Running Gag: My Leg

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kid Gohan says:

Did anybody laugh their guts out at that flying fish in the second my leg

SuperCodywebb says:

I recently heard “My Leg!” in the new SpongeBob movie.

MarioLuigi25 says:

*gets sand in his eyes* MY LEG!

rofl XD

Julio Solano says:

Like my post if you heard MY LEG in the new SpongeBob movie!!

Tyler Smith says:

Rev up thoose ambulances becuase my leg sure is broken!

Kevin Synan says:

Jee, that dude must have some really fragile legs… XD

Gabriel Montilla says:

And the coincidence is that there’s always, somewhere, the Rev Up Those
Fryers fish.

Jabronie Johnson says:

This joke actually appeared in the new movie. I thought they did some
solid fan service in it. Worth a watch for all you old school Bobheads
looking for Spongebob that isn’t awful.

Andrew Clark says:

Takes an arrow to the knee. MY LEG!

chuckythesquirrel says:

Your Highness i’m sure it’s not BALD, BALD, BALD, BALD, (everyone) BALD,
BALD, BALD, BALD, BALD, BALD!!! xD btw that is at 2:18

Kaito Shion says:


Noah DeBeaulieu says:

i think my leg is said in Season 8, Episode 11. I’m not sure but I thought
I heard it.

Zelda Master2000 says:

Yeah cause sand definitely hurts your leg

HahaItsMike says:

Didn’t know Kevin Nash was in spongebob….tearin his quad so much ;(

Roxas The Nobody says:


Stop Anti Caps says:

I heard My leg in Sponge out of Water!

I Am Bane says:

Rev up those penises cause I’m am sure hungry for one..Help! Help! My leg!

Necromaster2077 says:

When this played in the new movie I was so happy 

Tyman2006 says:

“My leg” is a perfect example of the subtlety of the humor of the
Hillenburg era of spongebob. Back then in spongebob, jokes didn’t need to
be as blatantly obvious as they are in today’s spongebob.

They never felt like they were forced. They were nuanced, making
non-obscure references (7 bad words), and doing the impossible unexpectedly
for the sake of comedy (Spongebob had 13 fingers so he could count with his
fingers. The gum wrapper being a flip book, helicopter, musical instrument,
etc. The imagination box.)

Squidward was never just an arrogant squid. He was also very unfortunate,
and knew it. Before, he hated spongebob and patrick because he was always
on the raw end of an accident. He didn’t hate them because they have an
annoying personality like he does today.

Also, the new spongebob is just straight up creepy. He goes out of his way
to be excessively weird. Smiling with his tongue out for 0 reason
whatsoever. Being happy that he’s being extremely annoying. Not being able
to analyze the mood of the situation. At least before, spongebob cared if
squidward was upset, but now he just doesn’t care at all.

Just remember, you can’t change an ENTIRE writing staff and hope the show
stays the same. Expecting that is called insanity.

terra chan says:

all of these are good old spongebob episodes

i really miss spongebob

Jake Herrison says:

Fish in their world be like! My Leg! As they broke their damn arm…

CaptainJZH says:

They brought it back for the new SB movie!

C.Funk99 says:

When I was younger, I thought he said *MY LANE!*

LeChatDeNoir13 says:

I waited the entire movie to hear “My Leg” and I was not disappointed

Dark Enderdragon says:

Gets sand in the eyes- My leg!

Makes total sense XD

Zaporia Satterfield says:

My leg

Sophia White says:

he really cares about his leg

Slacky Dude says:

(In airplane crash) MY LEG

A Girl Named Makayla says:

Running Gag: My Leg:
Lol I died watching this, especially the part when he got thrown out of the
krusty krab and when that guy got sand in his eyes lol! XD

GoAnimateYesGroundedNo says:

It appears again in the 2nd movie.

Shashwat Bhushan says:

This also appeared in “Sponge Out Of Water”. I don’t to say when since
that’ll spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it.

james valcourt says:

They really outdone themselves in the new spongebob movie. That part was

Chica tha (MLG) Chicken says:


slimfernandez9 says:

i heard the gag in sponge out of water lol

Devin Money says:

Also i’m guessing in the movie yelling bald is completely ok since half of
the fish in the show are bald

Jack Mcford says:


Salem Andrada says:

Spongebob’s Wilhelm scream

Broken Battery Productions says:

SPOILER ALERT: Its in the new spongebob movie

Nino A says:

Derrick rose ….

J Bradshaw says:

Fun fact: The guy who yells “My leg!” is named Fred.

Gogito says:

I wonder if they have someone in the movie saying: My Leg. If they make new
episodes of Spongebob, they should bring that back.

Morgan Falconer says:

‘Running’ gag.

Enigma says:

You noticed it’s always the same audio clip? XDDD

Musicrecords10 says:

1:26 Spongebob runs over 5 kids which was allowed, but squidward slapping
squilliam was deemed too violent?

star wars says:

MY LEG, MY LEG!!!!!!

Kiante Singleton says:

You forgot the milkshake episode

Dex The Pegasus says:

It returned in the new movie. It brought back so many memories to me (and
the fish).

TimeToRunLet'sMinya! says:

My leg returned in Sponge out of water!

NYG Fan94 says:

Derrick Rose: MY ACL!!

Devin Money says:

I like that Restaurant 0:59

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