SEXY Girl Stealing in the Hood (Social Experiment) ♦ Pranks Gone Wrong ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

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prank & pranks 2015…SEXY Girl Stealing in the Hood (Social Experiment) ♦ Pranks Gone Wrong ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015
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SEXY Girl Stealing in the Hood (Social Experiment) ♦ Pranks Gone Wrong ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

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SoFloComedy says:

SEXY Girl Stealing in the Hood (Social Experiment) ♦ Pranks Gone Wrong ♦
Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

Chthonian121 says:

Hood?….. Yea….

Tommy OG says:

You’re intros are so stupid 

99mage99pk10 says:

First ^.^

Gibby Lumpkins says:

SoFloFaggotonio needs to cut his nut-sack open, mutilate his testicles with
a spoon, pour bleach into the open sack, and sew it back together….. With
no painkillers! 

dino jay says:

Racism and racial profiling at its finest 

Jay X says:

Yeah racism doesn’t exist.

BwifGaming says:

Why would nobody help if the guy got his money stolen? What if that was
you? And when the girl gets her phone stolen guys actually do something do
they think there gonna get laid or something?

blumac81 says:

Big surprise lol. Pretty obvious result. This society views white females
as the most trustworthy, and black males as the least trustworthy. It’s
not totally racist, it’s also sexist. But we’re human so we’re not perfect
what are ya gonna do but laugh 😛 You could have also done this experiment
with an 8 year old boy and a black guy and get the same results, since
child = innocence = PROTECTION MODE OMGZ

Midnightblew23 says:

That’s not the hood, typical white Americans…

Buff82yrOldMan says:

black guy said nothing when black guy’s wallet was stolen. but white guy
stepped up.

modak88q8 says:

conclusion: its only a crime when a black guy does it. That’s why I hate

Hypnotic 978 says:

The girl isn’t really hot and this isn’t the hood

JustDontGetIt says:

The human species love women more than they love men. Point blank period :

Itzae Mares says:

WOW that’s FUCKED UP!!

stephan adam says:

It just shows racism lmao

C Flint says:

people think helping hot girl get them laid.. sad lol :D

Domininc Hershewe says:

Depends? But I would probably confront her/the person

Deadpool4days says:


Francisco Coilma says:

ur intros are so cool

Callum Russell says:




BasedPaco says:

Not the hood she not sexy

Lara Ngo says:

Most people who actually did something were foreigners. American law offers
women too many privileges that it may become someone’s fault for chasing a
girl in public. People will try to stop the guy anyway. 

Jorel Shuster says:

id yell hey ( describing there clothing ) that guy just stole your phone
follow me then we both go chase down the person

Pvt Marquise Hollis says:

c :D

Valerie Garcia says:

B. Nothing because I mind my own business

Aiden D says:

I be like that’s none my bis

psycain89 says:

i dont get it. why does nobody help him?

LI BreaV HART says:


Karrin Melendez says:
Dominic Newman says:

In the hood???? Yeah right 

Jonathan Sevillano says:


Bro munchies says:


Jakob linde martinsson says:


fpsninja says:


Ruben Perez says:


Esner VandalShow says:

El negro sabe español :v

Rick Deeds says:


xWHISKYz says:


Marco Gjurashaj says:


InvisibleSkillCOD says:

Look, Ludacris is picking his nose at 0:10

emmanuel solares says:

Split the money and see but if not then tell the guy

Jehmall Price says:


William First says:

So this mean that a white person stills barley nobody does nothing, so they
can get away with it. If a black person still something, everybody wants to
yell and say why did you do that. its basically races

guanbo liao says:


Aakash Mamtora says:

I would chose “C” .. (;

John yozzo says:


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