I got home from
work.. It was after 7pm. Its dark and im walking around my house looking
for packages/mail. i was expecting something. THen a mexican family pulls
up to my house. Father, wife and 2 kids. They ask me if the house is for
sale. I said no. He then told me he saw the house for sale online.. TOTAL
BS. I told him theres a house on the next block for sale. He then asked
me how much work or how long the house was made.. something like that. Was
an odd interaction. Who goes looking for houses after 7pm? 

Unknown Dude says:


Bruce Hera says:

Man, I don’t know who’s funnier. This guy or Maxmoefoe! XD

Metalic Fire says:

I’d be creeped out if someone called and said that they like my house and
then kept asking what my price was….. :{

Andrew2.O RPG says:

Can u prank my friend (702)235-2594

james bond says:

U should not give stroke to old lady 

andrew wright says:

Im Mexican and this is hilarious

SilentRageSlide says:

Juan is the best lmao

ByLi0nZ says:

Do more of the mexican guy! :D

abdi liban says:

The old lady was like this is she? Loool ehat kind of English is that?

Natalia Catalán says:

Lol, I’m Chilean and everyone thinks that I have Australian accent. The
accent you do is like a mix of mexican and cuban. Love it!!

Zachary Malone says:
karlasofia vasquez says:

Ridiculous Home Buying Prank (animated) – Ownage …:

Alex Jeyz says:

The mexican char is the best

Jesus Melendez says:

Do more Mexican ones!!!!!!

Christian Cosgrove says:

Wtf this better have been a mansion

Kazekai says:

and that’s why I hang up almost immediately on people I don’t know ;v

midland88 says:

Sounds more líke a bolivian accent

xXShmendanXx says:

Yo guys, do you wanna taste my balls?

Mr.sir says:

These pranks are hilarious 

Wolf Pathrick says:

hahahhahahahahhahah Tyrone… “he’s adopted” hahahhahaha

logan bellmann says:

if i was that woman i would say “Centillion dollars please”

Mixii Sixx says:

Cousin Tyrone (He’s adopted)

Ikran mohamed says:

Please do more videos of Juan please! Thumbs up for Juan accent 

Chofizz Rodriguez says:

You sound more like Mario Bros, I’m mexican, btw. Mama Mia!

Ethan Taugner says:

Does anyone else find these pranks funny and somewhat racist?

AwesomeFarmer says:

Do u like, have a script?
One you follow?

Maniac says:

Right on the dot that accent

Pie Xuan says:

LOL COUSIN TYRONE! *His adopted*

daniel atkinson says:

The cartoons are the most favorite ❤️

Juan Luis says:

omfg, im mexican and i thought it was pretty funny XD

TheDodicat says:

Sounds more like a Cuban accent to me

izalea says:

That’s a horrible Hispanic impression

usama zulfiqar says:

At 1:36 it said “name your price”. It should’ve said “name your pry”.

PrimeTime says:

That wasn’t funny at all.

David M Yablonsky says:

How do I support your videos more?

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