Santa Farting In An Elevator!

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NinjaFawful . says:

I thought that guy at 2:00 was Jackie chan.. Sorry if that is racist

Mad King says:

I just love how Americans have kept their farting tradition alive. Nations
survive through hard times by keeping such traditions. This is what the
whole world should do and let their upcoming generations know it feels
great when you take a poop and water splashes your balls … Breath of
fresh air.

DontLookAtMe says:

Jack you should do the farting in a elevator and spray some flower or fruit
air freshener lol have them think you farts smells like a fruit basket lol

Euphoric Eugene says:

is this the only shit he can come up with? Fucking fart jokes… Are you
serious. Now that its christmas he came up with the genious idea to make a
” Farting Santa” prank… wow and this idiot gets paid to do this crap. 

Footballer Müller says:

I felt embarrassing watching this. Funny but you need to come up with new
ideas, mate.

LyricsVids says:

1:55 that guy was wearing a Dunder Mifflin jacket! LOL The Office

Ari Jonze says:

The local mall had a Mexican santa clause that farted on me.

DHammerr says:

this is disgusting and offensive to people who have a farting disorder

Turkic Warrior says:

Can you do other jokes besides fart ones?
seriously kinda getting old now.

NoLifeVirginWhoWatches TooMuchPorn says:

Farts bring all races together <3

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