SCARE PRANKS Special 11 Funniest Home Videos part 357 wW6iNqyXHxo 3

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s mast says:

dad with the chainsaw…fun dad!

Chase Plager says:

poor scarecrow

Rah-Gee WowGangEnt says:

lmao this shit funny af

ken giblin says:

And the screaming at the end made no sence

ken giblin says:

That fat kid at the end was acting

TheChiken Man says:

What was that song playing at the very end? I like it.

Brett Sjp says:


pboyamr says:

I remember the one about the guy on the chair

digigirl986 says:

You just get them when they’re not looking. My mom did that to my little
sister once and stuck a fake fly in her ice cream cone in between taking
licks of it and chatting away.

Paco Leyva says:

9:27 like a pig
cuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! xD

Sammi Wood says:

9:27 he was clutching his moob

tiamonu says:

I Love when they download Cryptic’s videos and re-post them 🙂

Luke Jones says:

wow. i cant wait for you to release your really scary halloween video, In
the past… not sure i can wait until september 2 years ago.

TheMirsinho says:

4:09 – don’t joke with afro-american people 😀

ariyan allison says:


lazerboyification says:

SKitsman28 Fuck you copycat!

zackary beversdorf says:

i love the part is the scarecrow punch

TheMexicano58 says:

ya’ll have to see 4:28n through 4:32

dietrich10441 says:

3:58 Would you broke your nose?.

TheMostAnnoyingZeno says:


Thomas van Ewijk says:

I love the chainsaw prank 🙂

misael ramirez redondo says:

i like and escary me to the end dude!

099997let says:

I really love these scare pranks and I try to do some of them but I dont
have the kind of parent that see the funny side

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