Saturday Night Takeaway: American Idol prank on Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul

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princesskagome100 says:

You can literally see the realisation taking place in Simons face after 3:50

Anthony Smith says:

how did fake duo get through to the tv stage, its all set up bollock,s. you
have to go through loads of stages before getting on tv.

potato head says:

would have been funnier if the other judges would say ”yes” and a awkward
discussion would take place :D

LPS TOM 34456 says:

Simon looks so young well not that youg youg

Hannah Rebecca says:

Guys have you seen Simons acting? It’s shit so i really don’t think he
thought it was Ant and Dec. 

olice1955 says:

anyone know the song at 1 35

Big Badger says:

It was really obvious they were Ant and Dec, but still funny!

AniRazGaming says:

Decs face was quite exposed that’s probably why he realised

supergymnastsuzy 13 says:

please can someone tell me what the video title is for the undercover they
did on Bradley Walsh? Would be really helpful thanks

Divine Pearl says:

Real life Merry and Pippen people!

88feji says:

The funny thing is Paula still has no idea who Ant n Dec is ..

Addict Ninja says:

Where can i download their song, i cant find it on iTunes

Becky Boulton says:

“Could we be presenters if we stood this way? And if we change our accents
to this? Do you think?”
“If we just spoke a bit more Geordie…”
“We could do it?”

Simon’s reaction was priceless!

Random 21 says:

lol that “2 steps forward” cracks me up

Chani Sanger says:

As you can probably tell,we all love Ant and Dec in Britain hahaha

Danielle Clayton says:

Dec stay the way u r ur so hot fit and sexy

spocko87 says:

Right at the end you hear Ryan Seacrest tell the boys that they can’t have
that show (American Idol) too.

MsAmburrito says:

So funny

Arthur Mendoza says:

Ximon’s friends are comedy.

Monster LMA says:

@1:20 LSD is a hell of a drug :)

Jennifer Pruitt says:

I’m American and loving these guys! You go Ant and Dec! I love these

Sohib Saadat says:

I have a feeling simon might have to come back the ratings if this show
dropped lol

「тнe gιrl wнo ѕтole a ѕтar。」 says:

3:56 XD omg

farr64 says:

Ant and Dec at there best….thanks for posting cracked me up.

Woonderland In Rave says:


Roshan Sylvester says:

wow….i love this prank for simon…really nice u both

popstargirl79 says:

sure, us lot can tell it’s ant and dec.. but if you’re in a studio in
america for days on end then when someone walks in you believe and see
what’s in front of don’t hear the bad accent coz u aint lookin for
it..and if paula’s in on it she’s reinforcing to simon who they say they
are..ya knows wots im sayin?! 

Eves ♥ 1D says:

I love Ant and Dec xD

carolynan says:

But they look like themselves not a good enough disguise

Parachute216Reg says:


charlotte ntholeng says:

NO simon did nt knw that it was ant n dec……cos de time he realised u
laag his asss out

Veronica Davis says:

LOVE IT <3 =) Why are there 2 reactions of Simon Cowell?

Charmaine Bagayana Michael Jackson says:

haha. simon is soo cute :)

shaun bedford says:

what episode was it they went on it

p3paranoid1329 says:

If they were truly undercover, the numbers on their shirts would have been
like the girl at 1:20 with the logo on it. You could easily tell that they
were not contestants because of that.

Mark O'Donnell says:

A lot of people here seem to think that Simon knew it was them from the
start. I don’t think he did. At 3:54 you can see that’s exactly the point
he knows.

Ciaran Murphy says:

Ha ha that was so funny never lol

lorraine howard says:

Saturday Night Takeaway: American Idol prank on Simon Cowell and Paula

hamdog almighty says:

what song is in the background as the guitar?

pigeonshouse says:

Would have been great if they did one of their old PJ and Duncan hits as
part of the prank and he *still* didn’t get it.

lawandordersvu12789 says:

Simon didn’t know who they were at the beginning. Around 3:50 you can tell
that Simon starts having the idea that he knew who they were.

G13cheezle says:

He knew it was them, I mean you would wanna be completely stupid not to cop

Tudors MC Channel says:

so funny

madperson876 says:

You could tell that just after Ant sang at 3:48 before Dec sang Simon
suddenly went “Wait a second.” Plus at some points such as when Ant sang
“we could be brothers” you could hear his accent coming through

Neil Baker says:

even Simon knew it was a prank from the get go. Hello, American Idol is for
soloists not groups, and their disguises were about as convincing as a
Romanian gypsy claiming to be in England to work 

Shaun Bob says:

Paula and Randy were actually in on the prank so they did know who they
were. They talk about it on

Hannah Rebecca says:

the offers judges were like ‘hahaha oh hahaha’ o.o? then in there head they
were like ‘who the fuck are these crazy people?’ xD

Chr!st!n3 Barn3s says:


GavinEzzy says:

ant looks like bill hader

TheAdam940 says:

3:58 lol

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